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NationStates Regions

Found 66 results

  1. Resolution At Vote GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION AT VOTE Repeal "International Criminal Court" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#102 Proposed by: Mousebumples Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #102: International Criminal Court (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: THE WORLD ASSEMBLY: RECOGNIZES that through the passage of previous legislation, the World Assembly has established a standard of conduct within WA member nations: GAR# 9, Prevention of Torture, outlawed torture and established procedures for the investigation and prosecution of those involved in torturing others. GAR#18, The Prisoners of War Accord, established standards of appropriate treatment and care for PoWs. GAR#23, Ban on Slavery and Trafficking, outlawed slavery and forced labor. GAR#25, WA Counterterrorism Act, worked to prevent terrorism by helping to coordinate counterterrorism activities and requiring WA member states to cease any state terrorist actions. GAR# 38, Convention Against Genocide, outlawed genocide and allowed for the prosecution of perpetrators of such a crime within WA Member States. GAR#40, The Landmine Convention, worked to negate the future deployment of landmines and mitigate the future risks to already deployed landmines. ACCEPTS that such international standards are good and right within such an international body, even though the application of such legislation is limited to acting within the sovereign borders of WA member nations. HIGHLIGHTS the following clause in GAR#102, International Criminal Court, which reads: AUTHORIZE the ICC to issue arrest warrants for any person ("wanted person") suspected of these crimes if their home jurisdiction refuses to bring them to justice, unless an extant WA resolution requires they be tried elsewhere; NOTES that the jurisdiction of the World Assembly, and thereby the aforementioned International Criminal Court, is limited to only acting within WA member nations or through their actions within their territories. BELIEVES that each WA member nation ensures that crimes outlawed within WA legislation are appropriately pursued and prosecuted within their sovereign territory, removing the need for the International Criminal Court to issue said arrest warrants. UNDERSTANDS that the existence of GAR #79, Ban on Ex Post Facto Laws restricts the crimes that can be brought before the International Criminal Court to those that are presently outlawed by existing WA resolutions, which would require additional legislation to outlaw international travesties that are not currently covered under existing WA resolutions. ASSERTS that WA member nations will be most effectively served repealing the International Criminal Court, due to its limitations in both efficacy and utility, as outlined above. REPEALS GAR#102, International Criminal Court. Co-authored by: Ainocra Voting Ends: in 3 days 18 hours
  2. The Monkye

    Universal Suffrage Act

    GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION AT VOTE Universal Suffrage Act A resolution to increase democratic freedoms. Category: Furtherment of Democracy Strength: Significant Proposed by: Elke and Elba Description: ACKNOWLEDGING that the legitimacy of the government of each and every member state is determined by the will of all of its constituents citizens, FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING that an acknowledgement of such will is largely only possible through elections - of which results are determined by the votes of all of its citizens, The World Assembly, MANDATES that all citizens are allowed to vote in elections held in their respective states provided that the said citizen has: a) not been certified to be mentally incompetent to give any form of informed consent, b) attained the minimum age of voting, c) not been disenfranchised due to conviction of a criminal offence, and; CLARIFIES that, a) nothing in this resolution forces member nations to hold elections where no elections are held, b) nothing in this resolution disallows member nations to extend suffrage to citizens and inhabitants not covered under this resolution, and, c) nothing in this resolution forcibly sets a minimum age of voting on member states, which are free to set one as the respective member states deem fit.
  3. The Monkye

    Condemn Auralia

    SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION AT VOTE Condemn Auralia A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region. Category: Condemnation Nominee: Auralia Proposed by: Wrapper Description: The Security Council: RECOGNIZING that all WA Member States have the duty to carry out in good faith their obligations to follow international law, including World Assembly resolutions; DISMAYED that, while a member of this Assembly, The Federation of Auralia routinely passed laws violating World Assembly resolutions; ANNOYED that Auralia has encouraged other member nations' non-compliance with international laws they disagree with; SADDENED that Auralia has abridged the rights of world citizens and advocated the destruction of the environment; SHOCKED that Auralia authored its own commendation proposal, then submitted it via a subordinate jurisdiction, which had no legal standing as a member of this institution, thereby making a sham of the commendation process and resulting in the expulsion of both jurisdictions from the World Assembly; CONCERNED that, since its expulsion, the nation, as the founder and controlling member of a purported coalition of nations called the The Collaborative Initiative of World Assembly Charter Working Group, has regained membership in the WA in order to continue its efforts to decimate this institution; OUTRAGED that said group advocates so-called "peacekeeping operations", thus allowing military action by the World Assembly, which is against everything this institution stands for; HEREBY CONDEMNS The Federation of Auralia.
  4. The Monkye

    Liberate Anarchy

    SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION AT VOTE Liberate Anarchy A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region. Category: Liberation Nominee (region): Anarchy Proposed by: YoriZ Description: The Security Council, Recognizing that the region of Anarchy has existed as a community in NationStates for over 10 years, Noting the region's historic neutrality in the war between invaders and defenders, its acceptance of nations of all backgrounds, and its laudable mission to encourage political debate and dialogue amongst its members, Lamenting that Anarchy was invaded on February 3, 2014 by The Black Riders, a group notorious for region destruction, tag raiding and other nefarious behavior for which it was condemned twice by this Council, Dismayed that the invasion has turned to a long-term occupation, during which natives who dared protest against the invasion had been ejected and all dissent had been suppressed, Aware that it is a matter of time before The Black Riders' WA Delegate gains sufficient influence to lock-down the region, and painfully aware that they could unleash destruction without interference from defenders, natives, and the world at large, Concious that natives have no hope to reclaim their region once that happens, Noting that Security Council intervention is the only course of action that could save Anarchy from The Black Riders' rapacious assault, Hereby Liberates Anarchy. Debate this resolution in the Security Council forum.
  5. The Monkye

