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Logain Raolin

May Update from The New Inquisition

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TNI Foreign Office
The New Inquisition Foreign Office - Election Update
7th May 2014

Population: 309
Forum posts: 477,303

Kaiser: His Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, Charles Cerebella
Crown Princess: Her Imperial Highness, Lynneiah
Reich Chancellor: Her Grace, The Rt. Hon. Viktoria von Hohenzollern
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: His Grace, The Rt. Hon. Sir Otto von Pitt
Secretary of State for Home Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Torrin von Vonno
Secretary of State for Culture: The Rt. Hon. Fabius Maximus
Secretary of State for Events: The Rt. Hon. Baron Plaguelord
Minister-without-Portfolio: The Rt. Hon. Salochin

The New Inquisition Launches Stock Exchange - Speculation is rife!

Traders busily go about their business, hoping to make their fortune

The New Inquisition has launched a brand new cultural project, The New Inquisition Stock Exchange (TNISE). Many prominent members of the region, including the Kaiser have joined the game which is based on a combination of NS nations and contributions to the region.

TNISE began trading on Monday 28th April, and has so far seen active trading from players. Prices fluctuate based on the trades made by players and the performance of players within TNI. Players are then assessed at the end of each month both on the performance of their company (which is based on the combination of their NS nation and their TNI performances) and their trading (how much they have increased the value of their portfolio through buying and selling various shares in other companies).

TNISE is open to foreign players on application and those interested in taking part should register on the TNI forums to take part.

TNI People's Choice Awards announced

The glitz, the glamour, the excitement was all present for TNI's ever popular People's Choice Awards...

After a long hiatus, TNI's People Choice Awards were held. The Awards give citizens of TNI a chance to nominate fellow citizens of TNI for various awards (serious and silly). The competition was intense, but the Reich Chancellor announced the awards as follows:

Serious categories:

Favourite TNI citizen - Harshhaven

Best Reichstag Delegate - Jet Black

Best Lord - Jet Black and Harshhaven

Most Evil Member - Sir Pitt and Plaguelord

Best New member - Torrin Von Vonno

Most Cheerful Member - Fairybella

Most Cynical Member - Lynnieah

Member You Would Most Like to Return - Shase

Best Roleplayer - Plaguelord

Best Military Commander - Onderkelkia and Christopher Bishop

Best Military Operation - The Rejected Realms

Favourite Thread - Cere, Harshy and Josh Play...

Worst Thread - Satan and Women's Liberation

Best Quote - 'The constitution is irrelevant' Sir Pitt

Member Who Has Contributed the Most to TNI - Viktoria von Hohenzollern

Best Regional/Religious Society - Pixel Fix

Biggest Spammer - Fabius Maximus

Biggest Troll - Plaguelord

Best Debater - Sir Pitt

Silly categories:

TNI's Village Idiot - Plaguelord and Wyzecat

Most Likely to be Found Drunk and Dancing naked in the Palace Gardens - North East Somerset

Member You'd Least Like to Meet in a Dark Alley - Plaguelord

Member You'd Most Like to Meet in a Dark Alley - Plaguelord

Member Most Likely to Derail your Thread - Fabius Maximus

Member Most Likely to Become a Dictator - Lynnieah

Member Most Likely to be Reincarnated as an Olive - Sir Pitt and Onderkelkia

Member Most Likely to be First Against the Wall When the Revolution Comes- Sir Pitt

Celebrations of jubilation and bitter recriminations followed, but there was agreement that the awards had been an excellent success and that there would be not quite so long a wait before the next Awards took place.


Citizens from TNI and Unknown were waltzing long into night during the festival

Following a series of negotiations between the Culture Secretary of TNI and members of Unknown, the TNI-Unknown Cultural Festival has begun. which has seen citizens from Unknown visit TNI's forums to take part in a roleplay state occasion with food, dancing and costumes.

This has been noted as a signal of a return to activity and strength for TNI. What is special about this event is that instead of the usual fun and games characteristic of TNI, this joint festival has opted for an approach closer to that of Unknown, taking the form of a roleplayed ball with a central theme of twisted fairytales. There has been a warm reception towards the event, and frequent posting, including appearances by many leading members of both regions. It is believed that relations between the regions would see further development through this event.

Imperial University launches essay prize competition with LKE

The Imperial University of The New Inquisition has launched its first essay prize competition for players across Nationstates.

The question that players have to answer is: 'What is the future of Imperialism in Nation States?'

Essays are free to answer this question in any way, provided that they address the topic and essays will be judged by the Chancellor of the Imperial University of TNI and the Chancellor of the University of LKE.

They will be judged on strength of argument, structure and use of language as well as creativity/novelty.

Individuals have till Monday 26th May 2014 - Noon GMT to submit their essays to either the Chancellor of either university.

The winner will be announced shortly afterwards, and they shall receive a joint-Doctorate from both universities and be given appropriate honours.

A selection of the best responses will be published in both universities.

New citizens

The following have recently been accepted as citizens of The New Inquisition: Captain Lemsip, Peacefulonia, Divine Emperor, Warbeld312, God Emperor of Dys, BlackPanther, x6sic6x, Ifaltannia Empire

Want to find out more about The New Inquisition? Register on our forums: www.thenewinquisition.net/

This dispatch was composed whilst listening to: The Sun Always Shines on TV by a-ha

Edited by Logain Raolin

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