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Todd McCloud

TEP Roleplay Week

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(Image credit goes to Vulshain of TEP)

The East Pacific cordially invites you to Roleplay Week, a week designed to not only keep things going in Operation:Active Summer, but to also give roleplayers and aspiring roleplayers something fun to do during the summer months. In this week, roleplayers join in and interact with other TEP roleplayer nations and participate for one of the available awards during the week. It officially begins this Monday (today!) and ends Sunday night next week (because in TEP the week begins on Monday and not Sunday, of course). So if you're bored, want to give roleplaying a shot, or are just in a writers block and could use some change of pace, let us be your canvas for creativity!

All details, links, etc are located riiiight here. Some threads / roleplays are in the process of getting started (this *does* last a week, of course), so feel free to join in and/or start a new topic up! Note: in that link you'll find other links to some RP threads, RPing in TEP, and other helpful notes!

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Ooh, cool beans. Thanks for advertising this Todd, we've got many RP'ers here who I'm sure would be interested in participating.

And while you're here, you can catch up with Equilism in the E-Bar if you like. It's free for foreign dignitaries.

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