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Albion Update III

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella

Crown Prince: His Imperial Higness, Christopher Bishop

Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IX

Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellence, Sir Isidor C. Anumia

Knight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairy

Chief Knight: Sir Harbringer

Knight Interior: Tano

Knight Cultural: Sir Harbinger

Chief Bard: Celeste Holland

Election Madness and Governmental Reforms!


The ballot boxes ready for people to vote in the region's second elections

After a very productive first term for the region, election time came again to Albion. One of the major changes for the region between the elections was the incorporation of the new "Chief Knight" position to the Knights of the Round Table. The Chief Knight, who is elected by the people, appoints and oversees the Chief Bard, Knight Interior, and Knight Cultural to ensure that the domestic affairs of the region are constantly improving. This change will allow more input by the region's citizens into the government and also allow for a more efficient and effective government.

In the Chief Knight Elections, Harbringer overwhelmingly won the election taking 55% of the overall vote from a field of four candidates. Other candidates were Crixus, Duke of Cambridge, and Edmund Chiramos. After being elected, Harbringer appointed Celeste Holland to the position of Chief Bard, Tano to the position of Knight Interior, and himself as Knight Culture.

The Lower Council Election was once again very competitive. Edward Leben, Isidor C. Anumia, Brent Forthwind, and Crixus were elected outright during the election while Edmund Chiramos and Duke of Cambridge were forced into a run-off. The run-off resulted with Edmund Chiramos taking the fifth Lower Council seat. Once elected, the Lower Council voted Isidor C. Anumia as the Speaker of the Lower Council with unanimous approval.

Royal Albion Legion Captures Quebec!


The RAL prepares for the final assault

An all Albion force raided Quebec on the 5th of June. Leading the raid was King Charles Cerebella and The Warbringer, Isidor C. Anumia, and aided by Terecius Malan, Joshua IX, Edward Leben, r3n, Odin Pendragon and MagentaFairy. A total of 50 endorsements at the height were rallied over two days. Mazeria, The United Imperial Armed Forces (The New Inquisition and the Land of Kings and Emperors), Europeia ,The Black Hawks, Asgard and Kantrias all provided support following the update. Together, the Royal Albion Legion held Quebec with zero resistance and left on their own accord after the city was drained of its wine.

King Cerebella Distributes Honours!


King Cerebella, dressed in his favorite outfit, emparts honours onto MagentaFairy

The King, after the second Lower Council elections, handed out the first round of honours and titles to several citizens of the realm. First in the line-up for awards given are Chivalric Orders. MagentaFairy and Isidor C. Anumia were made Knights Ordinary the Order of the Helm; an award given out to citizens for their outstanding service to the military.

The next round of Orders goes to people who contribute to culture of the realm. Many are wordsmiths of various degrees and others are active for their contributions to regional activity. For those who have dedicated a lot of time on Albion the Order of Quill is handed out. Ulyana Dragunova is made Knight Ordinary of Order of the Quill. Now for the spammers who help out in the festivals of the region are made Knight Ordinary of Order of the Flagon. Congrats to Fuzzy and Harbinger.

There is also a quick shout out to the Tericius Malan (McMasterdonia) who was given the title of Baron of Mistspeak for his contributions to the initial start of the region.

Now for a big round of all applause for the many who received titles and awards. Maybe next time we will be graced with more faces to the grand hall of rewards.

Founding of the Kingdom of Albion Roleplay Kicks Off


The regions and notable features of Albion

After a number of delays, the Founding of the Kingdom of Albion roleplay has now kicked off with a vengance. Set hundreds of years before the Albion of today, the RP will run over a few hundred years as various Houses compete to end the centuries of disunity and forge the first Kingdom with them on the throne. The aim of the roleplay is to help provide some of the lore of the region, as well as people having fun! With already 15 Houses involved, and almost a thousand posts made, it has got off to a flying start as people make marriage alliances and try and solidify their dominions and expand their borders, though some have already had set backs, with House Leben's attempt to demand the submission of the town of Janley ending in the slaughter of their delegation, right down to the musicians that accompanied them. We'll keep you updated over the coming months how they get on!