    Responsible Armaments Trading

    GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION AT VOTE Responsible Armaments Trading A resolution to slash worldwide military spending. Category: Global Disarmament Strength: Mild Proposed by: Sciongrad Description: The General Assembly, Reaffirming its position of international peace and goodwill, Recognizing the extreme hazard to national populations posed by the unregulated trade of weapons and armaments, Hoping to limit the involvement of member nations and their citizens in violence made possible by the aforementioned unregulated trade of weapons and armaments, And to this end resolves; 1. The term "armament" shall be defined as military equipment, such as firearms, ammunition, and/or any other device that may possess a practical application in military conflict, including the parts necessary in their construction or production; 2. The term "transfer" shall be defined as the movement of an armament from one member nation, political subdivisions thereof, and/or non-state entities associated with a member nation to any other such entity, including non-member nations and non-state entities not associated with any nation; 3. The term "end-user certificate" shall be defined as an affidavit completed by the buyer of armaments subject to the provisions of this resolution which verifies that said buyer is the final recipient of the product; 4. All manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of armaments within member nations shall be required to register with the relevant government(s) of the nation(s) in which they operate, and the terms of such a registration shall, at minimum, encompass the provisions of this resolution; 5. The export of armaments by any manufacturer, exporter, and/or broker operating within a member nation shall make the sale of their armaments conditional on the completion of an end-user certificate by the buyer; member nations are strongly urged to implement systems of end-use monitoring to ensure that the end-user certificate is authentic, when possible; 6. The sale or transfer of armaments shall be prohibited if: There is reason to suspect they will be used to initiate, or aid the aggressor in, a war of conquest or expropriation, There is reason to suspect that they will be used in contravention of extant World Assembly legislation on human rights, The armaments are non-discriminatory in nature, or if they pose a long-term environmental hazard when used, There is reason to suspect that they will be diverted from their originally intended recipient, or There is reason to suspect that the armaments may be used in such a way that contributes to socioeconomic deterioration in the recipient nation; 7. The sale or transfer of armaments to non-member nations with the intent of then transferring them to nations where the aforementioned circumstances apply shall be prohibited.
  6. Kubrikistan

    Liberate St Abbaddon

    Liberate St Abbaddon A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region. Category: Liberation Nominee (region): St Abbaddon Proposed by: Yrope Description: The Security Council, RECOGNIZING the region of St Abbaddon as among the oldest of all regions, RESPECTING that the region has a long and storied history, BELIEVING that the community of St Abbaddon is worthy of preservation, FURTHER BELIEVING that the armed forces of the The Brotherhood of Malice, Osiris, Balder, The North Pacific, The South Pacific and others are attempting to destroy St Abbaddon, KNOWING that those forces have spoken of intentions to destroy the region and refound it as a protectorate of a variety of international organizations, UNDERSTANDING that a liberation will make it impossible for these groups to cause grief to the region, FURTHER UNDERSTANDING that St Abbaddon's nations and community are deserving of protection from such an action, Hereby liberates St Abbaddon. Votes For: 3,088 (73%) Votes Against: 1,169 (27%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 17 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 11-2 (84% For). Debate this resolution in the Security Council forum.
  7. Kubrikistan

    Cultural Site Preservation

    I'm posting this in lieu of Monk while I still technically hold the in-game Delegacy. Once the Delegate-transfer is complete I'll gladly relinquish this pulpit. Cultural Site Preservation A resolution to promote funding and the development of education and the arts. Category: Education and Creativity Area of Effect: Cultural Heritage Proposed by: Temple of the Maat Description: The World Assembly, Recognizing the abundance of sites with cultural significance within member nations and the need to preserve them for future generations, Acknowledging the World Assembly as the perfect medium to assist with such preservation, 1. Hereby creates the World Assembly Trust for Cultural Heritage(WATCH), 2. Empowers the WATCH to perform the following actions: a. Designate sites, in consultation with the nation housing said site, as culturally relevant, b. Create an archive including, but not limited to, visual, verbal, and literary works that pertain to culturally relevant sites, c. Recommend specific preservation practices to nations for their culturally relevant sites, d. Fulfill requests by nations to assist in the preservation of sites when the nation in question is unable to do so, 3. Urges nations to follow the preservation recommendations of the WATCH, 4. Encourages all nations to make a good faith effort to preserve their culturally relevant sites, and to assist other nations in the preservation of their culturally relevant sites, 5. Mandates that nations shall take all reasonable precautions to avoid unnecessary damage to sites the WATCH has deemed culturally relevant, 6. Further mandates that nations shall not willingly use culturally relevant sites to house military or intelligence assets, 7. Requires the WATCH to grant exemptions in good faith to the protections and requirements of sections 5 and 6 for a site currently used as an intelligence or military asset in order to preserve its use as such. Votes For: 2,502 (53%) Votes Against: 2,241 (47%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 7 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 12-2 (85% For). Debate this resolution in the General Assembly forum.
  8. Kubrikistan

