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Sir Reg Empey

United Kingdom Update - May

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The United Kingdom Foreign Office Update

20th of May 2010

Return of a Master


About two weeks ago, the United Kingdom was on the verge of a general election. This election was about to witness a three term Prime Minister return to office with a landslide victory. We, today witness the return of a master, Sir Reg Empey. His skill of blowing the trumpet and amazing the crowds by his long posted campaigns for reform is what sparked the triumphant victory over the contender, Robert Peel. This term was to be no different, Mr Empey set to work with the majority of recruitment, setting a record on this today of 6000+ recruiting messages. It almost puts the work of the two and a half term Ex-Prime Minister Neisse to shame. Check back here for more news concerning his recruiting spree soon.

Moving on, the Prime Minister's first order of business was to announce a cabinet, a cabinet that was to set in motion his urgent need of reforms and to give the boom back to its name. Yes folks, you will have seen new cabinet policy, new victories and a new leaf turned in the United Kingdom by the amount of government and executive transparency, accountability and prosperity. With good news comes celebration, great news comes with the added responsibility of who's going to hold the hair and toilet pan up while the other is sick at the end of the night :lol: Without further ado, here is the Prime Minister's cabinet list;

The Prime Minister: The Rt. Hon. Sir Reg Empey
Deputy Prime Minister: The Rt. Hon. Harold Vorn
Home Secretary: The Rt. Hon. Robert Peel
Defence Secretary: The Rt. Hon Michael Juksereen
Foreign Secretary: The Rt. Hon. John Franklin
Culture, Media and Sport Secretary: The Rt. Hon. Rachel Anumia

DéJå Vu....


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, your Royal Majesty, King PASD.....again. You may remember PASD from already serving in the position of King previously, but due to an unfortunate emotional crisis within his real life and the very region he long wanted to rule with harmony, deleted himself and abdicated as King as quickly as he became it. Not long after that though, his Prince of Wales, Richard VII, was announced King, celebrated and then faltered to the abuses of admin. Not a pretty sight indeed, a little bit of suffering there, a little bit of suffering there, it was almost like an episode of ER. The controversial Monarchial Intervention was used to delete by his Ex-Royal Majesty two accounts belonging to South Boston Irishmen and Nivogal. After his forced abdication to save the incumbent Prime Minister from resigning, it was decided a court case would be brought due to his abuse of powers and his ignorance of use of what the Monarchial Intervention events caused. Not a pretty sight indeed. But you maybe wondering how PASD has returned as King? Well, our King's have the ability to name anyone anytime anywhere, back to the line of Royalty and succession and due to PASD's popularly, he was named Prince of Wales, then the quick abdication meant he was the King again, YAY!!! Hopefully this time he'll stay for a longer period of time, reigning in the glory like that of the first King and to bare the great deeds that the people demand :D

Monarchy Reforms


The Lords oppose it, Royalists oppose too much and the Commons love it....or so we thought. The House of Lords began, alongside the House of Commons last week in the effort to reform on his Royal Majesties advise the Monarchy. A long overdue process and long campaigned for by the veteran Great British Islands. The various reforms have currently passed the House of Commons, the House of Lords have still to pass in its current format the bill we have passed. So tune in next time to what progress we've completed on the said reforms.

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