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Albion Update II

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella
Crown Prince: His Imperial Higness, Christopher Bishop
Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IX
Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellence, Tericius Malan
Knight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Isidor C. Anumia
Knight Interior: Christopher Bishop
Knight Cultural: Harbinger
Chief Bard: Black Aspens

Inaugural Elections!
The People of Albion queue to vote in the region's first elections
With the passing of the first set of laws, in the form of a King's Law, the highest law in the land, and five Shire Laws, which established things like the legislative, the Lower Council and the Grand Council, and the Executive, the Knights of the Round Table, the region's first elections began on 4th May. Edward Leben, Harbinger, Alex, MagentaFairy, Christopher Bishop, Isidor C. Anumia and Fuzzy ran for the Lower Council meaning that with 7 people standing there were five seats up for grabs. It was a closely fought race and the final results were:
Edward Leben 5 (13.9%)
Harbinger 3 (8.3%)
Alex 4 (11.1%)
MagentaFairy 7 (19.4%)
Christopher Bishop 4 (11.1%)
Isidor C. Anumia 7 (19.4%)
Fuzzy 6 (16.7%)
With Christopher and Alex both tied a run off election was held, with Silverpiner Alex prevailing over Shalefielder Christoper in the end by seven votes to five.
In the Round Table elections Harbinger and Christopher Bishop both ran unopposed for Knight Cultural and Knight Interior respectively and were elected though with both receiving some abstains. The Chief Bard position was contested between Brightwaller Black Aspens and Silverpiner Edward Leben, with the former prevailing in the end by 9 votes to 3.
Royal Festival a Stunning Success
The Fields of Bowerstone where the Royal Festival was held
To celebrate the conclusion of Albion's elections, King Charles Cerebella issued an invitation to each City State, and to all foreign regions which Albion has embassies with, inviting them to attend a Royal Festival and to nominate a Champion to take part in a jousting competition. Over the week the festival was going on over 800 posts were made and much fun and frivolity was had! Highlights included the Royal Feast, where the Warbringer Isidor C. Anumia, ended up stealing all the steaks, the Cake Stall ran by our resident owl Fuzzy, where vomit was a bonus ingredient on the Cakes thanks to Mazerian diplomat, Matthew Vinage overdosing on winegums and cake, and the tightly fought points game where the City State of Brightwall ended supreme. On the Tournament Ground, the King's Champion and High Commander of the Royal Guards, Fuzzy, was beaten in the first round as was United Kingdom Champion Victor Magnus and Brightwall Champion Kenneth MacAlpin. In the Semi-Finals, Silverpine Champion Edward Leben's squire proved unable to overcome Shalefield's Champion Christopher Bishop and Spiritus Champion Charax was eliminated by Lazarus's Forge A96. In the final, despite a valiant fight, Christopher Bishop prevailed over Forge to hand victory to the military city state of Shalefields! Our thanks go to Majestas of Mordor who was kind enough to write a points based programme to work out the results, a much better system than the coin flipping I had originally intended to do to work out the results!
Royal Albion Legion Rampages Across NationStates!
The Realm of Albion proves which is the superior fantasy world by seizing Middle Earth
In a busy few weeks, Albion's gameplay military, the Royal Albion Legion, has been seen on a number of battlefields across NS. The highlight was the capture of Middle Earth by five Knights of Albion, commanded by the newly appointed deputy commander, the Earl Marshall Magenta Fairy. Also since the last update the RAL has done a further three tags in The Hippiedom, The Creed and Luna. We have also participated in our friend's Balder's capture of Warzone Australia:
And have also supported Europeia in St Abbaddon and joined with the United Imperial Armed Forces of The New Inquisition and The Land of Kings and Emperors in a tag run of seven regions on the major update of the 26th May. Furthermore, the Royal Albion Legion was able to provide four updaters with just six minutes notice to aid the dirty defenders the FRA and the UDL in their liberation of a region from Nazi control, demonstrating the RAL's operational flexibility in the process.
Albion's Population Soars
Though Albion only celebrated its first month anniversary last week on the 22nd, already Albion has established itself as one of the fastest growing regions in Nationstates with a population of 251 nations at the time of writing. With a large number of these nations joining the forums as active citizens, it is an exciting time to be a part of the region! The promising growth within the NS region has also been replicated with activity on the forum with Albion now up to over 7,400 posts! Though things have been a little slower the past few days while a number of people have been either away or otherwise busy, posting is already on the rise again and it won't be too long until the 10,000 barrier is broken!
An Heir is Born!
His Imperial Highness, Christopher Bishop, Crown Prince of Albion
On 14th May, His Imperial and Royal Majesty, King Charles Cerebella announced the appointment of his son, Christopher Bishop to the role of Heir Apparent of Albion, it having been vacant previously. His Imperial Highness has been delegated admin powers and the right to do routine admin tasks, and will be further delegated powers to sign laws during temporary absences of the King. In addition to Chris's appointment, His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IX has been delegated admin powers for routine tasks and the wonderful penguin r3naissanc3r has been made a technical admin and has already kitted the forum out with mass pm abilities and a fancy new header!
Treaties! Treaties Everywhere!
It has been a busy few weeks for the Knights of the Round Table with a number of treaties having been negotiated and requiring ratification. Albion has so far concluded a Treaty of Friendship between us and Ainur, the Treaty of Avalon with The New Inquisition, the Treaty of Friendship Between Mazeria and Albion, the Treaty of Pendragon with the Land of Kings and Emperors and the Treaty of Friendship between Albion and Europeia (2013) and we have also ratified the Arnhelm Declaration of Recruitment Standards. Further to these we have signed the The Treaty of Camelot with Balder which as well as the standard military and intelligence provisions found in most treaties, also innovatively places our two regions in the same roleplay universe which we are hopeful will lead to some great cultural interactions between our regions! Talks are already underway for our first cultural events and joint RPs so we're looking forward to seeing what will come out of that!
Appointment of Sheriff of Bowerstone
North East Somerset Looking Sultry
Veteran security and intelligence specialist North East Somerset has been appointed by the King to the position of Sheriff of Bowerstone. This role shall head the Royal Intelligence Organisation, which is responsible for Albion's security both internally and externally and will 'further be responsible for ensure the safety of trade routes through Albion and for protecting the King's deer from poachers' as laid out by the Letters Patent IX that appointed NES. He has been furnished with a Deep Pink masking to complement his new role.

Written by Charles Cerebella.

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OK, I am sorry to say, the only thing I could think by the time I got done reading this (Which btw was extremely well thought out and executed!) was "at least I didn't use a spoon" ... Referring to the sheriff picture.

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This reminded me that my first military mission in NS back in 2004 was in Middle Earth.

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