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Comparative Recruitment Messages

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Sometimes it helps to see what other regions are using for recruitment. I recieved a large number of messages so here's some to look at. Really, only one or two seemed decent to me, but they were all too long.

Hello and welcome to NationStates, XXXXXXX. We apologize for contributing to the onslaught of telegrams and the inconvenience it may have caused you; nevertheless, we hope you will read this entreaty.

We are the incumbent Founders of the Global Right Alliance and through this envoy, we simply wish to invite you to our region. Distinctions of our region are as follows:

The Global Right Alliance stands for National Sovereignty in our region's internal affairs and Regional Sovereignty in the broader NationStates.

The Global Right Alliance is and has been secure and stable since it was founded. Security responsibilities are shared among our most outstanding citizens and our politics are safeguarded with the rule of law.

In the Global Right Alliance, your voice will be heard and your vote felt in the legislature. As one of the most intellectually open regions, we harbor a diverse range of political viewpoints and nations; all are welcome.

The Global Right Alliance is expanding its executive, but we critically need nations to lead each expansion and to direct the region overall. All positions are open, the only limit to attaining them is your own ambition to pursue which ever you seek. Duties of the positions range from simply carrying out executive orders to creating policy.

The Global Right Alliance believes in community; socializing is an essential aspect of our region and we hope that you will find yourself at ease and at home here. So even if you simply want to chill and enjoy a lax atmosphere, you are more than welcome here.

If you wish to move to our region, simply click on this link to the Global Right Alliance and then click the button that says "Move XXXXXXX to Global Right Alliance!" to move here.

You can also join our forum at: http://w11.zetaboards.com/GlobalRightAlliance/index/

No obligations, simply an open invitation.


The Founders


Hey Hey Hey:

I come to you on behalf of Europeia and I want to congratulate you on on the founding of your nation!

Being a new leader can be tricky, with many different factions trying to pull you every which way, and I hope I can give you some friendly advice! One of the first things you have to do in game is chose a region.

Choosing a region is alot like buying a new car: you want one that will keep you safe, can go fast, and looks good! Europeia is all of that for your nation!

- We are safe. No invasions are possible thanks to us having an "eject and ban" button that will stop any potential invaders in our tracks along with an active and dedicated regional founder.

- Europeia has always been moving fast: we have an offsite forum where your nation can work with other nations to gain power in the World Assembly and get involved in regional government and games, for example.

- I mean, as a region we look good. We have one of the largest populations in game, and we are still growing! This means that the instant you join, your nation gained power via being part of one of the more powerful regions in game. Despite a large population, our democratic system allows anyone to jump in and contest for elections. No nation is too small to get involved!

So..If you are ready to make the first step in being a great leader by moving to Europeia All you have to do is click the link to Europeia and then click the link that says "Like what you see? Move your nation to Europeia today!"

If you still have questions, send me a telegram and I will get back to you!

Yours Truly,

Europeian Recruitment Team


Welcome to NationStates, Honourable leader!

I'm contacting you on behalf of Exshaw, one of Nationstates' fastest growing regions. Exshaw is looking to expand its membership, and is inviting new nations to join our region! Your nation in particular caught our eye.

Exshaw offers many advantages over other regions:

1. Exshaw is among the most powerful and prestigious regions in all of NationStates, and many of the most famous nations in the entire game reside in Exshaw. If you seek to take over the world, Exshaw can help you do it.

2. New nations in our region are immediately eligible to join our legislative government, the House of Commons as well as the Royal Exshaw Armed Forces, allowing you to get involved instantly. While our region is large enough to influence global politics, we are small enough for new nations to have their voices heard. We are also a very young region in need of new nations to join and help the Government. In other words, Exshaw offers unparalleled opportunity for young nations like yours.

3. Exshaw is booming with culture! You can roleplay with our Culture Minister and other experienced roleplayers. You can also have a good time spamming with me and other members of the region. Become the Spam King! If you like writing news articles or just writing in general start your own newspaper in Exshaw. We need roleplayers, writers and spammers, so join Exshaw today!

To move to Exshaw, click the link to Exshaw, and click 'Move your nation to Exshaw!'.

