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Albion Update I

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella
Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IX
Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellence, Tericius Malan
Knight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Isidor C. Stark
Knights of the Round Table: Joshua IX, Tericius Malan, Isidor C. Stark, MagentaFairy, Edward Leben, Fuzzy and Lady Penelope

Region || Forum || IRC

Albion Gets Going!

A view of Albion from Bowerstone's gates

Though around for a few months now, Albion kicked it off properly on 22nd April 2013, with the founding of the forum and the promulgation of Royal Edict I that established the basic framework of law for the region until a full set is drafted and voted on by the Knights of the Round Table, which currently serves as our legislature and executive, and by the citizens of the region. Based on a mix of the Fable games and of Arthurian legend, Albion is a constitutional monarchy but with a twist. Much like the Fable games City States will play a prominent part, with the first three currently being established, which will be discussed below. Currently it is shaping up that each City State shall elect or appoint a Lord Mayor who shall serve in the upper house of the legislature, the Grand Council, along with three members appointed by the King from the Knights and Peers of the region as well as the Arch-Mage who shall chair it. The Lower Council will be directly elected from the citizenry of Albion. The executive shall will be the Knights of the Round Table. The domestic Knights, Welcoming, Naturalisation, Culture and Roleplay/Lore, will be directly elected by the Albion's citizens while the War and Foreign Knights will be appointed by the King.

It is an exciting time as systems are being sorted, with much still unknown about how the dynamics of the region's institutions will shape up and we are all looking forward to the future which enthusiasm!

Activity Thrives and the Population Soars!

Since the 22nd Albion has made great strides in establishing itself as an active and significant region. In just eight days the region has grown from only one nation to eighty at the time of writing, and the forum now has 29 members and over 2,400 posts, and all before the first proper Government has been established! We have seen a great deal of competition for the honour of being the region's World Assembly Delegate, which is open to any nation in the region if they can gather enough endorsements and the RMB has seen some mischief with Black Aspen's stealing the High Commander's hat and refusing to give it back. On the forum we have seen some debauchery in the Cow & Corset Tavern as well as some serious law making in the Knight's Hall and some interesting discussions in the Town Square.

High Commander of the Royal Guards Appointed and a Break-in to Investigate

A thief sneaks into Castle Fairfax, home of the King.

On the 28th April, His Imperial and Royal Majesty King Charles appointed the Knight of the Round Table Fuzzy Vinage to the role of High Commander of the Royal Guard. Fuzzy swiftly acted to set up recruitment practices for the guards, and the ranks of guardsman and the commissioned rank of Knight. He also visited the Bowerstone market stall of Black Aspens who provided the High Commander with some new insignia for each rank:


High Commander, Knight, Guardsman

The elite force, responsible for the protection of the King and the Royal Family, as well guarding Castle Fairfax has been quickly thrust into action though with a break in at Castle Fairfax. A disgruntled King was temporarily distracted from knitting his new scarf but the Royal Guards are now on the case. It is hoped they will quickly find the intruder before any trouble has been caused.

Establishment of First City States

It is hoped that City States will soon become a central part of Albion though they are still in their early stages. Each one will be themed on specific aspects of the region and new citizens will choose which to join when they apply for citizenship. Joshua IX has been appointed the first patron of Brightwall, which will be themed around culture and RP; MagentaFairy has become the patron of Shalefields, a military state and Edward Leben has been appointed patron of Silverpine, a state focused on legislative activities. Though membership of a certain state doesn't preclude a citizen running for the legislature, getting involved in RPs or becoming a soldier, each City State will be a focal point for these activities. The initial patrons have been responsible for the naming of their States and over the coming days will begin the recruitment for them from among the existing citizenry and will fill in some of the backstory for all of them. Each state is free to decide on what means it wants to appoint its Lord Mayor, be it elected or hereditary or anything else they can think of, so they will also need to decide on how to do this. We look forward to seeing how this will turn out!

Royal Albion Legion takes first Victory

Knights of the Royal Albion Legion charge into battle

In an impromptu and last minute action at the minor update of the 29th April, Albion's gameplay army, the Royal Albion Legion, rode into battle for the first time under The Warbringer, Lord High Constable, Isidor C. Stark, who had only been appointed earlier that day. Though timings were slightly off, entirely the fault of variance of course, the ambush went entirely unnoticed and the region was successfully taken:


As the Legion establishes itself over the coming weeks we expect to see the Knights of Albion riding successfully across the face of Nationstates.

Written by Charles Cerebella.

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