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The Deans To Do and Progress List

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Set up Uni RP-PMed Grim

Uni Newspaper-Will be Journalism Club

Open Campus Program-Will be posting in Embassy`s once we get classes and teachers

Tutor Program-Need to set up classes first

Courges Cow-Need to make a list of home work helpers

The Frat- Ves PMed


Bringing back NS/Equilism based courses: PMs sent

Clubs- in admin ticket

lieberry thread- Need classes before you can have relvent materiel.

Splitting up the school year-Summer Session teacher sign ups are open

Special Projects- In Admin ticket

Deans Deptuys-Thinking about it

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Plans for term:

Session one (now): Set things up

Session two: Get what we have set up going

Session three: Set up the rp sports league, reopen the Open Campus Program,

Session fours: Stream lining the study hall and uni news feeds as well as special projects.

Session five:Keep everything going and stream line it a bit

Sessoin six: If all goes as planned I should be able to set up for a take over and resign and the end of this one.

Now lets see how long it takes to muck up these plans eh?

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