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Seven Deaths

Albion Update X

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella
Crown Prince: His Imperial Highness, Sir Christopher Bishop
Princess: Her Royal Highness, Dame MagentaFairy
Prince: His Royal Highness, Joshua IX
Chief Knight: Sir Erebos Janmaren
Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Sir Seven Deaths
Knight of War and Lord High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairy
Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellency, Lord Cassius Cerebella
Knight Interior: Aynia de Antovign
Knight Cultural: Fleur de Mal
Chief Bard: Seth Redfield
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"Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both?"
- Robert Downey, Jr.
Sir Erebos Janmaren accepts the position of Chief Knight.
It was time once again for elections for the position of Chief Knight, the head of Albion's civilian government. With four candidates standing, the election was to prove quite competitive, with citizens old and new stepping up to serve the region. In a very close race, Sir Erebos Janmaren successfully won the position with 11 votes, barely ahead his closest competitor, Otto av Riket on 10 votes. The elections saw a total of 26 valid votes, an impressive turn out considering the amount of citizens on leave at the time. Both Sir Erebos and Riket are excellent contributors to the community, and either would have made a good Chief Knight, as was made clear by worrying close the final result was. Nonetheless, congratulations to Sir Erebos, and we wish him all the luck for his coming term of service. Sir Erebos stood on a campaign with celebrated the already impressive growth of the region, and promised to work on programs to better integrate new citizens into the community. He also plans to encourage increased academic activity in the regional university, among other cultural initiatives.
In a somewhat less dramatic election, candidates also stood for the positions on our Lower Council, Albion's lower legislative house. With less citizens choosing to stand than in previous terms, this council was limited to five available seats. After an election commented on for its distinct lack of campaign threads, Aaron Cerebella Frost, Ankruna, Cassius Cerebella, de Lorean and Detritus Saxton were elected to the council. Albion then celebrated the conclusion of this election in a traditional manner, by threadjacking the voting thread and taking it to a place that no self respecting thread should ever reach. In an interesting turn, the new council defied the lack of enthusiasm with which it was elected by suddenly diving into activity, approving a number of minor legal amendments to existing laws. The council then engaged in a long and somewhat heated vote concerning the exact role of the council itself, arguments centering around a clause which gave the council a right to impeach the Chief Knight. Reaching an impasse of sorts, this matter has yet to be settled.
"To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy."
- Will Durant
Dem elephants. The sunset is also impressive I guess.
In some glorious diplomatic news, Albion is pleased to announce that the The Mediterranean Accord has been ratified by both Albion and Osiris. This treaty is a historic arrangement that existed back in the days of the Kemetic Republic, but due to various events was delayed and eventually a new treaty was required to reflect the new Osiris. Albion was proud to stand by Osiris all throughout its period of unrest, and it was our honour to help their region become the stable community that it is today. We also look forward to future relations, both cultural and military, in the coming days and future.
Albion also remains active on the battlefield, engaging in numerous training exercises, ranging from various maneuvering exercises to tags on founderless regions. We were also pleased to have participated in recent operations to remove invading forces from the roleplayer region of Anzia, as part of our efforts to preserve the Green-Black Concordat. At present time, the Royal Albion Legion is deployed in the region Scotland, as part of our commitment to the United Imperial Armed Forces, who are running a joint operation with The North Pacific. The operation was planned out by cooperative effort between Albion's officers, and officials from The North Pacific, and we are very pleased to see this come to fruition. Hopefully this is a demonstration of future cooperation between these two fine regions.
"Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts."
- Jim Morrison
Arch-Mage Sir Seven Deaths gets his serious posting mode on.
Day after day, month after month, Albion continues to shatter records leaving other UCRs in the dust. The speed with which we’ve attained our forum post count and activity has left many others feeling a strange mixture of envy, hatred and pride. So when we entered March with many of our top posters detained on things such as University, vacation in other countries, etc our post count wasn’t looking so hot. When the Arch-Mage returned from his jaunt on the other side of the world, he set out to change that. Challenging the forum to surpass certain post count levels with the incentive to be able to change his avatar and name...for an entire month. As of the 29th of March, the challenge was shattered with Albion surpassing over 10,800 posts and continuing to rise. Submissions so far have been hideous with avatar suggestions such as Miley Cyrus and Matt Smith and names such as “I <3 Miley” and “I am Matt Smith”. Only time will tell if Arch-Mage Seven Deaths intends to hide himself in shame for the next month.
The Albion Winter Olympics have been another successful event, running for the last month or so, and have seen consistent activity. The olympics have featured hockey, bobsledding, figure skating, as well as a host of other activities to celebrate the winter spirit. The event was started by late Chief Knight, Sir Feniris, who has indicated a wish to see his competition through even after his term, to the delight of those involved.
