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The East Pacific Newspaper

Volume Two, Issue One[/align]

[align=center]We’re back!

by Todd McCloud[/align]

It’s been a long winter of discontent as far as The East Pacific’s newspaper is concerned. Or maybe it’s the spring of discontent? Or maybe discontent isn’t the right word. Perhaps a better word is hiatus. Yes! Just a temporary hiatus, you know, regrouping and the likes, putting part A into box A and what not, making sure we’re all clicking on four… no, eight! Yes, eight cylinders, but no more than eight, because that’d just be overkill. But heck, if we’re going to talk about cars, I’ll be sure to post a follow-up for next issue. As for right now, you probably want to know what’s happening in The East Pacific. You don't? Too bad, and we'll maybe saw your arms off if you don't! Oh wait... you do? Well that's more like it! Let's read on!

TEP in general has undergone a few changes recently! Right off the bat our newspaper has received a bit of a face-lift! If you remember our last issue, back in December, it was a Christmas issue with a crazy little rendition of a famous Christmas poem, along with some current events both in the region and in our roleplay speckled in and around the issue, ending with a humor section and a little bit about how to set up an embassy in our hallowed halls. This issue is noticeably different! For one, it’s immediately better in that it’s written by multiple authors, hence multiple opinions and various different sections, teeming with raw, unedited thoughts brought to you by citizens from all walks of life in our region. We’re down with the free speech. But, there’s more, much more! And, if you act now, I’ll take 1,000 off the price right now, no money down! Bad credit? No credit? No problem! But I digress. We have a new Magisterium, full of a few new faces as they debate over a few issues here and there. We also have a new Conclave, approved by our Magisterium, and these Arbiters of The East Pacific are currently hashing out Standing Orders in the hopes of drumming up some protocol for trials and interpreting laws, you know, because we’re all about trying hard criminals! Well… not really. We’re actually a friendly bunch, a friendly bunch that talk on the regional message board as well as the off-site forum, and pretty much get along OR ELSE!! Nah. We’re allowed to get ticked at one another, of course. But in general, we have the sense of a community. And you can’t have community with out unity! Yuk yuk yuk…

And for something completely different, let’s venture into what’s occurring in and around The East Pacific roleplay, the heart of the region! And if that’s the heart… well… I guess that would make the Conclave the prefrontal cortex, the spum the various viruses and bacteria, and the WA voting the voice of the region. Backing up again, it’s probably better to remain off course instead of take the scenic route. Let’s see… we’ve had the East Pacific Treaty Organization resume talks and attempt to form a United Nations among our nations, but lo! There is another group assembling, and those pesky vulpines are at the heart of it! The vile vulpine leader has been arrested and is awaiting transfer to prison as well, which allowed juuust enough leeway to create such an alliance! Oddly enough, though, we have interesting goings-on in the South Pole, where people there are in dire straits. Heck, we’ve even had a helicopter crash, which killed off a prominent character in our roleplay! Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that cave that has boiling basalt (it DOES exist, I say!) that seems to have some odd creatures about around it. You just know something is going down there… though I have to admit, it might not be as crazy as our insane asylum, where our “lovable” characters lose their minds! Ah, and I nearly forgot. You may have heard of 20,000 leagues under the sea. Well, in TEP, we have a Sealab, but it’s not that deep. Still, divers are finding some pretty weird crap down there! Can you believe a mysterious modern city that appears to have been abruptly placed under the ocean? Well you better. For the realists, we have a ‘real-life’ sixteenth century Europe roleplay! And finally… mechs in TEP? Oh yes, my friend. We’re covering all bases in roleplay these days. And we are always welcoming more new members into the fold! So, be bold, join up, post in a thread, and explode things!

So please enjoy this issue and all that it has to offer! Egads! It’s another TEP issue, and it’s just about to begin!

[align=center]Foreign Affairs & TEP Newspaper

by East Malaysia[/align]

The Embassy Authority, once a lifeless part of TEP, has been revived in association with TEP Newspaper. Clearly you can't have one without the other and I would like to thank Todd McCloud for his dedication to the newspaper and helping me out when I was just starting to take office.

I kicked off my campaign for foreign affairs by visiting every region we have connections with. Sadly during that long tedious task of visiting well over 30 or so (lost count) different forums, I had to give a few warnings during my reevaluation and sadly cut regions with now inactive forums without notice. I do have to thank all the regions I visited for the warm welcome once again.

