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Recruitment Templates

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New from [violet]! :wub:

Now in testing! Telegram Templates for Manual Recruiters


A new method of sending copies of a telegram to many nations.


Compared to copying & pasting text into a new telegram one recipient at a time, this method:

  • Doesn't fill your Sent Items with dozens/hundreds/thousands of copies of the same TG
  • Creates far less load on our server
  • Provides Delivery Reports, summarizing who got your TG and who didn't and why
  • For recruiters, provides Recruitment Reports, summarizing who moved to your region after viewing your TG
  • For recruiters/campaigners, eliminates the need to tick the "recruitment"/"campaign" checkbox once per recipient



  1. Compose a telegram as normal. If it is a recruitment/campaign TG, be sure to check the appropriate box. You may wish to use the %NATION% token, which converts into the name of the recipient.
  2. Wire your telegram to "tag:template".
  3. You will be shown a special token that will look like this: %TEMPLATE-12345678%. Copy this.
  4. Address a new telegram to whoever you want to send a copy to. (Yourself, perhaps, to test.) It doesn't matter whether you do this on the Telegrams page or a nation page.
  5. Paste your %TEMPLATE-12345678% token as the entire message. Click Send.
  6. Repeat Steps 4-5 to send more copies to more people.
  7. Keep an eye on the telegram's Delivery Reports.

I highly recommend doing this!

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*mumbles about needing to update her thread on the official forums*

Asta gave me that job, I've been updating :P

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Nai means her thread, Zeo. ;)

Oh, didn't know about that thread. :s

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You can just *not* update and wait for everything to settle first. :P

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