    Commend Auralia

    Commend Auralia A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Category: Commendation Nominee: Auralia Proposed by: Afrasiab WA Mission Description: The Security Council, RECOGNIZING The Federation of Auralia as one of the most prolific General Assembly authors of all time, having passed twelve resolutions to date; PRAISING Auralia's commitment to promoting economic development and international trade, especially through the following resolutions: GA#209 (World Assembly Trade Rights), which promotes free trade by prohibiting discrimination in international trade between World Assembly member states, GA#226 (WA Development Foundation), which encourages foreign investment and structural adjustments in developing World Assembly member states, GA#232 (Foreign Copyright Recognition), which provides legal recognition and protection for copyright in all World Assembly member states, GA#256 (Foreign Trademark Recognition), which provides legal recognition and protection for trademarks in all World Assembly member states; APPLAUDING Auralia's repeals of poorly written environmental legislation, including the following resolutions: GA#246 (Repeal "Vehicle Emissions Convention"), which repealed a resolution that arbitrarily required World Assembly member states to implement a progressive schedule for automobile emissions reduction regardless of their current emissions levels, GA#262 (Repeal "Rainforest Protection Act"), which repealed a resolution that needlessly prohibited certain farming and mining practices in rainforests, GA#283 (Repeal "Industrial Pollution Control"), which repealed a resolution that contained vague and contradictory pollution reduction mandates; NOTING WITH INTEREST Auralia's vision for the General Assembly, particularly the nation's planned reforms to the de facto constitution of the World Assembly, GA#2 (Rights and Duties of WA States); GRATEFUL for Auralia's many technical and administrative contributions to the General Assembly and the NationStates community at large, including: a comprehensive list of passed General Assembly resolutions by author, a tool that allows nations to easily communicate with a vast number of other nations, another tool that allows nations to easily manage protectorates; ADMIRING Auralia's contributions to Lazarus and the South Pacific as a World Assembly adviser to both regions, and to the nation's home region ofCatholic as a former delegate and member of the High Council of that region; BELIEVING that Auralia's substantial contributions to the international community make the nation a worthy nominee for commendation by the Security Council; HEREBY COMMENDS The Federation of Auralia. Votes For: 3,799 (70%) Votes Against: 1,644 (30%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 4 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 7-4 (63% For). Security Council debate thread is here.
  9. Kubrikistan

    Reproductive Freedoms

    Reproductive Freedoms A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights. Category: Human Rights Strength: Significant Proposed by: Eireann Fae Description: BELIEVING in the reproductive rights of all individuals, ACKNOWLEDGING that individuals may have cultural or religious misgivings regarding termination of pregnancy, BEMOANING the fact that some nations codify such misgivings without regard for the freedom of the individuals to choose, YEARNING to put the choice of whether or not to give birth firmly in the control of each individual; THE WORLD ASSEMBLY RECOGNISES that the termination of pregnancy is a medical procedure, with all the rights and protections afforded to such a practice, MANDATES that Member Nations recognise the right of all individuals to have their pregnancies terminated through safe, openly accessible procedures, DEMANDS that Member Nations prohibit any impediment to the termination of pregnancy that is not applied to medical procedures of similar risk and complexity, REQUIRES Member Nations to ensure protection from targeted animosity to providers and patients of the procedures covered by this resolution, PERMITS Member Nations to enact policies encouraging individuals to allow live delivery of their offspring, provided such policies do not ultimately hinder the individual from terminating their pregnancy, SUGGESTS that Member Nations encouraging live deliveries take unwanted offspring into their own care. Votes For: 3,211 (72%) Votes Against: 1,239 (28%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 11 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 5-4 (55% For).
  10. Repeal "Ethics in International Trade" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#118 Proposed by: Sciongrad Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #118: Ethics in International Trade (Category: Advancement of Industry; Area of Effect: Protective Tariffs) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The General Assembly, CONDEMNING the detrimental nature of internationally mandated protectionism on the world economy as imposed by GAR#118, "Ethics in International Trade," especially considering the ineffective means by which the original resolutions seeks to accomplish its goals, ALARMED that the World Assembly's economic intervention may disrupt the value of goods based on traditional factors caused by competition and instead place monetary value in social and ethical issues, CONCERNED that a company may fire workers, depriving them of what livelihood they had, in an attempt to offset the costs of the tariff, thus worsening the conditions of the very laborers that GAR#118 seeks to help, REMINDING members nations of the obligations incumbent upon them to comply with extant World Assembly legislation which deals with issues of social justice and the fair treatment of workers (in greater detail than the conditions enumerated in clause 1b), such as GAR#4, "Restrictions on Child Labor," GAR#7, "Workplace Safety Standards Act," GAR#21, "Living Wage Act," GAR#23, "Ban on Slavery and Trafficking," GAR#43, "WA Labor Relations Act," GAR#107, "Clean Water Act," GAR#176, "Disability Welfare Act," and GAR#234, "Freedom to Read and Learn," and others, CONFUSED as to the purpose of the wildly redundant and expensive system of assessment provided under the ITA's mandate, considering the issues of clause 1b are eclipsed entirely by the aforementioned guarantees provided by the World Assembly, CONSIDERING, with the foregoing obligations already incumbent on member nations in mind, that the ITA's focus must be on non-member nations, despite not having the jurisdiction to properly assess the conditions of laborers in such nations, as they cannot be compelled to comply with investigations into their labor conditions by the World Assembly, RECOGNIZING that non-member nations willing to submit to ITA investigation are likely to already have labor standards at least comparable to those stipulated in GAR#118, whereas non-member nations that refuse to allow investigation cannot be properly assessed anyway, AWARE that the magnitude of information that the ITA would have to regularly assess regarding literally every product and commodity produced would inevitably result in inaccurate or inequitable rulings based on limited information, DISPUTING the need for a bureaucracy mired by redundancy and superfluous procedures and whose mandate is crippled by its inability to properly perform its duties in non-member nations, making for a costly and thoroughly unworkable expense on member nations which benefits neither member nations, nor the workers that it seeks to aid, ASSERTING that it is a duty of the World Assembly to facilitate worthwhile goals, such as promoting the economic well-being of member nations, not putting member nations at an economic disadvantage by instituting idealistic policies that serve as an active detriment to member nations, Hereby, REPEALS General Assembly Resolution #118, Ethics in International Trade. Votes For: 5,074 (79%) Votes Against: 1,310 (21%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 4 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 13-2 (86% For). General Assembly discussion.
  11. Kubrikistan

