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Logain Raolin

June Update from The New Inquisition

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TNI Foreign Office

The New Inquisition Foreign Office - Foreign Update

1st June 2014


Population: 305

Forum posts: 479,593

Kaiser: His Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, Charles Cerebella

Crown Princess: Her Imperial Highness, Lynneiah

Reich Chancellor: Her Grace, The Rt. Hon. Viktoria von Hohenzollern

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Torrin von Vonno

Secretary of State for Home Affairs: His Grace, The Rt. Hon. Sir Otto von Pitt

Secretary of State for Culture: The Rt. Hon. Fabius Maximus

Secretary of State for Events: The Rt. Hon. Baron Plaguelord

Minister-without-Portfolio: The Rt. Hon. Salochin

Happenings in The New Inquisition!

Unknown State Visit leads to Powerhouse of an Engagement!


High-ranking officials from Unknown and The New Inquisition met in our capital for a joint event. With the drinks flowing and spirits high, the festivities raged well into the early morning hours. Early reports of the aftermath include a new sauna being built, and thousands of state dollars being spent on food and drink. The citizens could not be happier! Ties with Unknown have never been stronger. Most importantly, Reich Chancellor Viktoria von Hohenzollern and Unknown Cultural Minister Anubis announced their surprise engagement. We wish them all the best!

Two New Treaties Promise Glory and Strength for TNI and its Allies!


After successful negotiations with The West Pacific, a treaty of friendship has been passed. The treaty includes a non-aggression pact, cooperation, and mutually assured defense in its language. We look forward to continued cooperation between our newly strengthened friends.


While the foreign team was working hard with The West Pacific, the König alongside Secretary of Foreign Affairs von Vonno attended the Third Monarchist Conference, hosted in the Land of Kings and Emperors. From this conference came about a Treaty of Friendship and Amity. Within the text, a new organization, the Order of the Golden Fleece, came about. The Order aims to encourage cultural events between all signatories of the Treaty, which include Their Majesties the Emperor of The Land of Kings and Emperors, the König of The New Inquisition, the King of Albion, the King of Balder, the Pharaoh of Osiris, the First Lords of Ceseris, the Emperor of Denmark, the Emperor of Mazeria, the King-Emperor of The Kingdom of Great Britain, the Emperor of the New Galactic Empire, the King of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and any other monarchs that may accede in the future.

UIAF Major Victories Abroad!


First, the counter-invasion of Liberal Haven: the UIAF proved pivotal in an operation against a vicious collection of Nazi and fascist groups, known as the Right Wing Uprising, by freeing the region of Liberal Haven from their occupation. Second, The United Imperial Armed Forces invaded Alteran Empire, with eight units participating in the operation, including UIAF Joint Commander Christopher Bishop and UIAF TNI Divisional Commander Torrin von Vonno. To quote OnderKelkia "The success of this operation is a significant indicator of the strength of UIAF power, including the power of The New Inquisition Armed Forces. The failure of the FRA and the UDL to prevent this invasion is confirmation of their continued ability to resist UIAF's might in fighting TNI and the LKE's wars against them." Great job, troops!

Political Reshuffle!

There was a minor shuffle in the cabinent, with Sir Pitt taking charge of Home Affairs while newcomer Torrin von Vonno took over Foreign Affairs. When asked about the change von Vonno responded "I don't even know where the bathrooms are in this building! Changing duties is the least of my concerns!" Upon follow up, Minister von Vonno found the restrooms and is in much better spirits.

Reich Chancellor von Hohenzollern shook up the political make-up of TNI by declaring she was forming a new political party. While this was met with some backlash by those who voted for her as an independent, the addition of a new party to the political scene was celebrated.

Out with the Old


Fabius Maximus took over the helm for the Primrose League and promptly closed the doors of the political party. In a heartfelt speech, Fabius Maximus recalled the golden years of the party before ending his speech. To former Party members, thank you for being part of the history here. The end may not be something to remember, but while glory times were there, it did shine. Once again, good luck in whatever you do."


Written by Torrin von Vonno

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