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Early October Update

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His Majesty's Government
Founder: George the Great
King: PASD
Queen: N/A
Prince of Wales: Vacant
WA Delegate: Great British Islands
The Prime Minister: Lord Harold Vorn
Deputy Prime Minister: Robert Kennedy
Home Secretary: Maxwell Callaway
Defence Secretary:(Provisional) King Edward PASD (South Boston Irishman)
Foreign Secretary: Billypig
Culture, Media and Sports Secretary: Gideon Kadath
Attorney General:Vacant
Director of Naturalisation: GBI
Director of Intelligence: Rachel Anumia

TUK Foreign Office Dispatch
Early October Update

New Prime Minister

On 3rd October, Lord Harold Vorn was sworn in as Prime Minister of The United Kingdom. He was elected by a landslide, his opponent, Maxwell Callaway, having stood down to avoid electoral disaster.
This was after ex- PM Rachel Anumia, also a member of the House of Lords called an early general election.
The result was as follows:-

Harold Vorn (Lib Dems)
[ 18 ] [90.00%]

[ 2 ] [10.00%]

Lord Vorn has promised an end to partisan politics and a new era of consensus politics. He carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. In his speach Lord Vorn also promised "To hit the floor running. In Foreign, Home, Defence and Cultural affairs". He carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, especially considering he is TUK's first openly gay Prime Minister.

Snapshot of Lord Vorn, outside Number 10

General Election Concludes

The Hustings are over. TUK has its new Parliament in place, after crippling inactivity in the last Parliament and two by-elections Rachel Anumia
called for a general election.
6 Candidates stood for the election and results were as follows:-

46566 (Con Dem)
[ 15 ] [17.65%]

Robert Kennedy (Lib Dem)
[ 17 ] [20.00%]

Gideon Kadath (Venus Party)
[ 16 ] [18.82%]

Ebren (Lib Dem)
[ 14 ] [16.47%]

Nivogal Auditore di Firenze (Con Dem)
[ 7 ] [8.24%]

Billypig (Con Dem)
[ 16 ] [18.82%]

The new parliament consists of-

Robert Kennedy
Gideon Kadath

2 Liberal Democrat MPs
2 Conserative Democrat MPs
1 Venus Party MP

Experienced Conservative Democrat candidate 46566 fought his campaign as such, promising to bring an experienced hand to the lower house.
Lib Dem deputy leader Robert Kennedy, rookie at the last election but now an entrenched member of the HoC, fought for honesty and activity. Using his reputation
from last the last session as an example. He was the clear winner at the election amassing the most votes.
Venus party member Gideon Kadath, winner of the by-election a few weeks a go also ran an honest and open campaign.
Ex- Lord and Lib Dem Ebren argued that his experience in the upper house would make him an ideal candidate and it worked as he crossed the line as
the fifth MP.
Conservative Democrat Nivogal ran an unsuccessful campaign to be elected. Finally, Billypig, leader of the Conservative Democrats also made it into
the HoC, claiming that experience in other regions made him a good candidate for the job.
After the inactivity of the last commons the current crop of MP's have promised activity. The new HoC has only a single MP from the last general election, which illustrates just how bad the inactivity was!
46566 has been appointed Speaker of the HoC and Robert Kennedy has been deputy speaker.

Kennedy on the Campaign trail

Prince of Wales removed to preserve the Monarchy's Credibility

After creating several opinion provocative polls that were embarrassing to the Royal family, His Majesty King Edward PASD was given no choice but to remove Masterson from the line of succession.
Masterson publicly apologised and made it clear that he was not bitter about the decision and understood it to be inevitable.
The King has made no announcement on whether he will name a successor or not.

His Majesty King Edward PASD

Nobility Investitures

King PASD has decided that at either the beginning or end of each month he will hold an investiture service. The following were announced by the Lord Chamberlain William Bettingham:-

1. Baron Vorn, Baron of Somerset, is being raised to Viscount, and will now be known as the Viscount of Essex. His spoken style remains, "Your Lordship."

2. Mr. Robert Kennedy, for his services to the region, shall now be the Baron of Somerset, and his spoken style will become, "Your Lorship."

3. Duchess Rachel Anumia, Duchess of Leeds, has received the Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, the highest female order.

Robert Kennedy declined the honour, stating that he wasn't ready. Congratulations to all others those who have received honors from the King.

Bettingham prepares to make the announcement

Office of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of The United Kingdom
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Billypig

Special thanks to Prime Minister Lord Harold Vorn


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