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Todd McCloud

TEP July Issue

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Editor's Statement

by Todd McCloud

In an attempt to bring some diversity into our newspaper, I retired from newspaper duties when I assumed the delegacy in April of this year. I wanted to see how others in the region would handle things, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed. TEP is like that - if someone retires, someone else steps up to the plate and delivers. It's definitely an admirable quality any region can have, and one I am certainly proud of TEP for. Earlier this year, we endured the departure of nearly a dozen members due to various reasons. By the time April rolled around, it was difficult to fathom anyone would oblige and put together an issue. But, we worked on it, filled those vacancies, and we as a region are now back to being a well-oiled machine. This issue is entirely by Vulshain of TEP, a nation that has been with our region for over one year. Without further ado, here it is!


by Vulshain / Smigol

We'll start off with an interview I did with everyone's favorite Pole, Smigol!

Me: What got you interested in roleplaying?

Smigol: Actually, I got interested in roleplaying in TEP, was the same thing that brought me to NationStates. The possibiliy of having your own nation, and probability of a lot of international problems, even if not actually real. Outside of TEP I'm not really a roleplayer.

Me: *Nods* I see. How long have you been roleplaying at TEP?

Smigol: I think I joined TEP around april last year? But, I had a moment of inactivity after the september due to some personal problems

Me: Okay. So, what do you like about roleplaying at TEP, and what don't you like about roleplaying at TEP?

Smigol: What I like, is as I said a variety of international situations. Most of which are problems, which is even better. I was always interested in the culture of different real-life nations and people, so founding a place where I can have my on country, with my own culture, and roleplay it? It was brilliant. Though at first I had horrible problems with the lenght of the posts.

I remember struggling to read a thread, because it was a lenght of a very short book. But now I got used to it, and I prefer the posts being that long.

Oh, also the large amount of inactive players is pretty weak.

Me: Yeah that is a problem at times. Being from an European nation, did you put parts of your culture into your nation's culture or did you just create your nation's culture from scratch?

Smiggy says:

Actually Smigsachenweiz is a germanic nation, so it was exciting for me to roleplay it, because I had to read a little about Germany culture, and I could completely cut off from Polish culture, for the sake of this nation. That said, most of the things my characters said in 'Smigsachwian' language, were Polish proverbs translated into bastardized version of German.

Me: That's very interesting. Excellent work.

Smigol: Thanks.

Me: You're welcome.

What do you do in your free-time, when you're not roleplaying?

Smigol: I mostly hang out with my friends after school - go to a pub for a beer, or somewhere. I also like to play some games, and meddle around in photoshop, making maps and stuff.

Me: Cool. I have seen some of your maps and art, and you're really good at them.

Smigol: Thanks, I try.

Me: No problem. Recently, you split your nation into several smaller nations. Was there a reason for you doing this?

Smigol: I thought I will have a bigger amount of free time, and I will be able to roleplay two additional nations - Dresana, which would be a Socialist state, and Chrzaska, based on second Polish republic (1918-1939), so a little authoritharian, and almost functional nation. Unfortunately the life wanted it different, so I never got around to do that.

In future I will probably merge Chrzaska and Dresana, and offer it as a free plot on the map. This will require change of the names of some Serenitech's officials, true, but somethings is gotta be done about inactive nations

Me: That's true.

Your original nation, Smigsachenweiz, had a history with Todd's Vekaiyu. Did you two work that out, or did you just come up with it on your own?

Basically, I'm referring to Smigsachenweiz being a vassal to Vekaiyu, according to the NSWiki article on Smigsachenweiz.

Smigol: I came up with most of it, however everything was based on Vekaiyu's history. Plus I asked Todd a lot "can I do this" or "can I do that". He's a really nice guy, and bascially just let me do anything if that didn't make him change his NSwiki page

Me: That's true. Todd's a nice guy.

So what was it like working with Todd?

Smigol: Sometimes I feel like if he knew everything about TEP and TEP history, so this is quite useful. Plus he writes really well (I mean, seriously, read "The Others")

Me: I know. I enjoyed reading The Others. I've actually talked to him about becoming a writer, but he's quite modest and humble. lol

Smigol: It's true. Todd if you are reading this stop being such a nice guy, it makes the rest of us look bad.

Me: lol

One last question: do you have any ideas or suggestions to help deal with inactive players?

Smigol: You mean inactive, as not roleplaying, or not coming to the forum at all?