    Commend Abacathea

    Commend Abacathea A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Category: Commendation Nominee: Abacathea Proposed by: SkyDip Description: The Security Council, RECOGNIZING the monumental climb that Abacathea has made onto the national stage in such a relatively short existence, IMPRESSED by the rapid escalation of Abacathea into world-wide prominence, primarily through legislative writing in both the General Assembly and Security Council, wherein Abacathea produced, and subsequently had ratified by the World Assembly membership, a total of 10 combined resolutions in 2013 alone, PRAISING Abacathea for producing multiple, excellent resolutions in the Security Council that have garnered an extremely high cumulative passage rate, highlighting Abacathea's fine authorship and attention to detail, ENUMERATING some highlights from Abacathea's authorship, including: GA#257 - Reducing Automobile Emissions, which instituted a rigorous standard by which automobile emissions are regulated and kept in check by the International Automobile Emissions Commission SC#120 - Commend Mousebumples, a Commendation that many felt long overdue due to Mousebumples' authoring achievements, particularly in the General Assembly, and many contributions to the technical sector SC#125 - Commend The Bruce, a resolution that recognized the founder of the one of the oldest and most prestigious regions in the world APPLAUDING Abacathea's Operation Sierra Charlie, a project to seek out and recognize deserving nations and regions via Security Council legislation, a truly laudable achievement in what is a very self-serving World Assembly, ADMIRING that Operation Sierra Charlie has produced four current resolutions, with more candidates and proposals planned for the future, and the intentions behind such an undertaking, NOTING that Abacathea has also contributed many resolutions to the General Assembly, making this nation an all-around proficient and world-affecting nation, FURTHER NOTING that Abacathea performs reviews and evaluations of World Assembly proposals as Minister of World Assembly Affairs in The North Pacific, DESCRIBING Abacathea as a pristine model of World Assembly membership, both in constant attention to upcoming and at-vote proposals, assistance and insight to new authors who endeavor to pen resolutions, and remaining active in drafting and writing proposals, ASSURED that Abacathea promotes and strives for the mottos of both the General Assembly and Security Council in spreading interregional peace and improving the world, APPRECIATIVE of Abacathea's contribution to multiple regions in the world by way of legislation and World Assembly knowledge, DECLARING Abacathea as a worthy nominee, taking into account World Assembly membership, authorship, and mentoring, and as a genuinely helpful nation, HEREBY COMMENDS The Gatekeeper Ministry of Abacathea Votes For: 3,364 (75%) Votes Against: 1,140 (25%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 15 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 5-2 (71% For). Security council debate.
  12. Kubrikistan

    Condemn The Dourian Embassy

    Condemn The Dourian Embassy A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region. Category: Condemnation Nominee: The Dourian Embassy Proposed by: Ramaeus Description: The Security Council, Proclaiming The Benevolent Dictatorship of The Dourian Embassy as a nation responsible for usurping authority in the region of Osiris, and who, after usurping authority, led a particularly violent purge in that region, Declaiming The Dourian Embassy's coup of Osiris as an example of an incredibly violent coup, one which resulted in the ejection of thousands of nations, Angered that, during Douria's coup, Osiris was made a protectorate of Gatesville inc – a region known for its stance against this council- and perturbed that the nation of The Dourian Embassy, a nation with a tremendous amount of influence in Osiris, was pathetically thrown to foreigners for the duration of the coup, Disturbed that the behemoth of Osiris was made a protectorate of Gatesville inc, and aware that no justification can atone for that egregious action, Outraged over Douria's attempts at destroying this assembly through repealing resolutions which brought benefit to a wide variety of nations, the resolutions Douria has repealed include, but are not limited to: GA#3 The Right to Fair Trial, GA#54 Dignified End of Life Choices, GA#228 Animal Protection Act, GA#248 Against Corruption, Believing that The Dourian Embassy is a nation which has caused a significant amount of destruction, damage, and grief, and whose continued escape from punishment constitutes as a severe embarrassment to this council, Hereby Condemns The Benevolent Dictatorship of The Dourian Embassy. Votes For: 724 (28%) Votes Against: 1,898 (72%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 16 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 2-1 (66% For). Security Council debate.
  13. Kubrikistan

    Radiowaves and Microwaves Act

    Radiowaves and Microwaves Act A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce. Category: Free Trade Strength: Mild Proposed by: Elke and Elba Description: Recognising that radio waves and microwaves have useful scientific and trade applications, including but not limited to, radio and satellite communication, radio and television broadcasting, radiolocation, radio navigation and satellite navigation; Further recognising that these radio waves and microwaves do not and cannot be made to respect and adhere to trans-national boundaries; Believing that international legislation is required to resolve radio and microwave transmission interference between member nations and non-member nations alike; Understanding that such legislation must not dictate frequency allocation between member nations due to the prohibitive cost of implementing the legislation for current and future WA members alike; The World Assembly, Encourages that member nations legalise the use of radio and microwaves for purposes including but not limited to radio and satellite communication, radio and television broadcasting, radiolocation, radio navigation, and satellite navigation; Further encourages that member nations regulate the use of radio waves and microwaves for the safety and health of the local population; Requests that member nations resolve disputes pertaining to issues on radio waves and microwaves interference or other issues through dialogue and discourse; Suggests that member nations, 1) Promote research and development of radio waves and microwaves technology to further scientific understanding in these fields, 2) Adopt policy initiatives to encourage technology diffusion and industrial growth, and 3) Develop infrastructure and supportive systems to increase citizens' and businesses' accessibility to radio and microwave services; Establishes the World Assembly Telecommunications Authority (WATA) as an international body overseeing issues related to radio waves and microwaves; Mandates WATA to advise nations represented in the World Assembly on the most suitable frequency for each specific purpose and need of these member nations based on the properties of radio waves and microwaves; Instructs WATA to provide such advice only after assessing whether any possible health risk will surface from the implementation of such advice, and if there is any risk to the health of the local population; Further instructs WATA to provide such advice only after taking into special consideration the sensitivity of the local population to radio waves and microwaves radiation, and only when it can be ascertained that the health risk to the local population will be minimal and that the advice given is the most appropriate and least harmful for the member nation in question; Further mandates WATA to resolve radio and microwave transmission interference between different member nations through mandatory, binding arbitration, however; Forbids WATA from dictating specific services or frequency allocation standards within member nations, except when creating emergency frequencies or following neutral arbitration of a dispute between two member nations; Clarifies such standards will only apply to parties to the arbitration, and; Affirms the right for individual member nations to use any radio wave or microwave frequency for any purpose the nations deem fit, unless otherwise ruled contrary by WATA in cases of transmission interference between member nations. This resolution includes significant contributions made by Point Breeze. Votes For: 1,660 (35%) Votes Against: 3,054 (65%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 8 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 4-2 (66% For).
  14. Kubrikistan

