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Balder Update

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Queen: Rach
Prince: Zander (Alvalero)
Ministers:(Riksraadet) North East Somerset, Mcmasterdonia, Fuzzy, Charles, Isidor, and Cold Ice
Speaker of Riksdag:(Riksdagens Talman) PASD
Deputy Speaker: Isidor
Riksdag members:(Riksdagsledamot) Hileville, Zeorus, North East Somerset, By Night

Election Season for the Riksdag!


The Riksdag has recently gone to the polls again in order to determine the make up of it's membership for the next two months. The elections were hotly contested by NES, Hileville, By Night, PASD, Isidor, Zeorus, Castiel and Govindia. It was a close race for the final seat between Zeorus and Castiel, with Zeorus managing a slight win and taking office.


Zeorus celebrates his narrow election victory

Following the election PASD was confirmed as Speaker of the Riksdag with Isidor Anumia as his deputy. Congratulations to the new Riksdag. May you all serve Balder well!

Written by McMasterdonia

Expanding Our Foreign Policy

Balder, under the leadership of Her Nordic Majesty, Queen Rachel continues to expand it's foreign policy and it's treaty arrangements. Balder has recently signed two treaties, one with the Realm of Albion and another with Lazarus. Balder prides itself on it's regional integrity, and we look forward to working with and supporting our allies in the future.


Her Nordic Majesty, Queen Rachel attends the banquet in the Land of Kings and Emperors
Balder is also participating in a monarchist conference in the Land of Kings and Emperors along with other monarchy regions. Balder is hopeful that this will lead to strengthened ties between Balder and the other regions involved.

Written by McMasterdonia

Record Endorsement and Activity Levels

Balder's Delegate, Solorni, a nation controlled by Her Nordic Majesty, Queen Rachel; has garnered record endorsement levels for Balder, hitting 138 endorsements last week. This is around twice what would have been the average level during 2012. Presumably this is partly due to the never-ending and heartfelt admiration shown by the loving nations of Balder towards their Queen. But also partly, game mechanics, as both Balder and Osiris have continued to grow and reach records in population and WA endorsements throughout the past 18 months of their existence, although there are signs of stabilisation around current levels.
Our WA nation to endorsement ratio is now one of the best in the sinker regions, and we remain committed to reaching 150 endorsements by attracting more WA nations to stay in Balder and endorse the Delegate. The endocap remains at 21, and Balder's security is of paramount importance to our future. It couldn't be in more fervidly dedicated hands.

Written by North East Somerset

Military Victories

Since the last update the Jomsvikings of Balder have continued their berserker like ways. They have taken part in a wide range of operations from invading regions of the Nazi menace to liberating fascist controlled regions.
The operational highlight of the month though was the Jomsviking invasion of Warzone Austrialia. In a joint operation with the region Albion the Jomsvikings of Balder stormed the region with little resistance, captured the delegacy, and left on their own accord later on.


The battle for Warzone Australia rages on

Led personally by the Minister of War Isidor C. Anumia and Minister of Foreign Affairs Charles Cerebella, the Jomsvikings showed off their expert precision and tact. We thank our friends in Albion, and look forward to working with regions in the future on other such military operations.
We can guarantee you will be seeing more of the Jomsvikings in the coming months and updates!

Written by Isidor C. Anumia

The Bulletin

Balder has launched it's first official Newspaper, The Bulletin as part of her Nordic Majesty's plan to expand upon the culture of Balder. The Bulletin will be led by the Minister for Information, McMasterdonia.
The Bulletin will aim to provide it's audience with a mixture of tabloid and factual articles. We will aim to demonstrate a high quality of journalism through our well researched and balanced articles.

Written by McMasterdonia

Strong Forum Activity

Last year, activity dipped significantly in April until October but this year forum activity has been record breaking and even more importantly consistent. In the month of May, forum activity surpassed 5,000 posts for the first time ever in the regions history. This has capped off the strongest activity in a three month period, with over 13,000 posts in that time. This has helped the forums surpass the 40,000 marker and has allowed the activity so far in 2013 to surpass all of the activity in 2012.

Written by Queen Rachel

Balder's Secrets*

Brewing Family Crisis
Deputy Culture Minister Alicia DiLaurentis has been noticed spending a lot of time with her Nordic Majesty, Queen Rachel. After the paparazzi went crazy following the love scandal between Lady DiLaurentis and Minister for War Isidor Anumia, she was invited to stay in the Queen's private mountain retreat in Southern Balder. Lady Dilaurentis even formed part of the private entourage that accompanied her nordic Majesty to the Monarchist conference in the LKE.


The Queen shows disdain towards reporters outside the Winter Palace

Meanwhile Isidor and McMasterdonia no longer stay at any of the Queen's private residences, and have according to the Queen's butlers, cousins, aunt been asked to stay at the mansion of North East Somerset in the Northern Coast of Balder. NES himself has not been seen with the Queen in hours. The Balder Bulletin will keep our readership informed of this brewing family crisis.
Minister of Culture Arrested
The Minister for Culture, Fuzzy has been taken into custody by Balder Police yesterday evening. It is alleged that Fuzzy has been responsible for plotting an invasion of the capital and for the murder of several prominent mice. Fuzzy had made the mistake of going to Charles Cerebella for help. Now a defender, it was morally inappropriate for Charles to support an invasion, and he personally made the arrest and honorably slayed every member of the Owl Army that Fuzzy had organized. Fuzzy is expected to face trial soon.
Tune in next week for breaking news on the disappearance of the Minister of Culture.
*little to none of this is likely true

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