Me: Not roleplaying.

Smigol: Hm, not sure, really. You can't really force someone into roleplaying. Though it's strange, being on a roleplay forum, and not roleplaying, I must say.

However I'd like to make a series of votings to remove nations of inactive players (I mean the ones, that stopped coming to the forum at all) from the map.

Me: That's true. Better to remove them than to have them take up space.

Smigol: Yeah, that's what I think

Plus I think I will make a new version of the map (with layers, so if someone had to replace me, he would have an easier job)

Me: That's a good idea. Thanks for letting me interview you.

Smigol: Thanks and you're welcome.

And that's it for the interview.

Now for the nation profiles. Yep, there are two of them: Vekaiyu and Vulshain.


by Todd McCloud

Vekaiyu is a relatively large-sized nation in The East Pacific realm. Populated almost entirely by vulpines, the nation has undergone multiple transitions and occupations during its history, but today remains a formidable power. The nation formed when sentient vulpine tribes, who are believed to be evolved due to the torrential raining patterns that plagued the Vekaiyun area roughly one hundred million years ago, settled under a common king. The nation warred with itself relentlessly until it was occupied completely for roughly three hundred years, beginning during the close of the third century. It was during these tumultuous years the Vekaiyun people changed, adopting a new religion, new language, and new culture. In a few centuries after the occupation, Vekaiyu became a bastion for science and progress, and grew to become a powerful state. This power would wane when the nation changed once again in the sixteenth century, due in part to the Vekaiyun provinces warring with each other, paved by a weak king. Vekaiyu turned its attention elsewhere, flexing its colonial prowess and gaining various colonies in and around the NationStates' world.

Today, the nation progresses through another transition - a freer market. While enterprise is still heavily regulated by the country, it has relaxed its hold on private licenses, which are required in order to own a business that operates in more than one province. Private ownership has skyrocketed and bolstered its economy, which is still reeling from a bloody civil war. This is due by and large by the new Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile. While her youth and inexperience inhibits her, she continues to move The Nation of Green to new heights. The Kivreskov, or the Vekaiyun legislature, commenced operations in February. The nation is more responsive to the cultures and traditions of other nations. English is now mandated and is required to be taught in primary schools. The nation hungrily eyes the breadbasket Listonia, it's neighbor to the east.

The Vekaiyun spirit is one of closeness each other and a strong will to not bend to the wills and desires of others. While Vekaiyu may be relaxing it's stubbornness against other nations and cultures, the spirit of the people continue to endure within the nation.


by Vulshain

Vulshain is a large nation located in the East Pacific region on the northern continent, where the sea borders the southern, southwestern, and southeastern coasts. The nation began when the local native Lobos united with the Vulpines who arrived via a land bridge in prehistoric times from Vekaiyu thousands of years ago. Vulshainians have a strong sense of pride in their heritage and culture, but they are open-minded and are quite comfortable mixing old ways with new ways.

Vulshain is mainly inhabited by Vulpines and Lobos, although humans and a few other races live here as well. For most of its history, Vulshain has been a monarchy, although in the mid and late 20th century, the country became a democratic republic that quickly transformed into a fascist military dictatorship ironfistedly ruled by Merrill Rivers, acrazed megalomaniac. With the aid and support of its neighbors and other foreign powers, the monarchy was restored. However, from 2003 to 2006, a terrible civil war erupted killing countless lives and damaging the nation even more. The nation has recovered, but the scars from both the Civil War and the reign of Merrill Rivers are still there. With the recent election and crowning of the new Monarch of Vulshain, King Samuil Rainard, the nation's people now hope for a better and brighter future.

While the physical damage from Rivers' reign has healed, the reversing of the damage to the nation's culture is slow, but steady. Merrill Rivers attempted to purge Vulshain of its traditions and customs in order to create a new culture, one where he and his government would guide and influence. After Rivers' downfall, Vulshain has painstakingly tried to recover its past. Today, the nation is now on the road of getting back its lost heritage.


by Vulshain

And speaking of traditions, here we have a tradition of putting funny pictures up. I'm continuing that tradition, but updating it some: instead of pictures, I'm using videos! Here's a few. Enjoy!


We send these guys after you if you godmod. So godmodders, BEWARE! Don't godmod, if you don't want the disco-roller skating bots to come after!

And now for some rock. Weird song, cool game.


And this has got to be the funniest thing ever posted here.


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