Finally, please let me know if you have any questions, either about Exshaw or Nationstates in general. I am more than happy to help!

-Emperor Durk II


Friend, Comrade, Revolutionary,

I wish to extend to you a welcome to NationStates. As you become accustomed to the game, you will realize that it can be played at various levels of depth. I am here to inform you of a region that will allow you to take your gameplay to a new degree.

A new order is rising in the world of NationStates, a new order that will bring international autocracy to its destruction, a new order that values the sovereignty of every nation as a member of a democratic international community. A new era is beginning in the world of NationStates, a new era that will see the destruction of the violators of sovereignty, a new era that will allow every national leader to control his nation in a unique way, a new era that will end rule by the few and implement rule by ALL. All over the world, cries for revolution are ringing out! We must combine our efforts to overthrow and destroy the existing absolutist regimes and create a new order of all nations! Absolutism shall succumb to the power of the masses!

We at The New Revolution seek to secure this order for ourselves and for our future. But in the present, old, decaying, absolutist and pseudo-democratic orders cling to their power, unopposed by any significant powers of the world and blindly followed by new nations that lack the experience necessary to know they are being deceived. The forces of the old, absolutist world everywhere come into conflict with those of the new, revolutionary ideals. What were once great new orders corrupt into pathetic dictatorships. Action needs to be taken to ensure a worldwide revolution does transpire in the future. Thus is hereby instituted the vessel by which the Revolution will spread throughout the world, the region of The New Revolution. Within this new order, there will be no delusions of democracy through representation, but instead shall there be rule directly by a general assembly of all nations.

We are looking for nations that can show dedication to our new order to join us in our struggle. Our region features multiple Revolutionary military forces, an opportunity for the voices of all to be heard, the chance for anyone to form their own megacorporations and regional societies, and an offsite forum that takes gameplay to new dimensions.

Our society is not controlled by a single absolute ruler, nor is it controlled by an elected panel of repesentatives. Our region is controlled by a general assembly of all regional members called the People's Universal Senate, in which you will gain membership and an opportunity to make regional decisions and guide regional policy. We also have a regional constitution that guarantees that your rights, sovereignty, and influence can never be taken from you.

I recommend to you to become a part of our new world order, and help to spread the Revolution to all parts of the NS world. To join the Revolution:

1) Click on The New Revolution's name anywhere in this telegram

2) Click on "Like What You See? Move XXXXXXX to The New Revolution Today!"

3) Congratulations! You are now a member of The New Revolution! Now create an account on our regional forum: http://s1.zetaboards.com/ascendant

If you have any questions about general gameplay, I will be glad to answer it for you. Just send me a telegram containing your query.

Hope to see you in our region!

"Liberte, egalite, fraternite, ou la mort!"

"Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death!"

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Hello The Jingoistic States of XXXXXXX, and welcome to NationStates. As you'll probably find out, there isn't much to keep you entertained in this game. That's why picking a good region in important to your enjoyment of the game. I'd like to invite you to join Vaalbara. Vaalbara is a new region with big ambitions. We have our own forum for discussion, and have created regional government that nations can run for office in. There are open elections frequently in Vaalbara, and who knows, maybe you might be the next member of our government! You can also stake your claims and hold your territory on our very own regional map. If you're not sure if Vaalbara is right for you, then don't worry. If you join and don't like it, there is no obligation to stay. You can switch regions as many times as you want. To move to Vaalbara, click one of the green links in this message that says Vaalbara, then click the button that says "MoveXXXXXXX to Vaalbara!"

Hope to see you there,

The Republic of The Vaalbaran People


To the respected leader of XXXXXXX

I would like to invite you to become an active part of one of the strongest, active, and vibrant regions Nation States has to offer, The New Inquisition. While you may have already received an invitation to a region, or perhaps have even tentatively explored one, The New Inquisition is perhaps unlike any region you will encounter in Nation States.

We have one of the most storied militaries in the game with well developed alliances and active raiding, a strong secret service, an extremely active forum where everything from lively general discussions to the actual workings of our political system takes place, role-playing, regional societies, social activities, and political parties. Our government consists of a democratically elected parliament in the lower house, an upper house of Lords, and our monarch. Elections are hotly contested and active members often get involved as candidates.

