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Sir Reg Empey

Early August Update

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TUK Foreign Office Dispatch

Early August Update

His Majesty's Government

Founder: George the Great

King: PASD

Queen: Elizabeth

Prince of Wales: MastersonWA Delegate: Great British IslandsThe Prime Minister: Sir Reg Empey

Deputy Prime Minister: Harold Vorn

Home Secretary: TBA

Defence Secretary: Michael Juksereen

Foreign Secretary: John Franklin

Culture, Media and Sports Secretary: Rachel AnumiaAttorney General: Nivogal


Since the last update was not that long ago delivered, this one shall incorporate all the regional happenings within the last few days and the upcoming targets, goals etc the United Kingdom is preparing to accomplish and meet.

Therefore, without further delay I shall allow you to get a glimpse of what is to come and what has already happened.

The United Kingdom is now in a period of preparation for it's General Election. The region shall be the same but without the general day-to-day focus on every aspect that would be of without the general election. All eyes are on the Royal Election Commission, the campaigns and the people who are running for Parliament and the Premiership.

To date, the following people have announced their candidacy to run for the Premiership of the United Kingdom;

Lady Rachel Anumia

The Rt Honourable 46566

We wish them the very best of luck and here's to a good, smooth and clean campaign.

There have been like the last general election also a very good turn-out for various members running for Parliament. Although Parliament is still able to run up until the 11th of August, to focus on campaigns and elections, every season it generally quietens down for preparation.

On another note

The Rt Honourable and Incumbent Prime Minister, Mr Empey has decided not to run for a third consecutive term after the favourite to be, Ebren declared his inability due to real life circumstances to run for the office. After a tricky decision, Mr Empey decided he would therefore back the running of Lady Anumia in her bid for the Premiership.

Word on the street

We are having a Garden Party, you can find us http://z10.invisionfree.com/The_UK/index.php?showtopic=12814 All are welcome to attend.

Short and sweet, another update for Mid-August shall be delivered when the new Government enters office. This shall be the full monthly update.

Thank you.

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