Now you may wonder what this means as in new rules rule and it is simple and easy actually:

*A warning of embassy closure will be issued after 3 months of no contact. The easiest way to avoid this is to post sometime before 3 months. It does not even have to be an update; a friendly "hello" works fine but a microupdate could be attached ;) .*

Oh look! That was the rule. Imagine that! XD. Past that, you will see more of me, or hopefully someone else also that is helping with posting the updates.

I would like to end my little statement with my goals for TEP foreign affairs with being the Secretary of the Embassy Authority. I do not plan to just manage embassies, help out with the updates, or wait for regions to come to us. I plan to open relations with other active regions of NS and to continue to grow our foreign affairs as if TEP was a user-created region.

[align=center]Interview with Lady Edea / DFD

by Warre[/align]

The East Pacific is a big region. While that's obvious to anyone who knows anything about NS, what with it being one of the five feeders, I don't mean simply that. It's got a large fairly active population. With the 4th highest number of regional nation population in the whole of Nationstates, it's a behemoth. And with that sizable population comes a latent alienation and a bit of anonymity. Players are easily allowed to do what they want so long as they don't do it to excess. They can choose to show their head in the community or ignore it. They can be roleplayers, gameplayers, or people who're just hanging around for stuff like the stability and the WA stuff.

It's a nice size, as if even a small group decide to do something they can help the region be clean of adspum, and all sorts of other things. But it's also a bad size. With the leviathan population TEP has, it's hard to get to know all of your fellow TEPers, or even a few of them. More than simply that, it's hard to get to know your leaders, and the movers and shakers within TEP. While there's other ways that we could improve the community, I think one of them is to make the community more aware of it's hard working citizens. Viva la Este Pacifica!

Today, I'll be interviewing one miss Der Furher Dyszel, more commonly known as Lady Edea, our region's current Delegate. Miss Dyszel has a storied history within the region and within the game, and I plan to explore this. For the purposes of this, text which is orange will be questions or comments from myself, and text in purple will be Lady Edea-DFD.

So, Miss DFD. I'm aware you've been playing NS for a good amount of time. How long?"

“Haha, I'm such a loser, I honestly don't know. Early 2003.My original nation creation date is lost in the sands of time because I was deleted and it registers my resurrection date as my creation date.Or at least it used to on the main forums. Now I"m just an antiquity.”

“I knew that it had been a good deal of time, but not that long. It explains your adjustment to the main forums. You were probably one of the earlier members.”

“Make no mistakes. It took me a long time to figure out how to use the forums.I was a noob when I first joined. It's a right of passage in this game. ;)

“I agree wholeheartedly. Now, Miss DFD, what about your regional history? Before TEP, where did you consider your home?”

“Seriously, it took me months of being a member in this game to learn how the UN worked, how the forums worked, how posting whatnot and all that worked.My region, First Reich of Der Fuhrer is my NS home. Created the nation when I first joined the game and had several friends join me. We ended up at one point having 100+nations, but over the years they all dwindled down.”

“But my "feeder" home has and will always be The Rejected Realms. First learned the ways of feeders there.”

“What brought you to TEP?”

“The Empire.”

“I joined The Empire with the idea of helping boost feeder activity. Although, shortly after The Empire's takeover, I disagreed with the approaches they were taking. I worked with the natives to try to restore a balance between TEP and The Empire. In the end, I rejected The Empire, helped establish ASBS as delegate then Todd as delegate and stayed around in the community because I enjoyed the people.”

“I see. So the rumors and obvious 'durp durp durp' truth that you were apart of The Empire as I dunno, Lady Edea, are true?”

“*gasps in horror* How dare you insinuate such an atrocity!? Of course I am Lady Edea. It has been known for nearly quite some time that I was Lady Edea.I believe I officially announced my TEP role as Lady Edea around the collapse of The Empire.”

“Yet Adspummers and insurgents still try to act as if it could be used as a weapon. Do you think this is true, or they'd being dummies? If so, then is it true my role in the Empire [and my good friend Terasu's role] could make me a traitor to the TEP government I helped establish after it's fall?”

“Any attempt to try to prove regional member's involvement in The Empire as being a sign of treachory has and will continue to fail. All of us who joined The Empire to better TEP have remained in TEP and continued to contribute to the region. It is what it is today because of our dedication to the region. Those of us who wanted change and wanted to help have done so.”

“As such, those involved in The Empire who did not care about TEP.....well their lack of presence in the region today speaks for itself.”

“Plus, if TEP tried to kick out anyone involved in The Empire, the region would effectively implode. =P Nearly 80% of its active population would be forced to leave.