It was early on the first of April, when the government of Albion devised a truly diabolical plan to bring a touch of exciting chaos to the citizenry. People all across Albion awoke to find their once benevolent King, Charles Cerebella, had been replaced by the Queen of Hearts! In a completely unsurprising move, she ordered the execution of vast amounts of the populace! Some sought out the Arch-Mage for protection, only to find that in his place stood instead the Mad Hatter himself, who was obviously far too busy doing things to help, because reasons. Hilarity ensued as the admin team descended upon the administrative controls of the forum, altering the masking of many citizens to reflect the wonderful world of Alice. Some were less amused than others, some were outright confused, but all are now thankful that everything is back as it should be.
"Who needs sports stardom when you can shoot fireballs from your fingertips?"
- Ethan Gilsdorf
Albion: Bringing you dramatic fantasy landscape pictures since not all that long ago.
Time once more for our expected update on our numerous roleplays. A few new ones have popped up since our last update and of course, there’s always something of interest in Albion for everyone. In Olympus Resort, things have stayed par for the course. The fifth Quest in this roleplay is nearing its completion, with a mission given by Ares himself, the God of War, to stop a villain from capturing Pandora's box, and unleashing a new evil upon the world. Behind the scenes, much more sinister things are in the works. What could they be? Join and find out.
Chaos Knights is currently in the second round of our Guild Tournament. In this system, the two combatants make as many posts as they can in five days and then a poll is posted. Voters are encouraged to vote based on how well each player role played the fight. The tournament is setting some of the best warriors of the guild against each other, to determine who is truly our strongest hero. At the same time, a number of guild members are quickly proving themselves by completely quests and earning greater fame across the lands of Noviom.
One of our three new roleplays is called Daubney Company Contracting. A space based RP centered around a private contracting firm where players can create characters using one of several races all original content created by the main GM, Sir Erebos. At present, our rag tag team of mercenaries are aboard a large transport ship, providing security in the expectation that the ship will be attacked. Things very rarely go to plan however, and we can expect a few wrenches thrown before the end of this mission.
Another new one is called A Place in the Sun and is one of the more successful Nation RPs Albion has had. A early 20th century themed RP built around diplomacy and expansion. Some factions have secured territory on trading routes with an eye to becoming an economic power, while others focus on building up their military strength. Lastly, a Galactic Republic stands as the absolute newest RP. It’s another nation RP set in the vastness of space. Not much is known about exactly how this RP will play out, though it has been designed with the scope of a hybrid, allowing both nations and individual characters to be created in the expansive universe. Why don’t you come join and find out?
Albion News Network
The following may or may not be true, which is true is for you to decide
-Siblings in Skulduggery
The men and women of the City-States of Brightwall and Silverpine took to the streets as pandemonium ensued, brought on by the antics of Silverpine. The citizens of the supposedly learned Silverpine snuck into Brightwall and commenced with pranking the unprepared citizens. It was not long, however before Brightwall retaliated with antics of their own. When will the madness end? Some hope never. Others wished for an immediate stop, but we ignored them because we like the pranking better.
-The Chief Knight's New Armor
Sir Erebos Janmaren, after taking his position as Chief Knight, commissioned a local blacksmith for armor befitting his station. Several days later, the smith arrives with what appears to be empty hands. But he quickly explains to the Chief Knight that the armor was invisible and lighter than a feather. Sir Erebos was astounded by this, and demanded to try it on immediately. The Chief Knight then disrobed, causing nothing short of chortles from his Round Table, and even one or two from the king himself. Sir Erebos was beside himself when he found what the blacksmith said to be true: the armor was entirely see-through, and was so light that he could not even feel its weight. The Chief Knight was seen later that same day showing off his new armor to the citizens of the kingdom. Is the Chief Knight really wearing armor, or has he been swindled out of his gold? Doesn't seem to really matter; he looks quite pleased with it, so why don't we just let him enjoy it while it lasts.
-Tragedy At The Circus
The Great Flydini, the human cannonball for the Shrekman Family Circus, is known for being rather eccentric. He owns a mule, which he brings with him to every show. But tragedy struck today when the donkey climbed into the cannon right as Flydini took off. No one was seriously injured but the mule. However, it did take doctors three hours to remove Flydini's head from his ass. The Great Flydini announced his retirement following the recent accident. When the circus owner was asked if he is going to replace the Great Flydini, he replied, "No: it's hard to find a man of that caliber." This story had absolutely nothing to do with Albion.
-A Reign of Terror
With Erebos, Cit Reaper as Chief Knight, it was only a matter of time before his Cabinet followed in his bloody footsteps. A recent bout of forum cleansing has left many inactive stalls and roleplays in ruin. How long will this horror continue? We can only hope that eventually these Knights of Doom will run out of things to destroy. The only advice we can give is this: Stay Active, Albion.
-The RMB is a strange place
Something weird also happened on the Albion Regional Message Board, though for the life of me I can't seem to remember what it was. I suspect it had something to do with someone stealing the pants of Markus Angelus, also known as Vandelstein. Yep.
Thanks for reading!
Always yours,


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