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Logain Raolin

September Update from The New Inquisition

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TNI Foreign Office

The New Inquisition Foreign Office - Foreign Update

1st September 2014


Population: 305

Forum posts: 484,942

König: His Most Gracious and Imperial Majesty, Charles Cerebella

Crown Princess: Her Imperial Highness, Lynneiah

Minister-President: The Rt. Hon. P.M. Romanov

Vice Minister-President: Kurfürstin Viktoria von Hohenzollern

Minister of Home Affairs: Feirherr Baron Bert of Loreley

Minister of Cultural Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Wyzecat

Minister of External Culture & Foreign Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Torrin von Vonno

Happenings in The New Inquisition!

TNI Returns to the Polls


The last few weeks in August saw then eclipse of the MagentaFairy government. Elections were called and many citizens took to the polls to elect the new Landtag representatives and the Minister President. In a surprise announcement before the elections, leaders of the Renaissance Party announced that the party was closing its doors to make way for a new entity.

In the race for the Landtag, seven candidates ran for five positions. P.M Romanov (formerly Fabius Maximus), Viktoria von Hohenzollern, and Wyzecat ran on the independent platform, and Freddie, LT Zack Crabtree, MagentaFairy, and Torrin von Vonno represented the Prussian Reform Party. When the polls closed, P.M. Romanov, Freddie, MagentaFairy, and Torrin von Vonno all secured a place in the Landtag. For the final seat, there was a runoff between Lt. Zack Crabtree and Wyzecat, with PRP Crabtree taking the final seat. Within the Landtag, relative newcomer Lt. Zack Crabtree was elected as speaker. He had this to say, Thank you all, I will do my best to preform my role as those before me have done. We congratulate all those who have served, and who will be serving in the Landtag.

The election for M-P was more clear cut, as P.M. Romanov ran unopposed. Upon his victory, Romanov announced his plans for The New Inquisition, as well as his cabinet. Romanov announced that his government would focus on transparency, activity, and pragmatism. The new M-P also wishes to emphasize recruitment, and cultural activities both internal and external. As far as his cabinet, P.M. Romanov has chosen Kurfürstin Viktoria as his vice M-P, Freiherr Bert has been assigned as Home Minister. Wyzecat has been tasked with Cultural Minister, and is to focus on internal events. Torrin von Vonno has been named as External Events Minister as a compliment to his role as Foreign Minister. Given his previous and robust commitment to TNI, the foreign ministry looks forward to the M-Ps term.

Privy Council takes reins of Foreign Policy


One of the biggest changes in TNI governance and decision making has been the creation and appointment of a Privy Council from the Lords and Ladies of TNI. The Privy Council has been tasked with working alongside the König to craft foreign policy of the region. Three members have been appointed to the Council, with accompanying titles. Arch Marshall of the New Inquisition MagentaFairy, Margrave Palatine Olde Delaware of Bremen, and Arch-Seneschal of The New Inquisition Joshua IX. They have appointed Torrin von Vonno as their Foreign Minister, who is to aid in carrying out their policies. In the short time since their creation, the Privy Council has been busy.

One of their first pieces of work has been discussing a Treaty with TBR. Long-time military allies, The Black Riders have reached out with the entire UIAF to craft treaties with member regions. The Privy Council approved the treaty, and it was signed by the König.

For his Birthday König gives gifts to citizens - Honors and Awards


König Charles Cerebella has given a number of awards and honours to mark his birthday. Bert, an integral member to TNIs naturalization efforts, has been given peerage. He has been awarded the Barony of Loreley. Plaguelords status has been upgraded to Vicsount of Schittgablerstrasse. Lastly, Dominius Aurelius has been awarded the title of Landgrave of Warszawa. Congratulations to the peers!

The service and actions of a number of members of the military, including Bert, MagentaFairy, Torrin von Vonno, P.M. Romanov, and Gun Nutty Buddies, has earned them the Military Service Medal. We thank you for serving.

P.M. Romanov has been awarded the honor of The Order of Gemeinschaft for his outstanding contributions to regional cultural, including planning a number of festivals. The last recipient is Anubis. He was given the Realms Service Medal for his efforts in regional recruitment.


Written by Torrin von Vonno

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