[align=center]Country Profile: Veerilion

by Veerilion[/align]

Veerilion has its origins as a colony that became a republic and then the Dominion of Veerilion. The Yumican(Maya like people) were the original inhabitants, before the Conquest by the Cadineros(Spanish/Italian like people) under orders from there Sibrian Masters. Veerilion and the Cadineros can trace them selves to a empire that existed before the dark ages.

Veerilion is ruled by Steam Veerilion, the undisputed leader. Parliament(officiall known as People’s council), was originally an oversight committee and anti-corruption tool, that has grown and changed into a law making body, what they can change is made clear, by the fact that the law is divided into 3 ‘chapters’. With only chapter 3 being able to be changed by the parliament, but then again, it is where most of the actual laws in the land are.

Veerilion’s capital is Sofia where all mayor offices are, the industrial heart is at Edline with Santa Monita and El Domiro being the tourism centers. The most notorious places in the international world are the Freeports, because of its Banks with non-disclosure policy, allowing people to hide money there. Its low taxes, its pretty much a tax haven and they serve as supply depots for many ships. Some Freeports are metropolises other are simply ‘inhabited’ islands in the middle of nowhere.

The Modern Veerilion, has its culture similar with South America in some aspects with Spanish and Italian mixed in. Veerilion’s rainforest is something the nation cares for out of fear of deforestation, and it helps reduce the pollution.

Veerilion’s Economy is naturally led by the industry and factories at Edline which produces everything from washing-machines to cars or missiles. When it come to other types so does it have a industry of agriculture, where it produces wheat, corn, rice and coffee, it also have a dairy and beef production, thought its minor, and naturally, it exports fruits and fruit products, like bananas, orange and pineapples.

[align=center]The Madness Accord

by The Angel of Death[/align]

*throws cheese everywhere*

The East Pacific, a place where in theory Ive been most of my NS career. I honestly dont know what feeder I came from, but I have always said the East Pacific. I had a knack for wandering off into other regions though, and I experienced many different sides to opinions on the overall game.

The most interesting experience by far though, is the ideals of raiders and my little journey with a region called Nazi Europe.

I joined the region a while back, looking at their debates mostly at first. The fact they were condemned caught my eye most of all. It seemed they were condemned on their ideology, and for me that was silly. I have always disliked other countries or regions getting branded for something they may or may not believe in. In this case, it was apparent why Nazi Europe was condemned, because no one likes Nazis and what they stand for. That is of course understandable.

However, the accusations leaned more towards the fact that they were spouting their beliefs off to others, and causing commotions.

Upon researching this, I found that it wasnt true. They were in fact branded simply for what they stood for. But here is the real thing that bugged me.

I joined them, became a part of their military(raider style), and I learned very well that none of them really believed in the ideals of Nazism that existed during WWII, the ideals they were branded for. The leader himself could care less, when I spoke with him. They were merely facist/socialists, who liked to raid.

And I enjoyed raiding so I saw no issue with this at all.

Its very curious how they wore a mask, stuck in the land of "RP Mode".

They are condemned sure, but its more like a badge.

You see, the problem I have with this condemning nonsense, is that it seems to always borderline personal opinion about others. It seems someone gets upset about another region or nation, and want them to get condemned just because they dont like what they think.

I find it far worse to operate in such a manner, rather than the personal manners of the accused.

Nazi Europe wasn't at all a bad region, they were just simple raiders. Because of the political battles I had with so many at that time, I become a hater of the somewhat new Security council. And it was only because people spouted off opinion and political bias more than anything else.

Ill never forget the liberation attempt, by someone who was a raider themselves, because they simply couldn't stand by when their enemies took a region. So they cry and go boo hoo to the council and create a huge issue and liberate the region.

And you know what?

The region is dead again just like it was before the raiders, and liberation.

After seeing this, I came to the conclusion that the security council was essentially pointless, and it choked the game play of raiders.

NS isnt alive as much as it seems, and raiders play a role in the game to keep it alive, and it creates things for regions and nations to do in a sometimes boring environment.

Sure, the ideals of raiding isnt a popular one, but it also keeps the game alive.

So why choke it, and make so many huge political deals about it in the council?

Regarding that I am at a loss.

I dont mind that it certainly does create alot fuss, because that does lead to more activity, but at the same time it hurts those who play a different game within NS as well. But then one asks or comments, that raiders are bad and shouldn't do this or that, blah blah. Yes, Ive heard that, but what strikes me is that most, not if all regions raided nowadays are DEAD regions. Why liberate? Why complain?

