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Checkers McDog

Ambassador's Report, March 11, 2005

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Here's our new update. Feel free to post any comments/questions about this report, in this thread.

Report from Canadauser posted image

March 11, 2005

Forum - Wikipedia - Webpage

Population: 283

Delegate: Checkers McDog (80 endorsements)

Regional Happenings:

  • The regional Cabinet elections were held from February 24th to February 27th. Here is the new Canadian Cabinet for this term:

    - Prime Minister: Checkers McDog (elected through endorsements)

    - Minister of Regional Affairs: Saskatoon Saskatchewan

    - Minister of Defence: Carbanousa (acclaimed)

    - Minister of Justice: Hudson Bay

    - Minister of Foreign Affairs: Beaver-Country-Canada

    - Minister of Doughnuts and Beer: Redundancies

  • The above elected ministers have appointed the following people to be their deputies:

    - Deputy Prime Minister: Liarg

    - Deputy Minister of Regional Affairs: kana da

    - Deputy Minister of Defence: Christopholous

    - Deputy Minister of Justice: Daemon

    - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Remo Star

    - Deputy Minister of Doughnuts and Beer: Ess

  • We are currently debating reforming our election procedures (link)
  • Our forum is undergoing a make-over...come check it out
  • We created a Fantasy Baseball league for the members of the region
United Nations:OOC Happenings: Edited by Checkers McDog

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