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Balder Update & Invitation

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Delegate: Charles Cerebella
Vice Delegate: Zander (Alvalero)
Ministers: Zander, Drop Your Pants, North East Somerset, Rach and Topid
Speaker of Riksdag:(Talman) Fuzzy
Riksdag members:(ledamöters) By Night, North East Somerset, Topid, Liberty and Solm.
Forum: http://s11.zetaboards.com/Balder/index/

Birthday Bash!

Balderites celebrating in the usual fashion!

Balder is almost one year old! We are going to be celebrating Norse style from the 19th October and there will be plenty of drinking, celebrating and maybe a bit of pillaging thrown in and we want you to come in and join in with us! We will be having a Norse Avatar competition, plenty of birthday spam games, a Role Play party in Balder's hall of Breidablik, and a Role Play 'Zombie Vikings strike Balder'! We should also have an IRC quiz going on in #balder and hopefully some history threads posted up about our first year! We hope to see you here!

Elections Over!

Some of Balder's citizens heading to vote

Upon the resignation of Hileville at the beginning of September, the task of finding his replacement for the remainder of his term started immediately. Only one candidate stepped forward for the position, Fuzzy, one of Balder's newest members, who was approved with a 10-0 vote.

Elections for the second term of the 2nd Balder Republic were due to start at the end of September but were never started by Riksdag speaker Govindia, who claimed he was waiting to get a list of citizens who were eligible to take part in the election. This angered a number of citizens and Riksdag members who rightly claimed that campaigning could have at least started without a list of eligible voters, which would only really be needed during the voting period. On October 1st, Govindia was recalled by the Riksdag for failing to start elections and was immediately replaced by Riksdag member Fuzzy, who begun Balder's election season immediately.

The position of Delegate and 6 seats in the Riksdag are up for grabs with 4 candidates for Delegate who are Charles Cerebella, Jamie, St. George and former Delegate Zander, while the 6 Riksdag seats have 8 candidates battling it out who are Govindia, Topid, Liberty, North East Sommerset, Solm, Tim, Fuzzy and outgoing Delegate Black Aspens (now named By Night).

The prospective Delegate's each began their campaigning with very promising manifestos, however during the campaign period difficulties arose within both the UDL and Osiris embassies and the trouble governing the Pan-Sinker Security Pact. These issues gave citizens a chance to ask the candidates the most difficult questions a prospective Balder Delegate has yet to get. Candidates answers were fairly similar but the citizens seemed very happy with each response. Going into the vote it looked like it would be very close between the candidates with it possibly being decided by a single vote. Questions for the prospective Riksdag members were more straight forward, with the main concern being on activity and changes to the constitution.

After almost a week of campaigning, a very long week might I add, voting finally begun. The Delegate election ended in a comfortable victory for Charles Cerebella who won by 6 votes over St George who finished 2nd.
There was a close race between Solm, Tim and Govindia for the 6th and final seat on the Riksdag with Fuzzy, By Night, NES, Topid and Liberty having a couple of votes to spare over the other 3 candidates. On the final day Solm and Tim pulled a few votes clear of Govindia with Solm beating Tim by a single vote in the end.

Delegate Election Results:

Charles Cerebella 11
St George 5
Zander 2
Jamie 1

Riksdag Election Results:

Fuzzy 14
By Night (Formerly Black Aspens) 14
North East Somerset 14
Topid 14
Liberty 13
Solm 9
Tim 8
Govindia 5


Written by Charles Cerebella and Zander

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Excellent! I'll see what I can do to round up a group to attend. :)

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