    Civilian Protection Accord

    Civilian Protection Accord A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights. Category: Human Rights Strength: Significant Proposed by: Wheeled States of Bifid Description: The World Assembly, AWARE that armed conflict is inevitable, DEEPLY SADDENED by the needless loss of innocent life during such conflict, DISTRESSED at the burden placed on civilians during armed conflict. THUS DETERMINED to prevent such loss of life, and ease such burdens, FOR THE PURPOSES of this resolution hereby defines civilians as any non-military entity not engaged in, or acting in direct support of combat operations, THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY hereby decrees: Members that are engaging in combat operations within their borders shall be required to establish well designated demilitarized zones to be used exclusively to care for civilians, plan evacuations of civilians, and other efforts coordinating such activities. Demilitarized zones shall: Be established as far from strategically significant locations as is practicable and, Have adequate space and equipment to offer food, shelter and basic medical facilities to the known civilian population of its establishment. No passive or active military operations, including launching or coordinating attacks, troop movement or planning shall take place from inside demilitarized zones; Further none of the above shall be directed at a demilitarized zone, Members shall be forbidden from attempting to gather intelligence or otherwise gain sensitive knowledge covertly from a demilitarized zone, even if such intelligence-gathering activities take place outside the demilitarized zone or remotely, Members shall not move civilians into strategically significant areas, Members shall not interfere with efforts to evacuate civilians from areas of conflict. Co-Authored by Point Breeze Votes For: 1,927 (26%) Votes Against: 5,535 (74%) Voting Ends: in 2 days 18 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 10-2 (83% For).
  15. Kubrikistan

    Repeal "Liberate NAZI EUROPE"

    Repeal "Liberate NAZI EUROPE" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: Sweeping Proposed by: The Dark Description: WA Security Council Resolution #109: Liberate NAZI EUROPE shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The Security Council, Prefacing the arguments herein with a disclaimer that the ideology followed and promoted by NAZI EUROPE and its inhabitants to be one of hate and intolerance and that this proposal does not amount to approval or acceptance of said ideology, Believing, however, that every region should hold the right to self-protection in the way of Delegate-imposed password, should the natives of the region wish it, and that Liberations used in antithesis to this statute are in contradiction with the spirit of this council, Aware that SC#109 was passed in hopes of misusing a Liberation to open up a region to attack from outside forces, Stating that the multitude of attempts to forcibly take over the now-vulnerable region were utter failures in every aspect of the word, and that a combination of forces from many regions were unsuccessful in capturing NAZI EUROPE, to the amusement of the natives, Fervently condemning that SC#109 not only produced free face time for such a despicable and Condemned region, but that the subsequent attempts to attack the region only had the effect of strengthening the region and its membership, Therefore admonishing SC#109, its purpose, and effects as only promoting the region and ideology it attempted to destroy, and in fact doing more harm than good as well as abusing the power of the Liberation, Hereby Repeals SC#109. Votes For: 4,827 (59%) Votes Against: 3,301 (41%) Voting Ends: in 2 days 18 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 4-7 (63% Against). NS SC debate.
  16. Repeal "Protect War Correspondents" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#170 Proposed by: The Dourian Embassy Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #170: Protect War Correspondents (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The World Assembly, Aware of the intent of "Protect War Correspondents"(GA#170), Deploring however, that GA#170 fails in many regards to afford adequate protections to war correspondents, Accepting that clause one of GA#170 states that militants are prohibited from interacting with war correspondents "with the intent of stymieing their actions", regardless of what those actions are, and knowing that such prohibitions are overly burdensome to enforce, Understanding that clause one also states that member states "shall be held accountable" for the behavior of individual militants towards war correspondents, without any regard for the intent or actions of those member states in attempting to limit behavior that violates the resolution, Noting that clause four states: "Individual member-states may deny war correspondents access to their territory, and as such, war correspondents must adhere to standard immigration policies prior to entering; war correspondents that enter without proper verification are exempt from all protection granted by the provisions of this resolution," Believing that nations in a state of belligerence often have differing views on the existence and position of borders between them and that such differences can result in immigration policies that are impossible to properly adhere to, thus limiting the extent of the protections supposedly afforded, Further believing that a nation can deny access to their territory through immigration policies that discriminate against war correspondents, which seriously reduces GA#170's effectiveness, Further noting that clause five declares: "War correspondents may aid any belligerent during conflict; by doing so, their protection will be nullified until post-conflict, exclusive of self-defense," Regretting that clause five would allow war correspondents to engage in espionage, only losing their protections after gathering the information and aiding a particular side of the conflict successfully, Deducing that clause six is both vague and poorly worded, using the phrase "compromising the war effort" to describe a situation in which war correspondents would have their "immunity relinquished", and thus be "subject to persecution by the afflicted nation", which is problematic for the following reasons: * "Compromising the war effort" is a vague catch-all term which can be applied to literally any reporting done by a war correspondent that portrays a nation in a negative manner, * "Relinquished" describes a process of voluntary action, rather than what should be an involuntary action such as "nullified" which was used in clause five, * "Persecution" is an entirely inappropriate term for reprisal in a war zone against those who, as the clause was likely intended to outline, use the protections afforded by the resolution to assist another nation in their war efforts, Concluding, as the original authoring nation did, that the myriad of flaws present in this resolution necessitate its repeal, Hereby repeals "Protect War Correspondents"(GA#170). Co-Authored by Venico. Votes For: 3,697 (54%) Votes Against: 3,213 (46%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 5 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 8-2 (80% For). General Assembly debate thread.
  17. Kubrikistan

