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The Monkye

Developments in Recruiting techniques.

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As you may be aware, there have been some recent developments within nationstates itself as to how telegramming works, and as such, how recruiting works.


1. You can now mark your telegrams as recruitment TG's. This enables you to track the success of your recruitment efforts. This saves time by allowing you to copy and paste the names of recruited nations to a list after you have finished recruiting, instead of one at a time during the process (which is how I used to recruit).

2. You can now create template telegrams. This saves movement between windows to pick up a text and copy paste it for the next nation, also saving time (This is how I used to recruit).

a. To do this, simply go to telegrams, and type tag:template into the address box. You will then be given a link to paste to nations, which will look similar to: %TEMPLATE-720115%. Except it will have its own unique number. Putting your template into a message will automatically send that nation your prewritten message.

i. To ensure that nations are still addressed by their name (Which you might like to do), have %nation% in your message.



Pandora's box do not open:
Hahaha, it's actually empty.

For now.


This message may need adjustment after mass TG's are activated.

Additionally, if people could use the new system to keep tabs on the success rate of their telegrams, immigration would be able to use that to improve telegrams and help make sure that we're able to attract people - and the right sort of people - to our region. Also, we could have a competition to see who can maintain the highest success rate.

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