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Dynasties: Vesica

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Name: Umberto Cavaleri

Age: 56

Nationality: Roman

Religion: Catholic

Occupation: Cardinal

Bio: A dark and mysterious figure that has been ominously called "Il Sangue Cardinale"; the Blood Cardinal. Offically he serves the the Holy See and the Papal States as the head of the Vatican's finances, controlling the Church vast treasury. His influence over Rome's money has allowed him to be become an undisputed crime lord throughout much of Naples and Venice.

Much of Cavaleri's past in shrouded in mystery; what is known is he was born in Venice and joined the Church at a young age and, using his family's connection in Venice's criminal underworld, accelerated through the ranks, becoming Bishop of Venice by 39 and a Cardinal Elector by 49; the youngest in papal history. Although in public he represents a good and very pious man, it is common knowledge the seeping corruption shadow emitting from the Vatican today is much of Cavaleri's doing. He is a trusted financial advisor to Pope Innocent VIII, but is rumored to be supporting Cardinal Roderigo Borgia's bid for Papacy. He has served as a "special" advisor to the Borgia's for a number of years, being an influence peddler for the Borgia's and other special interest groups.

His omnious nickname; "Il Sangue Cardinale" comes from his rumored order of the slaughter of numerous rival families to the Borgias and his own Cavaleris in Venice, Naples and Milan, several years ago by his own private mercenary army, paid for by the Vatican's deep pockets.

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Name: Franz Gebhard von Kluge

Age: 41

Nationality: Swiss

Religion: Catholic

Occupation: Mercenary

Bio: A mercenary commander in the employ of Cardinal Cavaleri of Venice. Serves as his right hand man and chief of enforcer.

OOC: There a nice villain showing Vatican corruption and his dragon

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