    Commend NewTexas

    Commend NewTexas A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Category: Commendation Nominee: NewTexas Proposed by: Emad Description: Applauding the objective of this council to recognize outstanding contribution by individual nations and regions to the international community; Determined to ensure that NewTexas is recognized among those the council has seen fit to befit this honor before now; Briefly noting this council has already seen fit to recognize the region of Texas, which achieved the great feats noted by this council as a direct result of the work undertaken by it's founder NewTexas, who essentially forged a community which has lasted almost ten years with Texas sitting at its helm; Cognizant that Texas, was one of the earliest defender nations to emerge in the first days of raiding, and in partnership with The Bruce one of the first known defender treaty organizations was formed as a result, which successfully defended against the early raiding group known as "The Farkers" and has continued as a diplomatic treaty ever since now known as the Triumvirate and including The Heartland; Noting that in the early years, Texas was heavily active on the field of furthering international relations, responsible for having hosted "The Texas Rodeo" and the "Texas Golf League" as but two examples of events arranged, organized and hosted by the Founder Delegate all for the purposes of promoting interaction and joviality within the international community it had begun to develop relations with; Aware that the region of Texas has been appluaded for its creation of the NSSuite which includes the NSDossier, a tool for collating the statistics of the NationStates world on the behalf of- member nations, but considering it an affront not to recognize now the participation of NewTexas in it's development purely because it has been recognized on a regional scale; Believing that the level of commitment NewTexas provides to the region it governs in respect of both promoting participation in the international community, actively and diligently representing the region of Texas within the World Assembly body, the commitment it provides to its own regional government itself, and the consistency it has provided in these respects for going on ten years, is indeed worthy of being noted as exceptional; Further believing that for this esteemed Council to continue to overlook the nation of NewTexas as a deserving candidate would only serve to diminish the good work done until now; Hereby Commends NewTexas Co-authored by The Gatekeeper Ministry of Abacathea Votes For: 4,366 (74%) Votes Against: 1,512 (26%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 7 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 5-2 (71% For). NS forums debate thread.
  18. Kubrikistan

    Industrial Pollution Control

    Industrial Pollution Control A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry. Category: Environmental Industry Affected: All Businesses Proposed by: Sakash Description: The World Assembly; AWARE that industrial growth may be essential for economic development, and one of the main sources of employment in many Member Nations, CONCERNED however, that industrial pollution may negatively impact a nation's environment and population, WORRIED that unregulated pollution from industries disproportionately affect the poorest segments of society causing social injustice, CONVINCED that without proper safeguards, industrial pollution may have a detrimental effect on environmental health and public safety resulting in extreme hazard to the population of the nation, DETERMINED to ensure that a proper balance is struck between economic development and environmental and public health, ENCOURAGING Member Nations to promote environmentally friendly industry, 1. DEFINES "Threshold of environmental quality" as: "The level of environmental degradation beyond which an area is deemed unsafe for population or unable to sustain natural flora and fauna", 2. DEFINES "pollution" as chemical and energy contaminants that cause adverse change in the environment or the health of a population, 3. TASKS the World Assembly Science Program (WASP) with the following duties: i. To collect and publish annual reports on industrial pollution in Member Nations, ii. To work with Member Nations to assess thresholds of environmental quality for their environments, iii. To help Member Nations assess total economic loss to the nations and their population due to industrial pollution, iv. To work with Member Nations to estimate the economic viability of adapting the nations' thresholds of environmental quality and to produce suitable recommended targets for pollution reduction, v. To revise these recommended targets with the changes in economic conditions of the Member Nations, vi. To promote and encourage research and development to reduce industrial pollution, recycling waste where possible, and improve pollution monitoring, 4. MANDATES Member Nations to implement the following: i. To adapt thresholds of environmental quality and implementation of pollution reduction targets recommended by WASP, ii. To establish policies aimed at reaching pollution reduction targets and monitor and ensure compliance with these policies, iii. To promote pollution control by creating awareness about pollution control measures and technologies, and to encourage research and development efforts in reduction of pollution, iv. Criminalize violations of this act, with enforcement suitable to the Member Nation, v. To establish policies that aim to prevent pollution from the nation's industries from causing harm in other nations, 5. ENCOURAGES Nations to promote energy conservation, carbon neutrality and landscaping efforts in and around industries where possible, 6. CLARIFIES that nothing in this act prevents member nations from providing aid, financial, technical, or otherwise, to companies in order to meet the requirements of this act. Votes For: 3,437 (63%) Votes Against: 2,034 (37%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 5 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 12-4 (75% For). See NS debate thread here.
  19. Kubrikistan

    On Network Neutrality

    On Network Neutrality A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce. Category: Free trade Strength: Mild Proposed by: Auralia Description: Recognizing the paramount importance of the Internet in education, industry and communications, Aware that the Internet has no centralized governance, and that Internet access is largely provided by private sector entities in many World Assembly member nations, Believing that limited international regulation of the Internet is necessary to prevent anti-competitive behaviour by Internet service providers, The General Assembly, Defines "the Internet" as the publicly accessible worldwide system of interconnected telecommunications networks using the Internet protocol suite to communicate with one another; Further defines "Internet service provider" as any business or public entity that regularly offers access to the Internet; Declares that member nations must require Internet service providers to: allow authorized users of their network to access and use the legal Internet content, applications and services of their choice within the bandwidth limits and quality of service of their service plan, allow authorized users of their network to connect to the Internet using a legal device of their choice, clearly inform authorized users of their network of any discrimination between legal Internet content, applications and services on their network, and refrain from unjust discrimination between legal Internet content, and applications and services on their network, including but not limited to discrimination that has a substantial anti-competitive effect; Further declares that member nations have the right to determine for themselves whether to adopt more restrictive network neutrality regulations, within the confines of this and previous World Assembly resolutions; Clarifies that nothing in this resolution: creates an affirmative obligation for Internet service providers to provide access to their networks or to refrain from charging for access to their networks, requires Internet service providers to take any action or refrain from taking any action when doing so would endanger national security, law enforcement activities or the security or stability of the network, or prohibits member nations from regulating Internet-enabled devices or Internet content, application and services. Votes For: 2,145 (24%) Votes Against: 6,849 (76%) Voting Ends: in 2 days 7 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 10-15 (60% Against).
  20. Kubrikistan

