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The Monkye

Greetings from your OIC.

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Hello Equilism!

I figured that since it's been a few days since the confirmation vote and since I returned from my travels, I should get to work here rather than letting things continue to gather dust.

Here, I will lay out my plans, or extend them a little more from my campaign thread:

To begin, I hereby institute the relevant Immigration awards announced by the BADASS:


Those of you who have recruited the relevant number of nations are now entitled to wear the appropriate badge in your signature.

In addition, effective starting this month, I will award recruiter of the month awards. At the moment, we have the next four months covered, award wise:


Covet them, they could be yours.

When we need more, I will ask the BADASS to create them. Additionally, at the end of the year, I will announce a recruiter of the year, whose shiny is yet to be determined.

I will petition Tse Moana to include recruiting awards in his Tse points count as well, for added incentive.

To make these awards count for something, I will re-institute counting of recruiting, as best as I can, or if an assistant could help me with it - I will be looking for a secretary to assist me with matters, and will open a thread for that shortly.


Recruiting Competitions

I will be holding a fortnight long competition starting on the 1st of October, in my time zone (Australia).

Points will be allocated according to the number of recruits you telegram. However, your points on a given day will be multiplied by the number of days you have recruited in a row, as a measure to encourage consistent recruiting.

For example, if one recruits for 5 days in a row, they may recruit the following numbers:

50, 20, 40, 10, 60, for a total of 180 nations.

Their recruiting points for the period would be as follows

(50x1), (20x2), (40x3), (10x4), (60x5)



550 points

At the end of the recruiting period, the person with the most points will win the grand prize, and the one with the most recruits TG'd will also be rewarded.

Bonus points may be included for anyone whose recruit makes it on to the forum, but I haven't thought that far through yet (perhaps 100 per recruit)

If this proves successful in the recruitment competition, I may expand the bonus points idea to the regular recruiter of the month awards.


That's about it for now, so my aim currently will be to advertise the upcoming recruitment competition, get that organised at the appropriate time, count up this month's recruitment for starters, then eventually catch up on the backlog of two and a half year's worth of recruiting to update the all time list (that's a long term goal, I hope to have that done by November).

I will try to do some recruiting myself in the meantime, but my first order of business is to get Immigration doing things again, and getting people excited to recruit again.


You guys may hold me to this plan, if things aren't happening, then 1) help me get them done, there might be a reason why I'm not able to, and 2) Challenge me for my spot if you'd like to do a better job.

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All hail Comrade Monk!

All the best for your term, and thanks for the work you're putting in already.

One question though - are you going to be doing anything like the rota Kubrikistan started? Out of curiosity...

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At this point I'll keep the thread open and the invitation to schedule yourself some time each week, but I don't forsee actively chasing down people to have them sign up for the roster, as you can see I'm planning to put my energies into other ways of encouraging recruiting.

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I will be taking part in the competition, at least for a week - I've got a family trip coming up and I don't know if I'll take my laptop. Quick question though, if someone recruits say 4 days and then 5 days, are the multipliers counted separately? :D Just love to nitpick.

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The multiplying combo will end on the day you don't recruit. So in that case, you'd get up to a x4 bonus, then up to a x5 bonus. Thanks for asking.

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