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A mean old man

TEP Rebounds!

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A message from the delegate of The East Pacific:

The "Summer Lull" hit TEP especially hard this year. After several months of scraping by on what minimal activity could be found within the East and within its government, the region saw a reemergence of interest in its functions this Fall, mainly from relatively new nations. Shortly after this renewed interest in the region appeared, a puppet nation named "Mintarkilia" made a feeble but opportunistically timed attempt to damage faith in the East Pacific's democratic government. The nation sent telegrams to many WA nations within TEP seeking the unendorsement of the elected Delegate and of the government's Viziers (members of what is essentially The East Pacific's Security Council). Stupidly, this puppet also sent one of these telegrams to me, and I was thus able to react to this assault promptly and extremely effectively.

We suspect this attempt on our stability and security was made by a long-term enemy of the East, though the true identity of this puppet's main nation was never revealed. The pathetic attempt on our unity and productivity was met with a brutal counterattack written by myself (Topdop), which ultimately won my nation more endorsements than it had before the enemy's unendorsement campaign began and which inspired even more local interest in the East's democratic regional organization. Ultimately, the assailant's attempts to destabilize TEP and/or smother its potential to recover from the Summer Lull completely backfired. Local East Pacificans continue to express an interest in joining the government and activity and participation both grow slowly but steadily.

Things have certainly improved since I wrote my last state of the region address in July, when the Summer Lull was at its most horrendously boring and disillusioning low point. The activity level isn't back where it should be, but it's on the rise - and I don't plan to let this opportunity to revive this region and its community slip through my fingers. We've got a great system here and newcomers are noticing this potential - I will do everything I can to keep them in the loop and encourage their involvement in the government and in the culture of this region.

First-off, I think it's very important that TEP-bound WA members join the regional government and, specifically, the Magisterium. Local legislators are important for the natural and healthy development of GCR government and community. I'd also like to see a revived interest in the World Assembly; we participate in it, after all. We should observe and debate its processes. We've got entire forums dedicated to this. Plus it makes my job as World Assembly delegate a bit more meaningful, seeing as I cast my vote based on the votes of approximately 200 loyal TEP-bound nations that give me their endorsements and I like to think that I'm representing an informed and deliberate majority.

For those of you who enjoy roleplaying, such as Rightport and The Oan Isles, you will probably be interested primarily in investigating The General Assembly. This body writes and passes legislation which actually affects your nation in-game.

For those who are interested in gameplay and player-to-player interaction (often on an interregional scale), The Security Council will be more interesting to you. It does often address roleplaying, though, so don't tune it out entirely if you're strictly a roleplayer.

It's possible to write too much and I do it sometimes, so I'm going to cut myself short here. I'd like to thank the number of local nations/players that have shown an interest in the regional government lately (and especially those which acted on that interest and which have joined this government), and I'm glad that The East Pacific is experiencing a steady albeit slightly slow revival.

Hail the Sovereign East!

TOPDOP, Delegate of The East Pacific

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Also, I'm not sure why I've got that "Equilism WA Citizen" badge.

I believe that's the default mask. :P

Requesting Admin assistance in aisle 12!

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Z is quite correct, it is the default. I have updated your masking accordingly. *tips hat*

Thank you for the update, good to hear things are picking up in TEP.

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