Albion's City States Continue to Develop

Here is what is going on in each of the three City-States:

Silverpine has been off to a rough start. First there was the semi-active Patron, and overall just not enough people. But Silverpine has pushed through and got over the activity bump! The now have a well written Standibg Orders which has created the main legislative body, the Council of Scribes. After a few days of voting, three people were elected to serve; those people being Alex, Duke of Cambridge, and Brent Forthwind. After a few days of inactivity in the Council finally approved their Minor Order, which gives the Council it's protocol. Alex has been elected to serve as The Lord Speaker of Silverpine, and to reflect their opinions in the Grand Council. Hopefully this is the start to a bright future for Siverpine.

- Alex Stewart, Lord Speaker of Silverpine

Shalefields may have the smallest member base, but some of the most active members claim Shalefields as their City State. Instead of focusing on getting everyone to agree on legislation that is passing in the Councils, they choose to let that be in the hands of the Archduchess. They will focus more on community, building up a base of support where individuals can grow within Albion and maybe NationStates as a whole should they want that. Shalefields is also planning to create a private unit of raiders. For now, Shalefields stands strong with active members and a firm sense of comradeship. Shalefields is the elite City-State of Albion.

-MagentaFairy, Archduchess of Shalefields

Brightwall has been a hive of activity. Its Citizens have enacted a Charter (a constitution of sorts) and have elected their First Lady Mayor and a set of three Aldermen. The legislature is ticking over nicely, having passed a couple of amendments to the Charter to allow for the improved recognition of excellence by enabling the Lady Mayor to give out honours. Outside of politics, our Citizens have been enjoying some drinks and RP in the Red Drinker, one of Brightwall's choicest taverns.

-Joshua IX, Warden Palatine of Brightwall

New Treaties and A Festival of Friendship

Since the last update at the end of May, Albion's diplomats have kept busy. Building on our earlier treaties, Albion has now signed the Treaty of Mercia with Kantrias, participated in the Monarchist Conference that took place in the Land of Kings and Emperors, ratifying the treaty that came out of that, and has also ratified the Bealtaine Accord (2013). We look forward to developing our relationship with Kantrias, and to the cultural benefits of the latter two treaties.

As well as this, over two weekends at the end of June, Europeia and Albion held a joint festival to celebrate the signing out our treaty. The first leg in Europiea went off brilliantly, before moving to Albion for a Solstice celebration with many hundreds of posts made over both legs. Thanks for the great party Europeia and for being such good guests!

Albion News Network

The following may or may not be true, which is true is for you to decide

-A Royal Household RP has kicked off, with Alex taking the top position of Lord Chamberlain. With a visit of the King of Mazeria expected any day, all things are go in Castle Fairfax to get things ready.

-The Royal Guards have been on their second mission, massacring rioting peasants in the village of Hardwood-In-The-Valley after a knitting competition got feisty. The Royal Albion Legion, meanwhile, is campaigning in King's Hazelnut Orchard, trying to finally defeat the rabid squirrels that have plagued it, to mixed success so far.

-Lord High Constable of the RAL, MagentaFairy, was recently embroiled in scandal as she admitted that she has never raided naked. King Cerebella was in shock at the news as he stumbled around, he commented "I'm deeply disappointed by this, hell, I refuse to wear clothes even when I'm not raiding...a raider must always be prepared for action". This reporter got to see this first hand...and lets just say that his body has not aged well. The Lord High Constable has reportedly promised to go full nude for the next RAL raid.

-A new power couple has emerged in Albion as Chief Bard Celeste Holland and Fuzzy have become Celefuzz. Reports of the paparazzi chasing them down have circulated though Fuzzy, who is an owl, has evaded them several times by simply taking flight.

Written by Isidor C. Anumia, Charles Cerebella, MagentaFairy, and Christopher Bishop.

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