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The Grim Reaper

Northwest Limited [OOC, Character Dossiers]

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Abercrombie's Personal Files, and the

Water Cooler outside his office

Northwest Limited Discussion Thread and Character Dossiers

(The In-Character Thread)

(Note: The logo at the top of the In-Character thread is a hyperlink to this one)

Sometimes we just need to put our feet up, take a moment to discuss where we need to go, and perhaps plot a bit of inter-office politics.

Yeah, we need to show the proper 'decorum' when sending emails, using NEMS, leaving a paper-trail, but here? We can speak freely without need for that mess.

And, also, perhaps introduce ourselves to everyone else.

This thread serves as both the Water Cooler for discussion (if others are online, you can use the Equilism IRC as the official live-chat for this RP instead of this thread, although remember that there are other Equilismers who like to use that IRC too) and as the thread where everyone can post any pertinent information about their character that everyone should know.

Important Features:

Departments [Common short-forms] (Department Head if Established):

The Accounting Department [Accounts]

The Administration Department [Admin; Management] (Jen Fields (Office Manager))

The Appraisals and Acquisitions Department [Appraisals; Acquisition; A&A]

The Creative Department

The Human Resources Department (Fred Matthews)

The Information Technology Department [iT; Tech] (Melanie Ford)

The Legal Department

The Maintenance Department

The Marketing Department

The Quality Assurance Department [QA]

The Research and Development Department [R/D; RnD; Research] (Jack Butler)

The Security Department (Richard Abercrombie)

Player Characters: (Sorted Alphabetically by Last Name)

Richard Abercrombie [The Grim Reaper] - Head of Security, Emergency Response Coordinator [security]

Katharine Beals [Riazoaen] - [Marketing]

Dr. Jack Butler [Zeorus] - Head of Research and Development

Jen Fields [Astarial] - Office Manager [Head of Administration]

Stewart Johnson [severisen] - Technical Support Specialist [iT]

Fred Matthews [Lord Ravenclaw] - Head of Human Resources

Minor Characters:

Melanie Ford [severisen] - Head of IT

'That New Girl in Marketing' [Zeorus; The Grim Reaper] - Marketing Consultant

Al Robinson [Zeorus]- Assistant Head of Research and Development

Bill [The Grim Reaper] - [security]

Sarah [The Grim Reaper; Zeorus] - [Accounting]

Mary [Zeorus; The Grim Reaper] - Dr. Jack Butler's ex-wife, [Human Resources]

Edited by The Grim Reaper

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