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An Invitation to Equilism

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An Invitation to the Royal Festival of Albion

His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella, would like to invite the people of Equilism to attend a Royal Festival that shall be taken place on the Fields of Bowerstone from the 11th May in honour of the conclusion of Albion's first elections for the Lower Council and for the Round Table.

Events will include a jousting tournament & a melee competition and there will be beer and food tents for guests as well as other games to take part in. Please feel free to set up your own tents selling your wares or services. The King shall also be personally hosting a Royal Feast that shall take place in Fairfax Castle.

Should you attend you are asked to nominate a champion to represent you in the jousting tournament. Entry is open to anyone for the melee competition.

I look forward to your attendance! Our forums can be found here.

Yours with great honour,


King of Albion

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