    Right to Adequate Shelter

    Right to Adequate Shelter A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights. Category: Human Rights Strength: Significant Proposed by: Talkistan Description: The World Assembly, Believing that the having a home that provides adequate shelter is a right that should be available to all people, Realizing that many people across the world are either without shelter, or subsist in grossly inadequate shelters, Feeling that member nations should work to eradicate the problems of homelessness and inadequate housing, Defining A. "shelter" as a construction whose primary purpose is to house people B. "adequate shelter" as a shelter which is structurally sound, provides reasonable protection against external environmental hazards, allows adequate personal space for its individual occupants, enables access to services and facilities as per the needs of the occupants, and is culturally acceptable and financially affordable to the occupants. Hereby: 1. Mandates that each member nation guarantee its legal residents the right to adequate shelter as a fundamental right, and take steps to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and the ability to exercise that right. 2. Declares that a deliberate attempt to violate anyone's right to adequate shelter shall be illegal. This exempts situations when such an action is essential to the administration of justice which is otherwise compliant with the WA, or to the mitigation of an extreme threat to either national security or the nation's general populace. 3.Requires each nation to assess the needs of its populace and available resources while making national and local guidelines on adequate shelter and establish the minimum criteria for a shelter to meet the definition of adequate for that nation's people. 4. Encourages every nation to help make available the best possible affordable shelter for every legal resident. This may include (but is not limited to) providing housing benefits, subsidizing building materials, or providing government-sponsored shelters, especially to those who are unable to adequately house themselves. 5. Strongly encourages nations to extend the right to adequate shelter to refugees and stateless individuals within their borders and act in coordination with each other and international organizations to satisfy non-citizens' housing needs. 6. Encourages nations to work with each other and share technologies and resources to improve the quality, standards and affordability of shelters. 7. Mandates that nations ensure the right to adequate shelter while making national laws concerning eviction of tenants, expropriation of land or buildings and any other law that deals with housing or directly influences the availability of adequate shelter. Votes For: 2,841 (43%) Votes Against: 3,701 (57%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 6 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 16-6 (72% For). Debate this resolution in the General Assembly forum.
  21. Kubrikistan

    Repeal "Liberate NAZI EUROPE"

    Repeal "Liberate NAZI EUROPE" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: SC#109 Proposed by: DWAnsia Description: WA Security Council Resolution #109: Liberate NAZI EUROPE shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The Security Council, Saddened at the intent of SC #109, which was to intentionally destroy the region through the malevolent application of a "Liberation" resolution, a gross misuse of the Security Council's power Concerned that SC #109 has set a precedent in which the Security Council may use its immense power to destroy any region with a differing ideology. Horrified the Security Council has used a "Liberation, "a way of combating region destruction", for the purposes of destroying NAZI EUROPE, a blatant disregard and disgusting abuse of the powers of the Security Council and conflicts with its goals of bringing peace and goodwill to the world. Realizing the Liberation of NAZI EUROPE was passed with the intention of it being being used as a weapon to destroy the region, painting the international community in a poor light, and seeking to ensure this is not the image the Security Council puts forth. Hereby Repeals SC #109: Liberate NAZI EUROPE. Votes For: 2,917 (33%) Votes Against: 5,821 (67%) Voting Ends: in 2 days 21 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 9-19 (67% Against).
  22. Kubrikistan

