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Seven Deaths

Albion Update XII

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella
Crown Prince: His Imperial Highness, Sir Christopher Bishop
Princess: Her Royal Highness, Dame MagentaFairy
Prince: His Royal Highness, Sir Joshua IX
Chief Knight: Sir Fox
Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Lord Seven Deaths
Knight of War and Lady High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairy
Knight Foreign: His Scheming Excellency, Lord Cassius Cerebella
Knight Interior: Dame Aynia de Antovign
Knight Cultural: Seth Saxton
Chief Bard: Aedan O'Feargail
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Round Table Gets Foxy

The Fox guilt trips people into voting for him

The hustings, our local vote casting and political blathering arena, saw a burst of activity as it was once again election season in Albion. For Chief Knight, the head of Albion's domestic government, there was actually only one candidate who stepped forward! The Fox, formerly known as Mister Riket, self nominated himself early on, and subsequently received so much support from all across Albion that nobody dared stand against him. This writer suspects the lack of competition was not due to a lack of interest in the role, as it is usually hotly contested, but rather that everyone knew standing against the might of the Panzer Fox would only result in a crushing defeat! At the conclusion of the oddly long nomination period, Sir Fox was admitted to the office of Chief Knight without contest or protest. We look forward to seeing what brilliant feats of stuff and things he will accomplish in the term that awaits him.
The Lower Council also endured a barrage of recent electoral activity. In a vicious battle for votes, where the aspiring candidates sought to rally voters to their cause with largely uninspired campaigns, we saw a new council of five which included a surprising amount of completely new legislators. These victors were Nakon Ank Arnulf, Seth Redfield, Killian Saxton, Sir Odin Pendragon, and Zack Shepard. We are looking forward to seeing what this council can accomplish with their term. Considering almost every single reform proposal their recent predecessors had made was rejected by the Grand Council, they certainly have their work cut out for them. At the moment, discussion revolves around the idea of allowing the King to grant honorary citizenship to members, a proposal suggested by former Chief Knight Pandora.
We're also pleased to announce that we have a new World Assembly Delegate. Nakon Ank Arnulf has replaced the long standing Markus Angelus, better known as Vandelstein, after the latter announced he no longer had enough time to continue in the position.

Not One Step Back!

The walls of Nazi Europe fall

The Royal Albion Military remains ever active across the wet and wild battlefields of NationStates, pillaging helpless regions of their muffins and gallantly rushing to the aid of our noble allies when we have nothing better to do. Recent times have seen deployments in a number of regions, but most notably in the notorious stronghold of hate known as Nazi Europe. As a part of the United Imperial Armed Forces, Albion soldiers participated in both the initial raid and recapture of the region from RWU forces, fighting alongside a number of other militaries to ensure that this long standing target was finally vanquished. The refound of the region ensured a lasting permanent victory over the forces of fascism, and represents a major victory in the ongoing war against ideologies of hate in NationStates. It also marks a continuation of our cooperation with The North Pacific, and we hope our regions will continue to grow closer together in both military affairs and otherwise. A massive shout out to Evil Wolf for making this happen, after he suddenly realised that he had the password to the region, and actually had possessed it for a significant amount of time! Following this fantastic event, our forces subsequently deployed into the long time role playing region Ixnay, in support of the rampant marauders from The Black Riders. Nothing like a good side of pillaging and looting to finish off the week!

Would You Like Fries With That?

Some of the food served in the Shalefields Lunch Cantina

This month saw a rather odd burst of activity in the city states of Albion, as certain individuals who shall remain nameless descended upon one of the official information threads for Shalefields. Curiously, their only demand was that they be provided with lunch as they proceeded to occupy the thread. Eventually, the Archduchess gave in to the insidious plot, and the thread was renamed the Shalefields Lunch Cantina. Of course, it then became apparent that we also required a place for Breakfast and Dinner. Brightwall and Silverpine thus suffered similar fates, as the diabolical diners mauled threads across the cities in search of other venues for munching on food.
Albion's crazy yet brilliant minecraft world has undergone something of an upgrade, as we realised that Lord Seven Death's computer was dying a slow and painful death from struggling to host all our nonsense. As such, we've shifted to a more proper server actually capable of providing a stable connection without risk of spontaneous periodic internal explosions. The move also allowed us to activate a number of world mods to allow better management of our ever growing world, including a handy map feature so that we can all see exactly just how far Dame Aynia traveled across the world in her long and arguous journey to the North, where she now lives in total isolation. Viewing the entire world in 3D via the map feature certainly makes it all look rather impressive!
Currently the highlight event in Albion is the Wolfwood tournament. This is essentially a variant of the famous last nation standing competition, where a new region is created, nations moved in, and the lowest ranked by the survey each day is sent packing to TRR. Our unusual twist is that each of these nations represents a character, a champion who is fighting to the death for the honour of their fiefdom in the Albion of Today role play. Which means that when your nation is rejected, your hero dies. The winner each day gets to watch their character brutally slaughter the losers character, in combat posts that will be gloriously composed by our resident Arch-Mage. There can only be one winner, and certain Lords and Knights of the Realm have already started a betting pool. Imagine that, betting money on peoples lives! How very barbaric. I mean, who even uses money, other than peasants? Lords should be betting entire castles. They have enough of them.

Albion News Network
The following may or may not be true, which is true is for you to decide
We now have a Cthulhu emote. That's right. Cthulhu. He's in ur posts now. Fear him, etc.
The point is that by now we think we have amassed one of the best emote collections of any NS forum.
Anyway, Sir Detritus Saxton recently declared himself Lord of Limes, based on some convoluted theory that if his brother is the Lord of Time then he should rule over something that rhymes with that. For some reason. Yeah.
Silverpine very nearly declared war on Shalefields after a citizen of the latter city did something mildly insulting somewhere. Sir Fox claimed total credit for almost destroying the fragile unity of the Realm.
Speaking of Sir Fox, shortly after his election he promptly fled the country and celebrated his victory in China. Fortunately he was GPS implanted, and so through a series of smoke signals, telepathic devices, and cell phones, he was able to return to us.
The region is rather excited at the prospect of BACON, the movie. Let's be honest, who wouldn't be? Well, actually, it wouldn't be all that great really, because it would just be one big teaser. You can't exactly eat a movie.
A lot more has happened since the last update, but recording everything that happens in Albion would be a full time job in itself. So here you get but a taster. A delicious appetizer.
The main course is steak. And bacon. Lots of bacon.
#AlbionForever #SevenDeaths #ErebosInfinity #LizLovesLimes
Such activity. Much content. Very update.
Always yours,


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