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Balder Press Release 1/24/2014

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King: North East Somerset
Crown Prince: Fuzzy

Culture: Zander Cerebella, War: Cormac, Integration: Zeorus, Foreign Affairs: Charles Cerebella, Interior: Durkadurkiranistan, Media: Lord Ravenclaw
Speaker of Riksdag:(Riksdagens Talman) 34625197
Royal Council: Rach, Isidor C. Somerset, Charles Cerebella, Zander Cerebella
Forum: http://balderns.net

North East Somerset Elected King

King North East Somerset

With the end of the term of Queen Rach, and her announcement that she wasn't intending on seeking re-election, North East Somerset fought it out with former Delegate Jarl Zander Cerebella to become the region's next Monarch. Over the two days of voting earlier in January, NES came out the convincing winner receiving 18 votes out of the 21 votes cast. Here are some extracts from his speech to the region following his victory:

The Government will be directed to think outside the box, and individual responsibility will be a key tenement of our governmental philosophy. Each Minister has a clear broad aim to achieve, and they will be measured on how well they are able to demonstratably progress towards achieving the goals they will be set. I am confident that we have enough talent in the region to achieve a great deal, and that people from all over Nationstates want to be part of Balder and help us work towards improving the region for everyone here. Everyone can be involved in something, everyone committed and loyal to Balder that has something to contribute, is welcome to do so - that is a key message of this Government, and thus there will be many Junior Ministerial appointments to come in the near future.

We should be proud of our past, we have achieved a great deal in the past 2 years, but even so there is no need for us to shy away from change. For above Balder there is nought but blue sky. We cannot be perfect on every front, but I am prepared to take the difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions necessary to deliver progress. Sometimes we will need to make compromises, and I don't expect for a second that we will be free of criticism for this. Not every other region in Nationstates approves of our success at the moment, and that situation can only become more polarised in the future if it increases. But I am sure you did not elect me to shy away from the international challenges of progress, as much as I am sure that we will not miss the opportunities that will arise too.

Ministers Highlight Plans

King NES speedily got the Riksdag's approval for his new cabinet which shapes up as follows: Culture, Zander Cerebella, War, Cormac, Integration, Zeorus, Foreign Affairs, Charles Cerebella, Interior, Durkadurkiranistan and Media, Lord Ravenclaw. As they get settled in they've outlined a number of things to work on. The Culture Ministry is especially busy with plans for a new community nation initiative, a new RP on the founding of Balder, a new map and roleplay and an up-to-date history of the region. Lord Ravenclaw will be working on a new media outlet for the region, and is looking to collaborate with Osiris in that regard. Cormac has likewise started off strongly, reorganising the Jomsvikings, introducing a new nordic rank system and gone on a recruitment drive.

We're looking forward to a prosperous and exciting term under our new King and Government!

Legislative Activity and Debate in the Riksdag

Riksdag members debate legislation in front of King NES

The past few months have been busy for Balder's legislature, the Riksdag. In December a new Representation for the Realm Basic Law was passed that opened up the Riksdag itself to all citizens upon the taking of an oath and approval from the Riksdagens Talman, ending the system of elected representation that had been in place since the late summer of 2012. Following that a number of discussions have taken place over what should be the future government structure of the region. 34625197 initially suggested the idea of life terms for the monarch which despite receiving initial favour was then decided against. Out of the discussions around it Zander Cerebella introduced a full proposal for a dual executive, with the Monarch holding powers over Foreign, Security and Military affairs and a separate elected official for internal affairs. Despite receiving much approval this has also since been rejected by consensus in favour of a further proposal by the now King North East Somerset which would place all executive power in an elected Statsminister while keeping the delegate position as Monarch with Head of State functions. Final issues and details are being ironed out of this proposal and we'll keep you informed on their progress!

Alliance With Osiris

Jomsvikings sail to the aid of the Warrior Pharoh

In early December Balder concluded an alliance with Osiris. Following the removal of the subversive Empire faction from the region, and the establishment of the Osiris Fraternal Order, Balder honoured the treaty which committed the region to support for the communally supported regime of the other and the Government offered its unqualified support to the new regime, deploying the Jomsvikings in support. Balder remains committed to building on our alliance to make it even stronger and we send out our congratulations on the successful conclusion of their first elections!

Balder's Secrets

In a burglary that has stunned the region, everyone's second favourite grumpy old Balderite Grandpa Cerebella was robbed of his best walking stick. "This stick was an important part of my daily routine." Said a visibly upset Cerebella. "I would sit out here and shake it at noisy children, annoying teenagers and, well everyone really. I don't know what I'm going to do without it, shaking my fist just doesn't seem good enough." Cerebella also reported the theft of his favourite paddlin' board and his comfy slippers. The investigation is continuing.

In palace news, it has been reported that King North East Somerset keeps falling asleep in his bath. Attempting to blame it on the royal bubble bath the king said "Lavender is just too much, I mean I've already had my warm milk and evening cigar, so I'm already pretty much asleep when I get in!" The royal snoozing has led to the ruining of many bathtime cigars, leading to a major increase in palace spending as new batches of the specially made smokes are brought in. Many citizens have questioned such extravagent spending. Former Queen Rach said "Such wastefulness is appalling. When I was Queen, I spent half our budget on Chamapgne, flowers and specially formulated milk baths, but I can assure you not a penny was wasted, the servants had the milk in their coffee after I'd done!"

In other news, Speaker 34625197 caused alarm last week after reporting what he called a "Giant man eating eagle attack" on his home. "I...it was so frightening!" said the still worried speaker. "I got up for my midnight snack - a double triple cheeseburger with extra cheese - and as I approached the kitchen, this...this thing came smashing through the window and started flailing around on the table, I was frightened for my life" The police report says that after they safely removed a very frightened 34625197 from his hiding place in the pan cupboard, they identified the bird as Crown Prince Fuzzy, who had been testing out his new sat-nav and had taken a wrong turn. "The device identified this as a good shortcut" said Fuzzy. "It said I'd save five minutes if I dived and turned right, next thing I knew I was on a table, covered in glass and BBQ sauce. I can only offer my apologies to the speaker for this unfortunate incident."

Written by Charles Cerebella and Fuzzy Edited by Zeorus

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