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Balder Update #5

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Queen: Rachel Anumia
Prince: Isidor C. Anumia
Ministers:(Riksraadet) North East Somerset, Mcmasterdonia, Fuzzy, Charles Cerebella, Alicia DiLaurentis, Falconias
Speaker of Riksdag:(Riksdagens Talman) Zeorus
Deputy Speaker: Libetarian Republics
Riksdag members:(Riksdagsledamot) Falconias, The Iron Rebel, NES, Isidor

Balder's Support of the Kemetic Republic of Osiris

The Government of Balder would like to congratulate the Kemetic Republic of Osiris on its success in securing its region, and on the agreement that has been reached with Gatesville. Further we praise the Pharaoh of Osiris, Cormac Stark, for his diplomatic actions in ending this ordeal. The Government of Balder both supports and applauds the actions taken by the Pharoah to ensure that the best is done for the people of Osiris and that this conflict isn't dragged out longer, unnecessarily.
Balder’s Government would now like to clear some things up with the rest of the Nationstates World. Recently, Balder has come under strong criticism because of the actions of two of our senior members who are also involved in The New Inquisition and the Land of Kings and Emperors. This criticism is unacceptable and unwarranted, and has occurred due to people and regions acting on the limited knowledge available to them, or, more maliciously, due to ignoring the information that has been provided to them, for the purpose of pursuing their political ends.
Balder has always supported Osiris and the Kemetic Republic as the true and legitimate government of Osiris. Balder was directly involved in the planning of the military tactics to recover the region and return the Delegacy to the elected Pharoah, Cormac A Stark. While it is true that some members of Balder are involved in the UIAF Military Forces, the safety and security of Osiris and its members was always put first by Balder.
It is disappointing that some people and regions who were aware of this information still took the opportunity to attack Balder and some of its members. This includes strong criticism about Balder’s decision to remove itself from the PSSP. We would request that such two-faced behaviour cease and desist, and that in future Balder and its members are respected as an independent, thriving community, that is owned by it’s citizens. Balder is not a puppet state of The New Inquisition or any other region or organization, it is insulting and wrong to suggest such.

The Queen Re-elected & Riksraadet Appointed

Her Nordic Majesty, Queen Rachel has once again been elected as Queen of the realm of Balder by the unanimous vote of her people. The strong support the Queen holds in the electorate is a demonstration of the dedication of her subjects towards her and of the success and popularity of the policies the Queen has enacted during her first term of office. Queen Rachel will serve a longer term than her first, serving 6 months due to amendments put in place in the previous sitting of the Riksdag.


Her Nordic Majesty, Queen Rachel after her reelection (Center), Alicia DiLaurentis (left), Falconias (right)

Following the conclusion of the counting of the ballots, the people of Balder took to the streets to celebrate the reelection of their most beloved Queen. The festival named in her majesties honour, Rachel Pride has been raging for since the Queen's election victory, the freezing cold nights has not dampened the spirits of the Queen's strongest supporters. The Festival is to show the support the region has for our Queen and how proud the citizens of Balder are of her achievements to date.


North East Somerset leads the Rachel Pride festival

Following her Nordic Majesties reelection, there were some changes to the Riksdraadet, or Her Nordic Majesties cabinet. Libetarian Republics, a member of the Riksdag and former Speaker of the same expressed concern over Charles Cerebella's appointment as Minister for War, coupled with the concerns of the allegations of an FRA Spy holding a senior office in the Cabinet (possibly McMasterdonia or NES - who can be certain!) some citizens of Balder are concerned about what this creeping defenderism will bring.
"Traditionally Balder has been a neutral or raider leaning region, I am concerned about the message that this will send to our allies, appointing a defender and traitor to the cause of Imperialism as our Minister for War?!?" Libetarian Republics has since gone missing, anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact the Ministry for reeducation.
Fuzzy's appointment as Foreign Affairs Minister has been met with the approving nods of the populace. "Owls are known for their wisdom" says Crown Prince Isidor Anumia, "Fuzzy's appointment was a sensible one for Balder.
Alicia DiLaurentis and best friend of Her Nordic Majesty Queen Rachel has been appointed to the position of Minister for Culture. This has been met with the approval of the citizenry, though their were some concerns that this would only lead to growth in the family rift between Rachel and her sons and husband, who are known to be jealous of the amount of time the Queen spends with Alicia.
McMasterdonia has been reappointed Minister for Information. "He's an Idiot" screams Alicia DiLaurentis "What could he possibly tell us that has any informational basis??". North East Somerset, husband of her Nordic Majesty Queen Rachel will also retain his role as Minister for Security.


NES keeping watch! No children on Balder's lawn!

The new Speaker of the Riksdag, Zeorus came to speak to the Bulletin "My only concern is that NES needs to consider the security of the Queen herself. He is now in his 80's, while his concern for the front lawn of the Winter Palace is touching, children playing in the gardens should not be Balder's primary security concern."
Congratulations to her Nordic Majesty Queen Rachel on her reelection! Long live the Queen! Hail Balder!