    Commend The Bruce

    Commend The Bruce A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Category: Commendation Nominee: The Bruce Proposed by: Abacathea Description: The Security Council; Observing the purpose of a commendation to be "to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region"; Believing that The Green and Pleasant Dominion of The Bruce fully exemplifies a nation which meets this criteria and yet, until now has been overlooked by this esteemed Council; Observing that The Bruce is founder of one of the oldest regions existing in the universe as we know it, namely Wysteria, a region which this Council has already seen fit to recognize for its services rendered to the world whilst under the watchful gaze of The Bruce; Observing further The Bruce is also one of the oldest nations still in existence and one of the earliest known defenders to have emerged in the dark days of the early raids, noting in particular their participation alongside Texas in the retaking of The Heartland when it was sacked by the Farkers back in 2003; Further Aware that prior to the official recognition of embassies as we currently know it The Bruce was instrumental in forging international relations with Texas and The heartland, an international diplomacy now known as the Triumvate, which has spanned over a decade in existence and one of the first known to exist within the universe; Awe struck at the detailed chronicles of history which The Bruce has tirelessly recorded, maintained and preserved for future generations spanning well over a decades worth, 139 volumes to be exact, of our history; Noting that whilst it is common for regions to use forums, The Bruce was the first to establish this process back in March 2003 to counteract the limited ability to communicate internally within the region, a precedent which promoted many regions including Texas to follow suit and setting the norm as we currently know it; Impressed with the high regards in which The Bruce is held within this esteemed Council itself, resulting from years of work invested in this Council to ensure that its members produce the finest resolutions possible at any given time and that The Bruce has been instrumental in forging policy on more than one occasion during it's tenure; Further impressed with the role of The Bruce in furthering international solidarity through their participation in the long since abandoned international Treasure Hunts, in which The Bruce not only allowed Wysteria to host but The Bruce themselves also helped oversee, a fine example of international coming togetherness; Understanding that while nowadays a lot of what The Bruce has accomplished seems commonplace, it should be noted that for the time The Bruce was considered a pioneer in these pursuits and is no less deserving of the accolade of extraordinary contributor to the NationStates Universe simply because of the period of time which has since lapsed; Seeking to enshrine The Bruce in the very annals of history that it has until now preserved so well on our collective behalves; Hereby; Commends The Green and Pleasant Dominion of The Bruce Votes For: 965 (74%) Votes Against: 335 (26%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 22 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 1-1 (50% For). Debate this resolution in the Security Council forum.
  23. Repeal "Renewable Energy Installations" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#236 Proposed by: Mosktopia Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #236: Renewable Energy Installations (Category: Environmental; Industry Affected: All Businesses) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The General Assembly: Notes that GAR #236, "Renewable Energy Installations," seeks to make the world a more eco-friendly place; but Documents that GAR #236 defines a renewable energy installation (REI) as "facilities which will generate power derived from naturally occurring resources that will have the least impact and damage on the environment through their operation," which is an unreasonably strict definition and automatically excludes a large number of power-generating methods and facilities that are renewable, efficient, and very eco-friendly simply because they are not the absolute least-impacting facilities one could imagine; Recalls that Clause (ii) of GAR #236 reads: "(ii) Having identified suitable sites within their borders, nations without renewable energy installations must build R.E.I.s at the designated sites, provided the nation is in an economically viable position to do so;" Believes that the strict definition of REI makes it unlikely that many member nations will be in an economically viable position to actually build said REIs - making the positive environmental impact of this resolution minimal, at best; Notes that Clause (i) of GAR #236 reads: "(i) Nations who do not already possess R.E.I's to identify key areas where the placement of facilities would cause the least environmental disturbance," which unfortunately does not allow member nations to designate REI locations based on ease of construction, access, and/or maintenance, but rather focuses only on the narrow issue of ensuring the least possible environmental disturbance - forcing those member nations who can afford to build REIs to do so in suboptimal places; Understands that Clauses (i) and (ii) of GAR #236, together require nations to identify areas where REIs would cause the least environmental disturbance and build REIs on those sites, even if: The nation does not need any more energy facilities, The nation is already entirely reliant on clean energy, The site is of historical or cultural significance, There is already something of great value built on the site, Building a power generating facility on the site would be foolhardy or dangerous, and/or The nation would rather spend the considerable resources necessary to build a power generating facility on other equally environmentally-friendly projects, such as wetlands restoration or recycling centers;Acknowledges that if GAR #236 is repealed, member nations can still demonstrate a commitment to renewable energy via national legislation, international agreements, and through the free choices of individual citizens; Hereby repeals General Assembly Resolution #236, "Renewable Energy Installations". Co-authored by Mousebumples Votes For: 8,663 (88%) Votes Against: 1,164 (12%) Voting Ends: in 1 day 15 hours Debate this resolution in the General Assembly forum.
  24. Repeal "Internet Net Neutrality Act" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#89 Proposed by: Auralia Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #89: Internet Net Neutrality Act (Category: Education and Creativity; Area of Effect: Free Press) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: Affirming the importance of network neutrality and regulating Internet service providers to prevent content discrimination and other anti-competitive business practices, Regretting that the flaws present in GAR #89, "Internet Net Neutrality Act", necessitate its repeal, Recognizing that the target resolution prohibits Internet service providers from engaging in "network discrimination," defined in part as "intentionally blocking, interfering with, discriminating against, impairing, or degrading the ability of any person to access, use, send, post, receive, or offer any lawful content, application, or service through the Internet," Alarmed that many standard, common sense Internet pricing models, such as charging more for faster speeds and greater usage, are prohibited by the target resolution because they technically constitute "interfer[ence] with...the ability of...person to access...the Internet" as well as "discriminat[ion] against...person" based on price paid, Stunned that this restriction effectively requires Internet service providers to charge a person with very high levels of Internet usage the same amount for Internet access as a person with very low levels of Internet usage, which is ridiculous, Concerned that this restriction harms both consumers and Internet service providers by preventing the former from purchasing an Internet plan appropriate to their needs and income while precluding the latter from recouping the costs of their substantial investments in network infrastructure, Emphasizing that these pricing models are considered to be perfectly legitimate in virtually all other industries and markets, and there is no rational basis for singling out Internet service providers for special treatment, Troubled by the redundancy in the target resolution's title ("Internet Net Neutrality Act"), Hoping that a replacement network neutrality resolution will soon be passed without these flaws, The General Assembly, Repeals GAR #89, "Internet Net Neutrality Act". Votes For: 6,529 (80%) Votes Against: 1,640 (20%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 2 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 18-8 (69% For).
  25. Kubrikistan

    Repeal "Condemn Macedon"

    Repeal "Condemn Macedon" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: SC#1 Proposed by: Islamic Republic e Jariri Description: WA Security Council Resolution #1: Condemn Macedon shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: Description: WA Security Council Resolution #1: Condemn Macedon shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The Security Council: RECOGNIZING the attempt made by the resolution to black mark the former invader region of Macedon. ACKNOWLEDGES that the resolution meant well, as the region of Macedon did conduct numerous raids on weaker regions. HOWEVER must highlight that the region of Macedon is no longer in the same level of power it formerly held, being far too small and inactive, and therefore no longer capable of inflicting the harm it used to be able to conduct all those years ago. With that in mind, this repeal questions what benefits the resolution can serve in the modern day WA and to its members apart from monumental purposes. REMINDS the esteemed council that the WA takes the notion of passing 'Condemnations' and 'Commendations' seriously and not as trophy items. RESPECTS the resolution's status as being the first passed bill of the Security Council. THOUGH must highlight the resolution's absurdity especially with regards to its hatred of ''bold orange text with blue accents on every colony's world factbook entry''. Such subjective statements have no political relevance worthy of a serious condemnation. HEREBY REPEALS ''Condemn Macedon''. Votes For: 1,306 (14%) Votes Against: 7,959 (86%) Voting Ends: in 2 days 14 hours Amongst Equilism residents, voting is currently 7-23 (76% Against).