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Balder Press Release 10/4/2013

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Queen: Rachel Anumia
Prince: North East Somerset
Spokesman: Brent Rambo
Ministers:(Riksraadet) Mcmasterdonia, Fuzzy, Mr Riket, Falconias, St George, Zeorus
Speaker of Riksdag:(Riksdagens Talman) by Night
Deputy Speaker: To be determined
Riksdag members:(Riksdagsledamot) Fuzzy, Zeorus, PASD, The Iron Rebel, 34625197

Riksdag Elections!

The Riksdag has once again gone to the polls. Fuzzy, Zeorus, by Night, PASD, The Iron Rebel, 34625197 proved victorious over Christopher Bishop and Tim. By Night has put his name forward to serve as the new Riksdag Talsman and nobody else has put their name forward for the position.


PASD after his election victory
The last term of the Riksdag was fairly quiet and Balder looks forward to seeing what plans the new and invigorated Riksdag has for the next term. Best of luck and congratulations to the winners!

Written by Mcmasterdonia

Changes to Balder's Riksdraadet

Her Nordic Majesty, the Queen announced that she would be making some changes to her Riksdraadet (Council of State) to reflect the changing culture and needs of the community. St George has been appointed to the position of Minister for War and will be responsible for overseeing a revitalisation of Balder's Jomsvikings. Mr Riket a new member of Balder who has been winning the praise and admiration of many long time members of Balder for his dedication and high levels of activity has had his hardwork recognised and has been appointed as the new Minister for Culture. In recognition of Zeorus' hardwork in the region and experience, Her Nordic Majesty saw fit to appoint him Minister for Foreign Affairs. Fuzzy has been switched into the position of Minister for Security.


The Queen addresses the region, accompanied by North East Somerset
"It’s important to have a balanced cabinet that represents the region. I believe that in every region, you have two forces. One of these is the older group, the already established political forces. The other is the newer members, the new life in the region. If the cabinet does not change and the same old faces are running the region, then the region lacks avenues of advancement. It becomes stale and far less democratic, younger members who are more tenacious and work harder will become disillusioned. The system becomes unfair. "
North East Somerset has also replaced Isidor Anumia as Crown Prince. Isidor embraced the move and supported the appointment in the Riksdag.
The Queen also expressed her desire for small government in nationstates regions and her strong belief that a region should never revolve solely around the government.

Written by Mcmasterdonia

Brent Rambo Appointed Spokesperson

Brent Rambo has been appointed to the new position of official spokesperson of Balder. Brett will be responsible for overseeing the government and for keeping Ministers in line and ensuring that all deadlines are met.


Mr Rambo will assist the Queen in the day to day governance of the region. He has announced that his first act as Spokesperson will be reaching out to the many citizens of Balder to ask them what they desire to see in Balder's future.

Written by Brent Rambo

Forum Administration Act of 2013

The Riksdag decided to recognize that the Administrators of Balder's off-site forums and the government of Balder are separate, independent entities of each other. The forum is recognised as being the property of our current root administrator Rachel Anumia. The Riksdag took the view that the Administration team was trustworthy enough for it to operate separate from government and that in practice, the former legislation that allowed for the removal of a root administrator could not be enforced if the rood admin disagreed with the decision.
The Administration team currently consists of Rachel Anumia, North East Somerset, By Night and Hileville.

Written by Mcmasterdonia

Victory against the SCR resolution Condemn TNI

Recently Balder came under fire in the Security Council when it was described as a satellite state of the New Inquisition. Balder prides itself on our regional independence and the strength of our regional community. Balder, lead by her Nordic Majesty the Queen and North East Somerset fought a strong campaign against this resolution.
"Balder is a mosaic of ideas and people. We’ve managed to build a culture and a region capable of attracting some of the best to call home. On top of that, we’ve managed to develop a very harmonious society that respects diversity and we are able to work together to make Balder a better place. Events such as this stress the need for Balder to continue to build internally while expanding our role abroad. We need to work with like-minded sinkers and feeders in particular in order to accomplish more abroad. We will fight tooth and nail against this proposal and have been in close talks with our allies to ensure that it fails miserably.


The Crowds turn out to listen to her majesty speak..
We will not participate in the culture of isolation, paranoia and bullying advanced by those who say they stand for unity and co-operation. That is no way to earn allies and friends. I have dealt with that sort of ilk before in the world of raiders, inclusion and proactive friendship always wins. An alliance or deal should not be like a mafia, which intimidates members and opponents while demanding protection money. We will not be pushed around." ~ Her Nordic Majesty, Queen Rachel.
Following the defeat of the proposal the Queen also expressed her thanks to our allies:
"The proposal which had attacked Balder and her honour has been defeated by a vote count of 8,844 votes to 2,471. Balder bonded together to do their utmost to prevent the passing of such an act. I'd like to thank all members of Balder for their support as well as our allies and those who voted against the proposal no matter their reasons."

Written by McMasterdonia

The Queen asks; What is home?