Balder Closes Embassies with the United Defenders League

The Government of Balder has become concerned with the unwarranted criticism leveled at Balder by the United Defenders League and it’s leadership. This is not the first time that Balder has come under fire by the UDL and it’s leader, and previously the UDL has apologized for such behaviour towards our region.
Earth, the Former Chief of Feeder and Sinker Affairs recently said in an official statement to Balder that:
“UDL has no official commentary on the government of Balder or its internal workings. It is none of our business, officially, unless it falls under the Rogue Delegacy Policy--which we have used once before in dealings with Luxembourg. We have not released anything official commenting on the behaviour of the Balder government. We, as an organization, do not consider what each individual member of the UDL says as official UDL policy or at all linked to the UDL unless said statement was released under a UDL header.”
Balder cannot accept the criticism as posted on the Nationstates forums via the founder account of the United Defenders League to be anything other than the official view of the UDL and it’s leadership. This seems in stark contrast to the statement recently released to Balder, and demonstrates that the UDL is going back on it’s word to not interfere or commentate on the government of Balder and it’s internal workings.
The Former Chief of Feeder and Sinker Affairs went on to say “we have decided to keep diplomatic ties open and hope that such attacks from either side are not seen again.” Unfortunately we have seen such attacks again today from the Chief of the United Defenders League and from other senior Lieutenants and members of the UDL. Balder therefore can only assume, that we will have to tolerate such unjustified attacks on our region from the UDL again in the future. With this in mind, we do not believe that it is beneficial to Balder or warranted, or even desirable for us to continue holding an Embassy with the United Defenders League.
The UDL is becoming increasingly distracted from the real conflicts in military gameplay. There is much work that needs to be done if we are to see our ally Osiris legitimate government continue and to assist in its rebuilding process and to offer as much assistance as we can. The internal politics of Balder is not the concern of the United Defenders League.

The Bulletin: Balder's Reliable News Source

The Ministry for Information has recently been overseeing a revival of Balder's State Paper, The Bulletin. The Ministry aims to provide insightful and entirely correct information to the citizens of Balder and our growing international readership. The Ministry has been following the governments plans closely. It was the Bulletin who first shared Balder's plans to join the Founderless Regions Alliance (http://w11.zetaboards.com/Balder/topic/9018862/1/#new) and later exposed the traitor Cerebella who had formerly been planning to commit treason against her Nordic Majesty's Government. (http://w11.zetaboards.com/Balder/topic/9016884/1/#new). The Ministry will continue to keep our readership aware of the news as tensions between The Empire of Balder, the Founderless Regions Alliance, and Mordor (led by the formerly Evil, Rainbow Unicorn Lord Sauron) continue to escalate (http://w11.zetaboards.com/Balder/topic/9022802/1/#new).

Balder's Secrets*

Lord McMasterdonius' and Darth Cerebella's Under house Arrest
Lord McMasterdonius' and Darth Cerebella have been arrested by Her Nordic Majesties Security Forces on suspicion of treason. It is reported that Cerebella and McMasterdonius had retreated far out into the outerim of space and were developing a weapon of terrible destruction.


Lord McMasterdonius and Darth Cerebella with the Nordic Warriors shortly before their arrest.

Her Nordic Majesty, the Queen has said that McMasterdonia and Charles have been "very naughty boys" and that they would continue under house arrest until they have changed their ways. Given the stubborness of McMasterdonia, and the fact that Charles is widely considered to be an ideologue, this is likely to be for an indefinite period.
Romping Royal Scandal
Isidor C. Anumia has been embroiled in another royal scandal, NES reportedly proud, and Queen Rachel furious. In a recent trip to Las Vegas, photo's were leaked of Isidor attending a party in the nude. Isidor confided in a Bulletin Journalist attending the party that he was "tired of women just wanting him for his body" and that all he wanted was "to be in a meaningful relationship, with the woman I love. I just wish she would leave her husband".

Her Nordic Majesty lectures the Crown Prince on his responsibilities

The Bulletin is unsure who exactly this mystery married woman is that has won the heart of our Crown Prince. It is unfortunate that His Nordic Majesty may not have the opportunity to follow his romantic pursuit, with the Queen reportedly considering sending him to Afghanistan Warzone Australia for immediate deployment.
Alicia DiLaurentis Hosts Summer Party
The Minister for Culture, Alicia DiLaurentis is hosting the greatest party of the summer at her private residence next door to the Royal Palace. Dignatories, members of the Royal family and Riksdag, as well as Her Nordic Majesty herself are expected to be in attendance.
The party is rumoured to cost $80,000 per hour. The Minister refused to have anything but the finest wine, food and services available at her party. The party is all being funded out of tax payers dollars, with money set aside to cover the rest of these parties that will occur on a fortnightly basis for the rest of Summer.


The Summer Party is expected to have at least 100,000 guests over the weekend alone

In order to continue to pay for these parties, the Government will be proposing a 25% tax increase. Wealthy members and Balder Oligarch's should not be concerned as this tax increase will only effect those on low incomes, and income earned above $50,000 per year will continue to be tax free as long as it is held in an account at the Queen Rachel Anumia Bank of Balder.

Written by McMasterdonia

Thanks for reading our update.

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