Nation States is only as great as the region you're in, so come join the greatest region. Join The New Inquisition.

To join:

1. Click on -> The New Inquisition.

2. Click 'Move your nation to The New Inquisition'

3. Once you are there, you can register on the regional forum, apply for citizenship, join the military, and do much more. You will find our forums at:


If you have any questions about TNI, or how to become active once getting there don't hesitate to telegram me.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you in the TNI forums soon!

Tiberius Deorum

Representative of The New Inquisition


Esteemed Partner,

Have you ever found yourself asking for justice, and seen your request denied?

How many times have you watched innocents being wrongly treated?

From the moderators treating us like trash, to the imperialists and lobbyists who try keeping the status quo at all costs, little is left for the expression of our individuality and uniqueness.

Grimus aches to react; to shake this sick world until it wakes of its apathetic sleep.

No longer do you need to feel lonely, frustrated, misunderstood; or worse of all – powerless.

There is a place waiting for you among us.

Check our manifest to know more, right here: http://grimus.prophpbb.com/topic15.html


Salutations Noble Leader of XXXXXXX, The Ascendancy wants you!

I would like to invite you, with open arms, into one of the most distinguished and newest regions in this game.

What will you find in The Ascendancy?

The Ascendancy is a stable and secure region; if your nation wants to be someplace where it wont be bothered, and/or a safe area for building up your nation, then we are definitely the place for you!

The Ascendancy has one of NS's only direct-democratic assemblies! By presenting proposals in The Ascendancy's Universal Senate, you will be the centre of what runs The Ascendancy!

The Ascendancy also has one of NS's only meritocratic system wherein work and dedication is awarded above all else. Within a given amount of time, anyone can become a King, Queen. and beyond!

The Ascendancy contains Megacorporations that act as political factions and have their own private armies, and essentially act as micro regions within The Ascendancy! If you don't wish to join one, within a short amount of time with two others, you can start your own!

To join our region, simply click The Ascendancy, and then click "Move to The Ascendancy today!" and your nation will be relocated.

We hope to see you soon!

Off-Site Forum:


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask:

The Ascendancy


The Ascendancy Prevails! o/


See you soon!

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Hello and Welcome to NationStates.

I am The Democratic Judgeship of Nullarni, the founder of the NEW WARSAW PACT, and I would like to personally invite you to join our region.

In the next day or so you will recieve very similar invitations, so what sets the NEW WARSAW PACT apart from rest?

* The NWP is a well-established region.

* The NWP is an active player on the NS World stage, and is an active participant in the WA.

* The NWP was founded on the ideals of national sovereignty

- the belief that all nations should be free to choose what should go on within its own borders.

* The NWP is a diverse group of nations with many different backgrounds and governmental systems.

* The NWP has many supportive veteran members willing to help out.

* The NWP has elected to take a neutral stance in many of the conflicts within NationStates.

* The NWP has an established regional government and maintains an active regional charter.

For more information on the NEW WARSAW PACT, I suggest you visit our region's NSWiki page: http://www.nswiki.net/index.php?title=New_Warsaw_Pact

In order to join, all you have to do is:

1) Click on this link ---> NEW WARSAW PACT

2) Click on the button that says, "Move to New Warsaw Pact!"

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I hope to see you around.


The Democratic Judgeship of Nullarni,

Founder of the NEW WARSAW PACT


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In order to create a new world, we must first destroy the old.

Whispers circulate through the polluted veins of power. Rumours hint at a faceless terror reawakened from the aether. A tremor ripples through the foundations of the world, twisting the fabric of the cosmos into a new shape. Portents of a darker aeon? The Gates of the Abyss are open. A new dimension awaits: Tiamat. Tiamat is...

A place for innovators and experimenters:

In Tiamat, no currency has greater value than an idea. We are a meritocracy, and the influence you wield in Tiamat is directly proportional to the magnitude of your creativity, talents, and contributions -- not your ability to make backroom deals with those in power. We award titles, offices, and territory on our regional map (http://i.imgur.com/9K2HT.jpg) on the basis of merit. Give for Tiamat, and Tiamat shall give in return.

