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Seven Deaths

Albion Update VIII

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella

Crown Prince: His Imperial Highness, Sir Christopher Bishop

Princess: Her Royal Highness, Dame MagentaFairy

Prince: His Royal Highness, Joshua IX

Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Sir Seven Deaths

Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellency, Sir Cassius Cerebella

Knight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairy

Chief Knight: Sir Feniris

Knight Interior: Sir Brent Forthwind

Knight Cultural: Dame Elizabeth Cerebella

Chief Bard: Sir Detritus Vinage

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103,558 forum posts | | 430 Nations

"Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business."

- Winston Churchill


In political news, it was once again election time in Albion, where citizens flocked to the Hustings to vote on candidates for the new Lower Council. After a brief period of campaigning, over twenty five citizens participated in the election, which saw nine new councilors admitted. This is the maximum possible size for the council, which expands or reduces its size proportionately to the amount of candidates, and all seats were very hotly contested. The members of the new Lower Council consist of Speaker Aaron Cerebella, and members Dame Elizabeth Cerebella, Sir Feniris, Fleur de Mal, Corinne, Niklaus Mikaelson, Olbin of Highfield, Sebastien Cerebella Minier, and Sir Tyrion Vinage. The council comprises of a promising mix of citizens both new and old, and they have already been hard at work with numerous new debates. Such discussions related to the rights and responsibilities of citizens in Albion, as well as the intricacies of the the relationship between the legislative and executive areas of government. In particular, there was debate over whether the Council could request that members of the Round Table report directly to them on their activities, and over whether there was actually any point in them doing this. The Council is continuing to explore avenues which could bring the various branches of government together, and encourage more bilateral cooperation in the future.

A number of honours have also been recently granted by the King, in celebration of the efforts individuals have made to better the community and region over our first year together. In particular, Sir Ashton Mercer and Sir Seven Deaths were awarded knighthood in the Order of the Quill, for their contributions to regional role play. Seven Deaths in particular received an advanced version of the award, having previously already received the ordinary one. Meanwhile, Sir Tyrion Vinage, Sir Savier Vinage, and Sir J Fred Muggs have been made knights of the Order of the Flagon, for their continuing efforts in the realm of culture. Sir Cassius Cerebella has also received the Order of the Laurel for diplomatic efforts, as well as receiving a peerage as Viscount of Rookridge for ongoing dedication to regional prosperity.

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."

- Bertrand Russell


Albion has continued to pursue an active stance in interregional affairs, and for the recent weeks most of our military efforts have been focused on supporting the government of our friends and allies Osiris in these tumultuous times. The official statement on Osiris, as posted in our NS forums embassy, is reproduced below, and still stands.

"Over the course of the past year, many of us in NationStates have watched as Osiris has repeatedly suffered the effects of what can only be described as systemic instability. For some time now, Albion has maintained a strong military presence in the region, in an ongoing effort to uphold the legitimate government against repeated threats to destroy it. The position of the government of Albion has not changed at all in this regard. Today we reaffirm our support for our allies and friends in Osiris through this difficult time, and formally recognise the Delegacy and government of Venico as the legitimate authority in Osiris. It is our belief that the recent turmoil, in particular the removal of certain individuals associated with the Empire, was the direct result of a continuing effort by those individuals to undermine and control Osiris. Such behaviour is unacceptable, and it is our hope that the actions taken by Venico will ensure a stable and secure Osiris for the future, independent from the control of the Empire. We will continue to stand with Osiris, come hell or high water, and Albion forces will remain as they are, upholding and defending this government against any and all threats."

In more diplomatic matters, we have been strengthening our relationship with Osiris in cultural areas too. Recently the King unveiled a plan which introduced a map for Osiris that would place it in the same role play world as Albion, which was met with interest from the Osiran community. This opens up many possibilities for future interregional cooperation in cultural affairs, and opens up the exciting possibility of a cross regional role play. Already this concept is being tested with a new character based role play, which sees a group of vagabonds and scholars exploring a mysterious ruin from old Osiris. No doubt much adventure and danger awaits these brave pathfinders as they venture onwards.

"No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive."

- Mahatma Gandhi


Shortly before Christmas, the regional forums for Albion surpassed 100,000 posts, and continues to prosper with activity post holiday. This is a testament to the hard work of everyone who contributes to the community, and of course indicative of the warm and friendly group of people we have here. New cultural initiatives have been met with great interest, including an interactive story work undertaken by the Arch Mage, Sir Seven Deaths. This tells the story of a newcomer to the land of Albion, as he struggles to explore the land and find a place for himself in the world. Each week a new chapter is released, and citizens vote on what they would like the main character to do in response to various situations, which dictates what happens next. So far, our hero has restrained himself from resorting to theft to feed himself, he has successfully pursued a romantic encounter with a local woman, and he has decided to embark on a great journey across the north of Albion to the city of Shalefields. We look forward to more heroism, romance, and hilarity as the story continues to plays out.

The role play community is hard at work, not only continuing the legacy of our long running role plays Olympus and Chaos Knights, but also undertaking and developing new ideas for worlds. For this purpose, two new role plays have begun, one related to the Hunger Games, and the other set in a dystopian near future world, similar to the world of the Deus Ex games. Hunger Games is still in the planning phase, but will more than likely entail a large amount of blood loss and death when it finally begins. Deus Ex meanwhile has truly started off with a bang, in the form of an extremely exciting office meeting. Fear not however, as the peace will not last long. In a world increasingly spiralling into chaos, can our heroes unravel the conspiracies and stop the machiavellian schemers behind them before it is too late? Moving to the official regional map role play, a masquerade ball is in the making, and invitations have been dispatched to all the fiefdoms in Albion. Mystery and party combined, this event promises much fun.

Albion has also been hosting its own internal special winter celebration for the past few weeks, entitled the Albion Ice Festival. This festival has been quite successful, seeing a total of almost 3000 posts. It included many exciting events, such as a werewolf game where almost everyone died, a snowball fight which escalated into a full on war, and even a secret santa thingy.

Albion News Network

The following may or may not be true, which is true is for you to decide

- The citizens of Albion have been recently competing between two ongoing obsessions, that of Skyrim, and that of the majestic RDJ. The two movements have been spreading like the plague, consuming all in their path and corrupting the innocence of many unsuspecting threads.

- The monthly avatar contest for this month saw a christmas theme, and was as per usual hotly contested. Eventual victory went to the malevolent robot santa from futurama.

- Albion's RMB descended into anarchy as the forces of pizza attempted to douse all the coffee shops in the region with napalm and cluster bombs. Albion peacekeepers struggled to maintain order as the coffee resistance rallied and launched a valiant and bloody counter attack on their insidious enemy, slowly driving them back into the darkness.

- The elusive Kiwi Konklave, which totally does not exist, is rumoured to be planning a super secret meeting to scheme against humanity in the near future...

From everyone here in Albion, we hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and we hope you have happy New Years too!

Always yours,


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