You are just making it dead again through political fuss, only to recreate a cycle of inactivity and boredom. Congratulations.

I learned this all from simply dealing with alot while in Nazi Europe.

I eventually left though, because of things going on in my life of course, but my real place has always been in TEP. I am glad though that I can say I was once a raider and I still support the idea of raiding.

Its an unliked activity, but it sure beats sitting around like old men in a region doing nothing but passing pointless resolutions to already fine governments.

And don't even get me started on that, I had enough fun dealing with bureaucracy and utter boredom as a Senator long long ago in TWP. That was truly a moment in NS where I wanted to punch the region with my fist, because no one wanted to do practically anything but sit around to simply explain it. However that was long ago and maybe its different today.

Concerning other things though, we need a cheese and tea party around in TEP.

I am very much yearning for one.

~The Angel of Death

[align=center]The Game.

by Alejandro the Pengiun[/align]

Epic awesomeness has just entered the building. No, you are not epic awesomeness. You are nothing more than an unorganized, grabastic piece of amphibian s***, as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman puts it. But the epic awesomeness is not him, either; he got killed while in the barracks. Either way, I am the epic awesomeness that has just entered the building. Feel free to n00k a frozen dinner; I've got all day.

TOPIC OF THE NOW: The Magisterium

It's almost June in this place, and the Magisterium has been seated for about half a month. But there's one catch- they're still voting on who should become Provost, and it's ticking me off.

For starters, at the time of which I wrote this column the score was at 3 even- three for incumbent Dyr Nasad, three for challenger Free Pacific States, and three abstaining. The Magisterium has ten people this term. If someone votes abstain, something tells me we're screwed.

Why? If someone votes abstain, then no one is really elected. To further complicate matters, there is no official legislation describing what to do when the elections for Provost are tied, or when abstaining is the most popular option. That means nothing is legal, nor illegal; it's a crossroads.

Since people failed to elect me to the Magisterium, I'm going to give something- and this is just a suggestion, people- from outside the forum. Here it is:

If abstaining is the most popular option, have both members become co-Provosts.

I know, I'm probably going to get shot for this. But let's go further- one Provost oversees debates, and the other oversees votes. One represents the Magisterium to the Arbitorium and the Delegacy, and the other is in charge of the archives. Epic compromise has been reached, and problem solved.

Then again, if one or the other gets the most votes... then I'm happy, and we can move on.

Another thing that has been ticking me off about the Provost elections is the amount of time it is taking. It's been very long, and long enough to elect a Provost. I think they should have stopped it at 5 days, then selected the winner there, which would have been FPS.

But since my opinion is insignificant, I'll shut up now.

[align=center]TEP Entertainment

by Penndale[/align]


When you fall, you flap your arms up and down like a little birdie just learning how to fly. You probably see it in cartoons, maybe YOU did it once. Flapping your arms when you fall is a human reflex. However, unless another human reflex was to grow bat wings, flapping your arms would be ineffectual.

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! In the US, May 31st is Memorial Day. It is a holiday commemorating the brave soldiers that died in the Civil War. So Happy Memorial Day to those in the US!

Corny Joke of the Day

What is blue and fuzzy all over?

Blue Fuzz!

Riddle of the Day

Last issue's riddle: Why can't a man living in the US be buried in Canada?

Answer: He is still living!

Today's Riddle:

A man walks outside while it is raining without an umbrella and doesn't get a hair on his head wet. How is this possible?

Find out in the next issue!

Bonus: How far can a dog run into the woods?

Find out in the next issue!

RMB Topic


Going to Prison

[align=center]The Pacific Theater

by Tutchone[/align]

In response to the proposition of a publication that would reach readers East Pacific wide, relative unknown Tutchone artist Art Redwolf has created The Pacific Theatre. A regular feature intending to run in the aforementioned publication, the comic is also slated for sale in both domestic and international publishing markets.

The series is slated to run indefinitely, and hopes to become a popular and widespread icon among the otherwise drab world of newspaper serials.


OOC: This was created with Microsoft Comic Chat, using the default images which come to us from Jim Woodring. I'd like to extend my thanks, and say that no copyright infringement is intended.


by Packilvania[/align]


[align=center]Want an Embassy in TEP?[/align]

The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We currently have 26 active embassies, and would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works:

Go to the forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time).

We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately!

Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page.


Good news everyone! Our newspaper edition is over! And if you read this in the professor's voice, you must post in this topic![/align]

Until we meet again

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