A revolutionary movement: Tiamat is more than a region; we are an idea, and ideas are bulletproof. Aretism, our ideology, is the revolutionary movement of the virtuosi -- the creative intellectual class. We emphasise our members' involvement on a global scale, fomenting evolutionary and revolutionary change toward a more meritocratic world.

Intimate but dynamic: While our community is intimate enough to provide each of our members individual attention (we'll even make flags, seals, and maps for you on request), there is always something new and exciting happening in Tiamat. What makes a nation a good match for Tiamat? We value innovation and ambition, and we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, creative new members.

A diverse community unified in purpose: We are the cure to a world that encourages homogeneity and preaches a monolithic morality. Though all forms of government are represented in Tiamat, we all share common purposes: to protect the cultures of the world from the moralising influence of the World Assembly, to cultivate ambitious new members into tomorrow's leaders, and to reshape today's gerontocratic world into a meritocratic one. Our diversity only reinforces our unity.

Your NationStates experience, personalised: There are over twenty ways you can contribute to our community, and if that's not enough for you, you can always create your own regional society or enterprise. Whether you become a formidable conqueror, a cunning diplomat, or an elite spy, you will always find opportunities for enjoyment in Tiamat.

We would consider it an incredible enrichment of our community were the talents of XXXXXXX to join us. We are new now, but we have immense ambitions. Since we're just starting out, all leadership positions are open to anybody ambitious, talented, and enthusiastic. Be among the first to join us and take up the pen of history. Move your nation to Tiamat, and sign up on our free off-site community headquarters: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Tiamat/

If you have any questions about NationStates, Tiamat, or any other region, please send me a telegram. We look forward to meeting you.

The Darkness Ascendant


Intellectuals of the world, unite!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Honorable Executive Leader of The Jingoistic States of XXXXXXX,

Welcome to the exciting game of NationStates. Within NationStates, you'll be able to establish your nation and steer it down many paths. Will you create a Capitalist Paradise or a Socialist Utopia? Or, maybe you'll decide to jump to the other side of the dichotomy, choosing an Anarchist State. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.

However, there is more than simple nation simulation to NationStates. Since NationStates began at the beginning of the millennium, it has grown into a sprawling community of online members. These communities were nurtured by the in-game aspect known as "regions." Regions are areas where one can harbor his or her nation. To get the most out of NationStates, it is imperative that you join a region that fosters growth and activity. The region of Democratium is such a region. Democratium is a newly founded and diverse region that is filled with energy. Founded on January 2nd, of 2011, Democratium was founded by NationStates veterans who have played the game for over four years. Furthermore, the region of Democratium personifies everything that could be wanted in a new, active, and exciting region: the aforementioned knowledgeable veterans, a beautiful and easily accessible forum, and the ideals that push new regions to exemplary heights.

It is with all of this in mind, that I would like to invite you to join us, the Democratites, in Democratium. If you would like to give Democratium a chance, then we would love to see you within our region. If, after joining, you feel that Democratium isn't for you, then you are more than welcome to leave in search of another NationStates region.

In order to join the region of Democratium, click here -> Democratium. After clicking there, click on the button next to "Like what you see?" that reads "Move XXXXXXX to Democratium."

I hope to see you soon!

Warm Regards,

The Republic of Democratites

On Behalf of The Godfather of La Famiglia Corleone

(Please direct any questions to The Godfather of La Famiglia Corleone)

- - -

P.S. If you have any questions about anything, even if you don't plan on joining our region, feel free to ask. You can wire a telegram to me by responding to this message, or to the founder of Democratium by clicking here The Godfather of La Famiglia Corleone.


What's going on XXXXXXX??!! Welcome to NationStates!

On behalf of the 10000 Islands, I would like to invite you to join our region, one of the oldest and most prestigious in NationStates, and over 2,000 nations strong creating one of the largest regions in the world. Whether you are new or an experienced NationStates player, we will welcome you!

We are home to "TITO" – Ten-Thousand Islands Treaty Organization - and have defended over 1,700 regions to date. TITO stands against the bullies and thugs of this game who attack innocent regions, and we hope you’ll join us in our fight.

Additionally, we also have a very active forum (10000islands.proboards.com), a democratic system of government with political parties, regional awards, a regional map, a magazine, a university, a space program, an active role-playing community, and even a monetary system – the Taco. The forum is one of the most fun places on NationStates, with a delightful cast of characters to play with and debate with.

