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Official September Update

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His Majesty's Government
Founder: George the Great
King: PASD
Queen: Elizabeth
Prince of Wales: Masterson
WA Delegate: Great British Islands
The Prime Minister: Rachel Anumia
Deputy Prime Minister: Great British Islands
Home Secretary: Harold Vorn
Defence Secretary: Willem Van Oranje
Foreign Secretary: Robert Kennedy
Culture, Media and Sports Secretary: Luna Dancing
Attorney General: Sir Reg Empey

TUK Foreign Office Dispatch
August Update

The Government

Prime Minister Rachel Anumia has begun to, in her own words, "fulfil her election promises" with the creation of a Intel & Security Ministry. While the name of the new Ministry is still under major discussion with "Scotland Yard" and "MI5" seeming to be the favoured choices. But regardless of the name, the region is clearly on the up after TUK's Prime Minister is begining to show the reason the TUK public elected her with an overwhelming majority.

The Foreign Affairs office in TUK currently has received a massive boost with many new ambassadors taking on the roles as the older generation begins to take a back seat. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Robert Kennedy, stated his utter delight at the up rise in Foreign Office Activity. The Foreign Office is also pleased and delighted to announce new relationships with the New Galactic Empire, something the TUK is extremely interested in and hopes for a long lasting relationship.

Colonel Veers, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Radix II after TUK diplomatic relations discussions

Sir Reg Empey has made a return to TUK politics in a more legal role this time after a refreshing two week break from the region. Upon his return he was given the role of Attorney General and was widely understood to have pleased the TUK public with citizen saying it was an "inspired choice" by the PM Rachel Anumia. TUK's great statesmen's return to politics was greeted with a rush of praise and congratulations.

TUK's former Lord Chancellor Ebren had vacated his seat in the House of Lord this month and another Elder Statesmen of TUK was given the role to replace the great Ebren in the House of Lords by Rachel Anumia and supported by the House of Commons. This privilege was handed to Great British Islands for his outstanding work in both social and political aspects in the TUK.

Great British Islands ecstatic over his nomination for the Lords

That's right ladies and gentlemen its time to get ready to party because the united kingdom is going to be throwing the biggest bash you have ever seen as we celebrate our 4th birthday. We are going to have everything with the Queen of Spam herself, Luna Dancing, being at the forefront of it all. So come on down to the United Kingdom between the 13th and 19th of October, sample the wine, party like their is no tommorrow and even scout the girls, or the guys its all legal here. Come to TUK and.....


The Return of the Callaway's. The Rise of the Right

Over the Last month The United Kingdom has seen the return of its former Right-wing loyalists in the Callaway Brothers. Maxwell was the first to return and made an impact within days creating a right-wing party with Nivogal Auditore di Firenze, the Conservative Democrats, to try and differ from the vast Left Centre Wing parties that dominate TUK politics. Maxwell also made it onto the Foreign Affairs quickly becoming the Deputy Foreign Minister to Lib Dem MP, Robert Kennedy.

With the Right receiving a massive boost many believed it would becoming a TUK force yet again and then, TUK's Former Prime Minister, Carlisle Callaway returns to the region and in a very similar style to his Brother setting up a similar right wing party, the British Nationals, and has started Right Wing talks with his brothers party. The Left Wing parties have been dominating for a while now, but in TUK the right is definitely on the rise!

With this new rise in right wing politics it had led to the Callaway Brothers establishing a brand new Shadow Cabinet within the TUK. The right wing Coalition has declared that it will keep the Left Wing Government in check.

The British Right-Wing Powerhouse's on the march, Carlisle Callaway, Maxwell Callaway and BillyPig117

On the Rise

The United Kingdom under the Leadership of Rachel Anumia started off with a slight fall in regions but since then the TUK has begun to regain ground and has seen both an increase in regions and on forum activity welcoming new members from all around Nationstates with open arms and helping TUK remain Nationstates largest British themed region.

TUK's House of Commons have started their terms of MP's with a great rush of enthusiasm for the region and with many aims to help build on the regions already successful foundations. With new Bills such as the Marriage and Divorce Act, New Court Protocols and even a potential amendment to the constitution, it’s fair to say that the TUK House of Commons is an extremely active one.

For once it’s not Crime that’s on the rise, we don't here all too often in Real Life Britain but in TUK we have seen an extremely low amount of court cases this month and while it give our Legal eagles in the justice department a dull time it shows our great region to be a friendly and fun environment.

South Boston Irishman Appointed Associate Justice

During this month, long time member and friend of Prime Minister Rachel Anumia, was nominated to become the new Associate Justice after TUK's former Prime Minister and legal expert Imperial Royalist vacated to become Lord Chief Justice. SBI is widely expected to excel in his new role and his the full support of the public and the movers and shakers within TUK.

South Boston Irishman contemplating the meaning of life

Well done to our Univeristy Students

TUK is proud of everyone of our new University students this year, three that have ousted themselves, Imperial Royalist, Luna Dancing and Robert Kennedy will all be attending Uni this year and we wish them the very best of luck and well done on their results for getting in. TUK's resident Legal Eagle, Imperial Royalist will be attending none other than Oxford University, we wish him the best of luck and hopefully he'll remember little old us when he's finished.

Superhero avvie theme day!

TUK recently had itself a little fun day with everyone becoming superheroes for the day with the like of Batman, Professor Xavier, Capitan America and all the other big guys showing up to have a laugh and enjoy a day of fun.

But theirs always the baddy and we even had an appearance for Venom and he managed to sneak away without a scratch this time, you'll get him next time Spidey!


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