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Late September Update

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His Majesty's Government

Founder: George the Great

King: PASD

Queen: N/A

Prince of Wales: Masterson I

WA Delegate: Great British Islands

The Prime Minister: Rachel Anumia

Deputy Prime Minister: Great British Islands

Home Secretary: Maxwell Callaway

Defence Secretary: Masterson I

Foreign Secretary: Robert Kennedy

Culture, Media and Sports Secretary: Luna Dancing

Attorney General: Sir Reg Empey

TUK Foreign Office Dispatch

Late September Update

The Government

The Prime Minister Rachel Anumia has decided to call an early election to end her first and last term as Prime Minister for now. Rachel has told her massive supporting public that she has been proud to be Prime Minister of the region and is pleased she has achieved so much. She is now looking to do more things in The United Kingdom outside of Ten Downing street. Her decision not to stand has been followed by massive applause of Rachel's term in office with the general view being she has been TUK's most successful and inspiring female Prime Minister of all time.

The United Kingdom Armed Forces has a new leader in it ranks as the Highness the Prince of Wales as been invited to take over as Minister of Defence until the next election. Masterson I takes over after Willem Van Ornaje has decided to leave the game, he was wished well by all of his troops. Masterson has taken over the post he has served before and brings experience and passion to the post.

The Home Ministry has also taken a new Minister into its ranks with the resignation of Harold Vorn. Maxwell Callaway has taken over as the leader of the Home Office and it is once again a position he has severed in before and brings lots of exciting ideas and new experiences, the general population of TUK have welcomed the appointment.

Prime Ministerial Elections

With Rachel Anumia not re-running for Prime Minister the race for her successor is beginning to hot up. Liberal Democrat Leader and former Deputy PM was the first to throw his hat into the flames closely followed by former Conservative Democrat Leader and Home Secretary Maxwell Callaway.

It is also expected that Maxwell's brother could join the race for the next Prime Minister, shall it be the younger brother that wins this leadership race?



That's right ladies and gentlemen it's time to get ready to party because the United Kingdom is going to be throwing the biggest bash you have ever seen as we celebrate our 4th birthday. We are going to have everything with the Queen of Spam herself, Luna Dancing, being at the forefront of it all. So come on down to the United Kingdom between the 13th and 19th of October, sample the wine, party like there is no tomorrow and even scout the girls, or the guys it's all legal here. Come to TUK and.....


By-Election victories.

Over the Last few weeks The United Kingdom public had voted and debated on the candidates for a by-election of the vacated seats left in the House of Commons through two members leaving Nationstates. There were many high quality candidates within the Race but it would emerge that the Centre-Left parties of the Liberal Democrats and the Venus party would each win a seat in the Commons.

A new member to the region, Gideon Kadath won a seat for the Venus party and TUK's legendary Prime Minister, Sir Reg Emepy returned to the political fray to win a seat for the Liberal Democrats.

Because of two Liberal Democrat members leaving the HoC, the Lib Dems now hold a majority of 1 MP, with the only other non-Lib Dem MP being from the Venus party.

King divorces Queen

This month, the King PASD separated from his wife Queen Elizabeth. The now former Queen of TUK had been very inactive due to other commitments and while the King and people still loved her, the King felt he had no choice but to separate from Elizabeth.

The King and people of TUK wished the Queen well and the King assured Elizabeth that she shall always have a place in The United Kingdom.

John Franklin Appointed Associate Justice

During this month, long time member John Franklin was nominated to become the new Associate Justice after TUK's legal expert William Bettingham vacated his role as Associate Justice. John Franklin is widely expected to excel in his new role and has the full support of the public and the movers and shakers within TUK.


John Franklin inducted as Associate Justice

Opposite avvie theme day!

TUK recently had itself a little fun day with everyone becoming the sexual opposite for the day with the like of Margaret Thatcher, Nicola Sturgeon and all the other big guys and girls from around the world showing up to have a laugh and enjoy a day of fun.

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