No matter how many nations you see in our region, it’s very easy to find your niche and make close friends, our 10000 Islands is amazing that way! We also have a Buddy program and a House system for new nations.

Come see us! Hang out! Enjoy some Tacos!! :)

To come see us:

1) Click on our name, here: 10000 Islands or on the links above.

2) Click on the link at the top that says "Move XXXXXXX to 10000 Islands!"

I hope to see you wash up on our shores!


The Protectorate of New Boltor

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Greetings and welcome to Nationstates!

I imagine you are getting a few messages such as this one, so I shall try not to take up to much of your time.

With many thousands of nations, NationStates can seem like a pretty big place for new players or even those returning to the game after a break. For this reason, we have user-created regions. Our region, Atlantis, is one such region and one of the longest established on the game, first founded in 2003.

I would like to invite you to check out Atlantis as a prospective home for your new nation, where you will be able to get to know friendly neighbours and make new friends as you guide your growing nation-state. A region that isn't so big that your voice gets lost in the crowd, but not so small that you are faced with inactivity either.

Like most regions, we have an off-site forum for those that want to expand on the limited game functionalities, where we host events, discussion and where any Member can help shape the region. Upcoming Events include the 4th Atlantis Football Cup! We also welcome those that just want a place to park their nation and answer their issues too.

I realise that picking the right member region for you is important, so rather than making a decisions straight away, why not visit Atlantis and see what you think? Let me know if you have any questions.

Yours Sincerely,

The Third Republic of Lemmingtopias,

World Assembly Delegate of Atlantis.


Welcome to NationStates my friend!

I am here on behalf of the region of Anzia, an old and storied region founded many years ago, yet only now awakening from a long slumber. I wish to invite you to join the newly restored Anzian region, and become a defining part of history. We as a region were built by nations like yours, and we shall be again with your help, if you wish to extend it to us.

We as a region offer a strong political atmosphere to participate. Officially a semi-constitutional monarchy, our executive branch is elected by member of the region and our legislature is a direct democracy. While the region itself is a monarchy, we do not oppose those of other views joining us, nor do we impose our system on their nation itself.

Beyond politics, we have a social community to participate in and rich regional Role Playing setting to enjoy oneself in.

Whether you join Anzia or not, I am more than willing to offer any assistance that you might need.


The Revolutionary Vanguards of Free Anzia



-Newly Created Region

-Quickly Growing Population of 190 Nations

-Democratic Government

-Frequent Elections

-Government Positions like Prime Minister, MP’s, Ministers, and Courts

-Active Entertainment Forums

-Royal Titles




Greetings! And welcome to Nation States. Choosing a region in Nation States is important,

others will try and convince you need to join a region with a large military

(which only exist in roleplay anyway)and will list all the benefits

of their region, but what makes a region really great is the people around you,

the friends (or enemies) that you make on Nations States.

Here at Turtle Island we are friendly to all

and just want to have a good time, sit back and talk.

If all the seriousness of some Nations States regions doesnt appeal to you,

come here to talk and relax among friends. But we also enjoy discussing politics

and current events. So come and sit on the beach in the sun,

here at Turtle Island

Everyone here has equal say, all are treated alike,and we are a recently founded,

medium region where new voices won't be drowned out.

P.S.: like being silly and/or insane? You're welcome here.

Your friend, The Speediness of Turtle Dude

Turtle Island Click here to visit.

You can find our forums here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Turtle_Island/index/

Congrats on the founding of your new nation!

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Good Lord Almighty, and apologies for using Your name in vain, but these are long! You've got a very good point in that a recruitment TG needs to be shorter. Much shorter.

Also thanks for the "intel", one should I think check the competition every now and then.

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Aye, always good to know your competition. A little 'opposition research'.

Tiamat, for all it's length, was nonetheless quite an interesting concept.

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Tiamat at least tries to hook you in with a good intro - I like their style.

However, I'm sure a short, sharp invitation involving cookies could be just as effective. :P

We've got more collections of foreign recruitment TG's lying around somewhere here I'm sure, if people want to read more.

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