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Albion Update IV

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella
Crown Prince: His Imperial Higness, Christopher Bishop
Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IX
Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellence, Sir Isidor C. Anumia
Knight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairy
Chief Knight: Sir Decimus Aemilianus
Knight Interior: Tano
Knight Cultural: Cassius Cerebella
Chief Bard: Elizabeth Cerebella

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Third Term Elections in Albion!

Albion citizens voting to decide who shall take office during the third term of Albion

Following a subpar performance by the majority of the Lower Council, and with the call of citizens ready to take their place King Charles Cerebella dissolved the Lower Council which triggered new elections for both the Lower Council and the position of Chief Knight. With this announcement, several citizens immediately declared interest in a seat on the Lower Council which began the start of a hard fought campaign. King Cerebella, seeing the increased interest, declared a five seat Lower Council for the next term. As the election concluded the winners were Isidor C. Anumia, Seven Deaths, Elizabeth Cerebella, Brent Forthwind, and Tyrion Marcell. Out of the five, only Isidor and Brent are veterans of the Lower Council, having been the only two active in the previous term, showing the citizenship's interest in shaking things up this time around. Seven Deaths was unanimously elected Speaker of the Lower Council in a vote held shortly after the closing of the elections.

In the Chief Knight race, incumbent Decimus Aemilianus ran for reelection against Eddy Vinage. Aemilianus had a productive first term brought to an end by the Lower Council being dissolved, and the citizenship agreed with that assessment, reelecting Aemilianus with 76% of the overall vote. Aemilianus, after winning, thanked his supporters and announced his appointments to the Round Table with Elizabeth Cerebella as Chief Bard, Tano retaining the position of Knight Interior, and Cassius Cerebella as Knight Cultural.

It looks to be a promising third term for Albion as both the Chief Knight and his appointees, as well as the Lower Council got straight to work to make Albion better.

A New Military Era

The New Flag of the UIAF

On 6th August Albion ratified the Third Treaty of Arms Convergence and joined the United Imperial Armed Forces as a full founder member. King Charles Cerebella had the following to say in a speech to the region:

Today, Albion ratified the Third Treaty of Arms Convergence, with which Albion joins the United Imperial Armed Forces as a full founding member region alongside The New Inquisition and the Land of Kings and Emperors. Today is a historic day for imperialism and for Albion. Despite being under four months old, Albion is recognised as an equal of two regions that are seven years old and have been at the forefront of imperialism for most of that time. Today marks Albion's emergence as a true power in Nationstates.

Albion stands as one of the most dynamic and active regions in the world. Already at our young age we have a culture of immense depth and a community that is very strong. Our membership displays a depth and variance, with so many quality players, that would make almost every region jealous. This treaty is now the next step in Albion's path to greatness.

Militarily we have flexed our muscles in Quebec already but there is a good deal of work to do to reach our potential in that regard. The UIAF provides us with the ideal vehicle to achieve that. With our accession it will become the biggest field army in Nationstates. Within the overarching structure of the UIAF our forces can reach their potential and demonstrate our strength in the field of battle. Despite our young age, Albion has reached maturity and the time is ripe to now step up to be the leader that we are destined to be, with a force behind us capable of having a decisive impact on events in the wider world.

I look forward with great anticipation at seeing this alliance flourish and Albion reaching the huge potential we have.

With the signing, I'm pleased to announce that our very own Crown Prince, Christopher Bishop, the previous Deputy Commander, has been chosen as my successor as Joint Commander of the UIAF. A man with proven skills in the field, I am certain he will be a great success and will help lead the UIAF, and Albion, to great new military heights!

Long live Albion!

Albion Welcomes a Princess!

Princess MagentaFairy following her appointment

All of Albion has been in celebration recently as King Charles Cerebella announced that he was elevating Dame MagentaFairy to a member of the Royal Family, now being second in line to the throne as Princess of Albion. Cerebella described Fairy's contributions to the region best when he said "Few people have contributed as much to the region as she has in helping make it what it is today and I'm immensely proud to be able to honour her in this way." The whole of the region was excited about the news as it gave them all an excuse to party. We expect great things from Princess MagentaFairy in the future as she continues to be an integral part of Albion's success.

Albion breaks Activity Records!

Since its founding, Albion has had month after month of record activity. Recently, the Albion forums passed the 25,000 post mark, a truly great accomplishment for a region still so young. This activity has really taken place because of the interaction between the old veterans of the region and newer players eager to learn the ropes. Furthermore, Albion's population has passed the 400 nation mark and continues to sustain itself above that threshold while continuing to slowly grow. This also comes at a time when the World Assembly Delegate of Albion, Uther Pendragon, has reached 41 endorsements, a new record for Albion. We expect to see significant growth in each of these categories in the future as our region continues to develop itself.

More Reforms and Legislation!

Isidor C. Anumia "persuading" Seven Deaths as other Lower Council members look on

Following the most recent Lower Council election, both the Lower and Grand Councils quickly got to work debating several pieces of legislation. The Lower Council was able to get much done in only a two week period, as it revised its Standing Orders to include the position of Deputy Speaker, amended the Shire Law to separate the terms of the Chief Knight from that of the Lower Council due to the previous dissolution, and has been debating a Diplomatic Protections Bill which is currently being reviewed by the Grand Council.

In regional reform news, Albion is considering the adoption of an economy to integrate into the region. This topic has generated a lot of debate about the merits of such a system and how exactly the system would be run in order to provide ample benefit for the region without overly complicating things. King Cerebella has put forth a plan that has been found optimal by some citizens, but has been criticized by others. At this stage it is clear that it will take time for an economy to be implemented, though discussions on the subject are ongoing. Stay tuned for future updates for more about this topic.

Albion News Network
The following may or may not be true, which is true is for you to decide

-King Cerebella has miraculously given birth to two new children, Cassius and Elizabeth. Both have inherited the intelligence, work ethic, and overall great personality of their father, but unfortunately have also inherited his early onset baldness.

-It has been reported that Princess MagentaFairy has a new suitor. She has been spending increased amounts of time at both Anumia Estates and Somerset Hall in Shalefields Gardens. The identity of this man is not known, though close friends of the Princess describe him as incredibly attractive and intelligent.

-In Albion recently, people watched chocolate rabbits be melted to creepy music, the royal guards fought mutated animals, and Ulyana attempted to say Armadillo with a piece of leather in her mouth. All in a normal day!

-The Royal Guards RP is going strong having fought off the mutant Armadillos. With the Royal Household RP also on the go, and a College of Magic in the process of being set up and a an RP about the children of Gods, there is plenty of exciting things to be involved in at the moment, and that is without getting into the Founding of the Kingdom of Albion RP!

Written by Isidor C. Anumia and Charles Cerebella

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