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ASU On the Verge of Civil War!

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"This is David Campbell, reporting live from the streets of The Allied Scientific Union's capital, Haven! Former President Allen Powell has now turned the once Capitalist Paradise into a sprawling Corrupt Dictatorship overnight! He has assumed total control of the government, and protestors are currently chanting in the street! Let's get a closer look on these protestors now!"

*The camera's view switches to a scene of a large mob, holding signs and banners. Ahead of them is a miltary barricade, with armed men lined up, rifles at the ready. Suddenly, the men charge their weapons and open fire into the crowd.*

"Oh my God! Th-th-they're firing into the crowd! Run!"

*Screaming and gunfire can be heard as the camera shot suddenly freezes.*

"Good lord, Phil, what happened?"

"Not sure, Linda, but it seems to me that the government has authorized lethal force. In other news, the recently formed rebellion is led by none other than ex-Operations Director Tal Ravis, who claims to be fighting for a better tomorrow."

*Outside, a helicopter can be heard flying overhead, followed by sporadic cannon fire. The image suddenly cuts out, followed by a screen displaying "Technical Difficulties".*

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Is this an RP? If so, I'll move it to a more appropriate sub-forum for you.

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"This is David Campbell here once again, bringing you all some very important news."

*A man with bandages and a suit sits behind a desk.*

"Firstly, the Council of Liberation and Freedom, known as the CLF, announced it's officialdom six days ago, making it the first dedicated rebellion group to appear since Former President Allen Powell went rogue last week.

Secondly, civilian casualties reach a staggering 14,000 deaths, as well as many more injuries, from the use of deadly force being authorized against protestors. Witnesses say that Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Helicopter Gunships have been deployed to numerous areas to quell protestors.

Thirdly, the rate of military defectors has increased significantly since the creation of the CLF, causing trouble for the Corrupt Dictatorship. Allen Powell's thought's on the subject are currently unavailable for media outlets. Now to you, Linda."

*A similarly scarred woman sits next to David.*

"Yes, we have just recieved news that the first coordinated strike on ASU assets has just been completed successfully. Supposed CLF forces used guerilla tactics and engaged a convoy of military transports and light armor on their way to Haven Square, right in the heart of the capital. Where the CLF managed to obtain high powered assault rifles and rocket launchers still remains a mystery. How you could be at risk from CLF and ASU forces, later at six."

*A news logo flashes onscreen and a commercial break ensues.*

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"Representatives" from AoMK pay visits to non-governmental protesters who they believe will take them up on their offer of nukes from $10m for a 5 kt device to $250m for a 25 mt to be delivered anywhere within 48-72 hours.

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"This is David Campbell here for ASUGTV, for all your government news needs. We are the only ones to speak the truth, so listen up, everyone.

First off tonight, are the rumors cirulating nuclear devices in the hands of our civilians. The Great Leader Allen Powell states that these rumors are indeed false, and the website had a clear error on it which is now fixed. Representatives from the website have gone to the buyers, apologizing for their mistakes."

*He coughs.*

"In other news, an embassy ship was downed earlier tonight by what technicians say was a hydraulics system malfunction. Five rescue vessels were launched to investigate but were shot down by friendly forces in what we assume was an IFF recognition system failure. There were 16 dead and 46 injured from the Embassy ship, and there were no survivors from the rescue crafts. Federal Agents are currently investigating the cause of this explosion."

"Thirdly, last week, a military convoy carrying food rations, water, and fuel suffered an explosion which wiped out the majority of the convoy. Sources state that a fuel leak followed by a spark caused the explosion. Federal Agents have been dispatched as of today and we will have more information on the subject at hand later."

"In other news, the terrorist group known as the Council of Lies and Failures have been increasingly active in their fruitless efforts against the Great Union. Our forces have been relentlessly beating back the insurgents on the eastern and northern fronts! Another day, another square kilometer gained from the terrorist scumbags! Support our war effort!"

*He gags.*

"That is all."

Edited by Tal

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//All of this is an RP story. Remember that.

"Alfred Gonzales here with National Spotlight bringing you the latest news from around the world.

Topping the headlines tonight as well as gaining massive amounts of popularity online is the contreversy surrounding The Allied Scientific Union, the once Federation now turned into a Democratic People's Republic by its defunct President, 'The Great Leader' Allen Powell. We have several news stories as well as an exclusive interview with Former Operations Director Tal Ravis.

First off tonight, is the recognizing the Council of Liberation and Freedom as a sovereign power. This has garnered quite a reaction from the ASU's administration and they have sent a request demanding this decision to be reverted. The case is currently being reviewed again.

Secondly, a shocking attack on an ASU Embassy Vessel today set the CLF in a bright spotlight, as five vessels marked with CLF flags and IFF transponders dropped laser guided bombs and fired missiles at the Embassy Vessel Victory. The Victory was hosting several ASU Council members and various other members of Allen Powells Advisor Board at a party when the five vessels approached at lightning speeds and destroyed the EV-Victory. Rescue efforts were launched to find both the Victory and the unknown vessels, neither of which have been located just yet.

Thirdly is the Battle at the Bulge, where a ASU military convoy consisting of armored units, mobile artillery, and munitions transports was attacked by the CLF at the infamous Bulge in the capital city of the ASU, Haven. The convoy was mostly destroyed, with only a few transports making it past to a Military Encampment.

Fourth off, the CLF have added the latest of battleships to their fleet, refurbishing the old SU-Thunderer to modern condition. The craft was found drifting, where it was towed into drydock and repaired. It was christened the CNV Thunderer this morning and will depart from Liberty Naval Yards tomorrow morning to meet up with the CLF's 7th Fleet.

And finally, our satellite images have shown that more and more flags bearing the CLF's logo have appeared all across the ASU, ranging from the outskirts to the capital itself.

More information and the exclusive interview later, only on National Spotlight!"

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"National Spotlight here again, to bring you all the latest up and coming news on the controversy surrounding The Allied Scientific Union!"

"Tonight on NS, we will be going onto the front lines with the ASU Armed Forces! But first off, a quick overview of today's events in the ASU!"

*The reporter straightens his tie.*

"Earlier today, civilians were shocked when the newly erected statue of Allen Powell in Haven Square was destroyed by what the ASU's administration calls a "blatant terrorist attack by the CLF". Supposed plastic explosives were armed under the statue base and were set off at rush hour, with many passing civilians witnessing it's destruction."

*The reporter moves over to sit down.*

"Throughout the week, an NS reporter crew followed the ASU's "Glorious Tenth" Battalion as they deployed to the waning east. Let's head to Linda Green over there, shall we?"

*The footage switches to a woman standing in snow and night.*

"Yes, John, I have the privledge of being up close with a group of soldiers right now--"

*Gunfire can be heard close by. The woman covers her ears.*

"As you can see, there is a firefight going on--"

*She raises her voice as the gunfire continues.*

"One of many daily skirmishes that happen frequently!"

*Gunfire continues, shouting can be heard.*

"I've just heard that one of their men is hit, you can tell from the yelling and shouting around me."

*Rapid gunfire can be heard, both nearby and in the distance.*

"And uh, apparently another one of their men is down, no word yet on any casualties on the opposing si--"

*A soldier covers the camera and tells the reporters to stop filming. The footage quickly cuts back to the reporter at the desk.*

"Well, that was...odd. Nonetheless, the civil war between the well-armed CLF and the advanced ASU is waged day and night, with non-stop action, as you can see in Linda's footage there. And now, a message from our sponsors."

Edited by Tal

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