I'd like to start off by asking the question, what is home? What is the region we have built together, step by step from the ground up? It is a community of mutual respect, where can we get along and work through our differences for Balder... for us. It is our home and in my mind, should have all the aspects of a family. We help eachother out, look out for eachother and always put the idea of the family first. There is a trust between its members that we won’t backstab eachother. As I spoke on the adminship situation in Osiris, there is responsibility that comes with power to use it wisely, justly and fairly. Leaders owe it.
When people endorse me as delegate, they are putting faith in me to defend the region. It’s what we tell people when they endorse me it isn’t for show. As their home, every single citizen is afforded safety, it is after all one of the benefits in becoming a citizen; rights, legal and those based on trust and the ability to participate in an extraordinary and dynamic community. In Europe, after the fall of the Roman Empire, Lords would gain power by entering in agreements with their people. In exchange for tariffs and service… Lords in exchange provided protection for their subjects. It was a moral contact and in fact, morals, honour and duty were the defining feature in such times. Between any two people, there was always some sort of agreement.
If I were to ban and eject people because I disliked them, I’d be betraying both their trust, damaging the bond between us and hurting the faith in the government. It would be a selfish action. There are rare instances when we must remove a member of our community such as when we removed Govindia but for the most part such powers should never be utilized.
One only has to look at the recent struggles of Osiris, to understand that the damage done to a community takes a long time to heal. When people don’t trust eachother because of the actions of other members and when people fear for their place in a community, that’s when a community fractures and is damaged. Lazarus under Feux has unfortunately damaged his region. How can people who were ejected and banned on a whim go to the region and feel part of that community? How can they hold the same trust in their position?
The path to greatness and to improving the community is fraught with dangers. There will be pitfalls and there will of course always be things to improve. I can say with certainty that Balder has built up such a community based on trust and diversity, where everyone is afforded an extraordinary amount of personal freedoms and where people should never be scared to speak their mind no matter how different their opinions. So I’d like to say on Lazarus, that it was unfortunate that they took the steps they did. I applaud the new Delegate Harmoneia for reversing the decision and wish her the best of luck in healing her community and building it to be better.
Lastly, I’d like to re-affirm my commitment to the region. I have a responsibility to repay the faith you’ve given me in facilitating the region and by affording her citizens protection. There is a contract that I cannot break and one in which all the modern delegates here have carried out. It is because of all the former delegates and every single member here that I can be so comfortable calling this place home.

Written by Her Nordic Majesty, Queen Rachel

The Royal Council

In order to preserve, the peace, prosperity, tranquility and democracy in the realm, I am pleased to announce the formation of a Royal Council.
The Royal Council will be charged with continuing to preserve and protect the freedom & native rule of the realm. In response to increasing threats and instability in the international world, the Royal Council is formed to protect the integrity and to assist in keeping the Delegacy of the Realm secure and in our hands.


The Royal Council in session
The Royal Council will consist of dedicated and trusted members of Balder, who will bring their various expertise to the task of regional security. Members of the Royal Council will include members of the royal family, and senior and experienced members of Balder as appointed by the monarch of the day.
Recently, our sinker sister Osiris has fallen to two coups within a relatively short amount of time. Our ally, the South Pacific was also couped by it's elected Delegate Milograd. It is our desire to ensure that Balder has the adequate number of middle to high influence nations in the region to keep our region secure and to prevent such undesirable occurrences from happening in our home.
Nations who serve on this council will not be required to have a permanent WA nation in Balder, but they are expected to contribute to our regional security and to always act with propriety and the rights of he citizens of the region in mind. These nations will be responsible for leading the fight if the region does ever hypothetically fall to external forces, or to a Delegate who takes more power than is his right to hold.

Written by Her Nordic Majesty, Queen Rachel

The Shortest Marriage in NS History

After much fanfare that surrounded the engagement, the marriage between Mr Falconias Hartwell and Mrs Alicia Hartwell came to an explosive end after little over 36 hours of marriage. Alicia said that she was bored already of the marriage and couldn't stay married to a man who had such a history with other women, despite the fact that Alicia herself has been married more than 10 times.
The Temple of the God's was forced to bring Alicia to trial for her crimes and her complete disregard for the vows that she took on her wedding day. The Administration of Hell is looking forward to welcoming Alicia into their ranks.

Written by McMasterdonia

Balder's Secrets*

Govindia Ambassador to the British Isles
Much loved NS folk hero Govindia has refused to accept that he is no longer Ambassador to the British Isles. Despite being banned from the Realm of Balder and our regional forum for some time he still claims to represent our forum community to the British Isles.
"I tried speaking to him about removing the title from his signature and he refused until he is unbanned from our forum and is put on trial" the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Zeorus said.


Zeorus and Govindia brawl over the ambassador position
North East Somerset lashed out at the government and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and said "For once in your f******* life stop being so biased towards Govindia! take your personal bias and issues with Govindia elsewhere! It's so unfair and not Govindia's fault in anyway."
The British Isles has also refused to act on a request from Balder to remove the line from Govindia's signature stating that it is against their forum rules to recognise the real ambassadors of regions.
Lady of the Night Isidor Anumia
Since his removal as Crown Prince of Balder, Isidor Anumia did his best to stay out of the public spotlight. The Bulletin is pleased to announce that we tracked him down to a small bar in the red light district of the Rejected Realms. Isidor Anumia has taken up a job as a lady of the night and is reportedly making more money now than he ever did as Crown Prince.
Izzle had this to say on his new job, "I'm just glad that finally people appreciate me for who I am, I get to do the things I like for a couple of bucks. What more could a girl ask for?"
Falconias marries Goat
Minister for Internal Affairs Falconias has finally found true love. After his tumultuous and explosive marriage to Alicia Hartwell he has finally been able to settle down and find love once more. Falconias was forced to go into months of extensive therapy following his breakup to settle questions about whether Alicia left him because he was with child or if it was for some other reason.
Falconias thought he had hit rock bottom and was out on the town drinking his life away. The next morning he woke up in a field on the outskirts of the Balderan Capital and that is where he met Billy the Goat, since then Falconias hasn't looked back and has been enjoying life.


Meet Billy, new wife of Falconias
"Billy is so funny and gives me far more attention than Alicia ever did. It is nice being around someone who is so even tempered and really cares about my wellbeing. I'm so happy to be with Billy. I'm just sad that it took us this long to find each other" Falconias said.
*Little to none of this is likely true.

Thank you for reading!

Edited by Zeorus

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