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How to recruit, a guide

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Quick Starter Guide

1. Go to the "List of Recruited Nations" thread and see if anyone has posted that they are recruiting. If its all clear then go ahead and post that you're recruiting at the moment.

2. Now go into each/any of the 5 feeder regions (The East, The South, The North, and The West Pacific, as well as just The Pacific) one by one, and click the part where it says "BLAA contains XXXX nations".

3. You have a list of nations. Organize them by length of residence, click on the last page, and start sending recruitment telegrams in reverse order of the list.

4. Record the nation's name you've sent a telegram to, and once you've got your full list go ahead and edit your original post in "List of Recruited Nations" thread with the list. Make sure to also state the total amount of nations you sent a telegram to for that run.

P.S. You could also go to the World Assembly page, and at the bottom of the page there's a recent happenings box with nations that have just applied or joined the WA. You are also allowed to send recruitment telegrams to these nations as long as they reside in one of the Pacifics or the Rejected Realms. Remember to check they haven't just recently been recruited, though.

Recruitment Rules and Tips

1. Limit recruiting to The Pacific, The West Pacific, The North Pacific, The South Pacific, The East Pacific, and the Rejected Realms and Lazarus. It's not allowed to recruit outside those regions. Do not post messages or recruit in "USER" created regions.

2. You may use the examples posted in the "Basic Recruitment Telegrams" -thread.

3. Do not send a telegram (also called a TG) to a nation that has been recruited by someone already.

4. Also, it's usually unnecessary to TG a nation which has changed regions several times (as seen on National Happenings on the nation page you send the telegram from), which has a huge population (indicating they're a long-time player who's decided to stay in the Pacifics) or which obviously is a recruiter from another region (more often than not, with the word recruiter or pr in their name).

5. Check the "List of Recruited Nations" thread before you start recruiting. If someone has posted saying that they're recruiting then you must wait until they are done. You might want to wait 20 minutes to an hour (depending on the time of day) before you start recruiting after them though; this allows the regional happenings to fill up with new nations.

6. If someone specifically states they are recruiting only in, say, The West Pacific, you may safely recruit in the other regions allowed. Just post a message in the thread "List of Recruited Nations" as usual stating you're recruiting.

7. Always be respectful to nations that you TG. Sometimes nations can respond rudely, but in most cases there's no need to respond. You may respond politely, if you so desire and especially if they seem to have misconceptions about Equilism, but it is not necessarily. If you are bothered by something said to you by one of the nations, contact the Minister of Immigration or the deputy.

8. If you are going to be recruiting a lot regularly then you might want to make your own recruitment telegram. You can use the standard one as a template, but personalized elements make the TG your own, and increase your chances of hooking nations to the region and forum.

Credit for this guide goes to Sub-Actuality, Zapvilla, Notherfork, Restored Othalla, and Kubrikistan.

Edited by Korriban-Ziost

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