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Seven Deaths

Albion Update V

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella
Crown Prince: His Imperial Higness, Christopher Bishop
Princess: Her Malevolent Grace, MagentaFairy
Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Joshua IX
Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellency, Sir Seven Deaths Vinage
Knight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairy
Chief Knight: Sir Cassius Cerebella
Knight Interior: Tano
Knight Cultural: Rah Orion
Chief Bard: Dame Elizabeth Cerebella

Election Fever is Here Again!
Albion lines up to do what they do best: vote on computers.
Citing RL and school time constraints, Chief Knight Decimus Aemilianus, resigned from his post and due to a technicality in the Shire Laws that has since been fixed, caused the Lower Council to dissolve with it. A staggering number of potential candidates stepped up to campaign and led the King to declare that the Fourth Term Lower Council would consist of seven members. Returning were Isidor C. Anumia, Elizabeth Cerebella, Tyrion Vinage and Brent Forthwind. New to the Lower Council this term are Feniris Cerebella-Vinage, Detritus and Rah Orion. Brent Forthwind was elected to the position of Speaker shortly thereafter, naming Feniris as his Deputy.
The Chief Knight race was hotly contested by two of Albion's veteran members; Cassius Cerebella and Sir Fuzzy Vinage. They both ran a tight race, but in the end it came down to just one vote with Cassius coming ahead after an astounding vote turnout of 27. Congratulations to everyone that ran and won! We also hope to see back all those who didn't make it.
Crucible Busier Than Ever!
On top of our Founding RP, Albion has a whopping four RPs active at any given time on our forums. Thanks to a dedicated core of citizens, we have RPs to interest any and all who join! In the "Olympus Resort" RP, create a character that is the child of an all powerful God of mythological origins. Place them in a resort with other demigod children and the interactions are bound to entertain. Don't let the name fool you thought! Your characters aren't limited to Greek Gods. Some of our most well known characters are the sons and daughters of Norse and Egyptian Gods, plus countless others!
In the RP known as "That's no moon! That's a Roleplay" you can play as either a simple Scoundrel, Sith or a Jedi and together, these two groups must work to foil a plot worked by an unseen hand with the sole goal of plunging the Galactic Core into war once more. Why? What's this unseen menace seek to gain? Come and find out!
One of our newest RPs is "Arg! That's My Arm!" Taking place in post-apocalyptic Pennsylvania, follow a strange group of survivors as they seek to find safe haven in this new world. Characters include a former College basketball star, several former military, an MI6 agent and a few mechanics as they kill zombies. There might even be some romance found within the group.
Lastly, our most in depth RP which has just started is "War in Westeros". Come follow an Alternate Universe Game of Thrones RP that takes place almost a hundred years prior to the books. Daeron II Targaryen has just been crowned King following his father's death yet the newly legitimized Bastard son, Daemon Blackfyre, seeks the throne for himself. Is that a Civil War I smell brewing on the horizon?

On Osiris

Last month, Albion concluded the The Mediterranean Accord with Osiris. The previous few weeks had seen our regions drawing closer, and Albion had been the first to publicly state their support of the government during the coup of The Dourian Embassy. Since then, Osiris has had a tumultuous few weeks and the Kemetic Republic has now been ended. Albion has informed Osiris that we will stand by our ally in whatever course her people decide to take, and they can rely on our support when needed. We look forward to the end of unrest in Osiris, and a flourishing future relationship.
Activity Boom!
We were full to bursting, but there is always room!
On September 24th, Albion broke an outrageous 60,000 posts. That's right, you heard me correctly. We broke 60,000 posts. At 5 months old, that's 12,000 posts a month! Want a challenge and then you can out-spam our spammers? We're waiting for you. As part of our activity boom, Albion is enjoying her largest population at 445 nations and have broken into the Top 20!
Moar Roleplays?
It might seem odd to you to have not one, but two articles about Albion's roleplays. To that, we say nay. Albion has two types of roleplays: the played created ones in the Crucible and the Region sponsored. We have currently the Founding which allows nations and citizens on the forums to create their own city on the Albion map and after creating a Lorebook, take part in the history of Albion's founding a thousand years prior to present day.
On the other hand, we've recently implemented the Albion Today RP which is the exact same thing as the Founding RP, yet takes place in the present day Albion. To compliment these nation RPs, we've also got the Royal Guards RP which has just completed its 4th mission sop it's never too late to join. Along with the Royal Guards is the Royal Household RP which is being run by the magnificent Malevolent Lady Clarissa Fairy at the request of the King Charles Cerebella. Alex Stewart will be assisting Fairy in this task. We've also implemented an RP on the RMB to allow those nations in the region to join in on the fun if they don't want to join the forums.
Busy Busy Busy
The Government of Albion has been busy on both fronts this last month. In the Exceutive, a shakeup in our own brand of Civil Service has made it easier than ever for our citizens to find where their particular talents could be useful. Formally known as the Royal Culture Service, or RCS, it has been disbanded and replaced with the Companions. The Companions host the various recruitment postings for each section of government, including the Royal Albion Legion.
On the legislative front, both the Lower Council and the Grand Council have been hard at work passing several amendments to our Shire laws and the World Assembly Delegate Act. A new bill, the Diplomatic Protection Act, has passed the Lower Council and is currently being debated in the Grand Council.
Albion News Network
The following may or may not be true, which is true is for you to decide
-Albion has been a buzz with adoptions and marriages. Elizabeth Cerbella and Tyrion Vinage were married to form the Cerebella-Vinage line and immediately gave birth to Feniris and Rah Orion. Sir Seven Deaths Vinage proposed to Ulyana Fairy in the most impressive display of manliness to ever be seen in Albion since its inception and the two are now officially betrothed. Wedding date yet to be decided.
- The brave soldiers of Albion in the UIAF assisted in the capture and subsequent holding of Middle Earth earlier in September. Holding it for a total of 6 days with over 33 endorsements, it was an impressive display of force! Following this, Cassius Cerebella was promoted to the position of Albion Division Commander while Seven Deaths was promoted to take the then empty spot of Bowerstone Legion Commanding Officer.
-The Albion branch of the Stoneroses hosted the first annual Albie's Award Show. Similar to the Emmy's in scope and humor, the Albie's awarded many deserving Albion citizens with awards such as Best Dressed, Regional Guardian, Best Veteran, etc.
-Rah Orion, the Knight Grand Commander of the Stoneroses, also finished publishing a wonderful story centered around the Stonerose members. Stonerose the Novel totaled 17,500 words and 70 Microsoft Word pages when completed.
-In weird news, Seven Deaths was awarded the "Royal Guards gold award for the most unintentional innuendo ever packed into a one sentence post". The following was his post:

SD, riding bareback on the llama, screamed as he ran down towards Simon.

From the popular comic, XKCD.

Written by Seven Deaths and Charles Cerebella

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Very interesting, I imagine it's quiet weird to have an election for the entire representative because of a resignation of HoG.

Thank you for the update! :)

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