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Seven Deaths

Albion Update XIV

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Christopher Bishop
Crown Prince: His Imperial Highness, Lord Seven Deaths
Princess: Her Royal Highness, Dame MagentaFairy
Prince: His Royal Highness, Sir Joshua IX
Chief Knight: Sir Seth
Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Lord Cassius Cerebella
Knight of War and Lady High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairy
Knight Foreign: Her Scheming Excellency, Dame Olivia
Knight Interior: Dame Fleur de Mal
Knight Cultural: Sir Zack
Chief Bard: Sir Aedan Mac Riket
Chief Recruiter: Enahsian Calidan
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230,238 forum posts | | 362 Nations

A New King is Born
On the 26 December 2014 His then Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella emerged from the Keep calling upon the Court and citizens of Albion to attend a meet within the heart of Bowerstone. It is here where our now former King addressed the regions peers with a notice of abdication.

"While I still can I'd like to give out a special order to a handful of people whom I have worked very closely here and who have been such big parts of my journey as King of the region. To Cassius, Chris, Seven Deaths, Magenta Fairy, Feniris and Joshua IX I'd like to bestow my personal Order of Invictus. Thank you all for everything you've done, all the laughs we've shared and all the fun we've had.

My thanks go out to every member of the region as well. You have all made this place the special place it is and nothing would ever have been possible without you all. I can't possibly convey my appreciation to you that you decide to call this place your home."

Our former Majesty expressed to the community as a whole.

Charles Cerebella was crowned the first King of Albion on 22nd April, 2013, the time when Albion officially became a region and her forums founded. With the assistance of others whom now form the Order of Origin, Charles created the prospering community so cherished today.

"The region has been an unprecedented success for a new region and has reached posting milestones much faster than any other region. The sheer activity and community spirit in the region have been outstanding outstanding and the speed which the region gelled together really surprised me."

"It has been an absolute pleasure to be King of this region. It has been a wonderful experience with many more highs than there were ever lows and I look forward to being a part of the community for a long time to come."

He admitted fondly when queried later on Albion's achievements.

Stepping forth to reign as the new King of Albion, is Charles' son and previous Crown Prince Christopher Bishop. Chris worked closely with Charles during his dynasty and has always proven trustworthy and dedicated to Albion's growth and success both at home and on the battlefield.


Albion is a great and vibrant community that is willing to accept anyone right out of the woodwork. The community is friendly enough to allow for members to be open with each other. At times a little too open at times, but nothing out of turn. I like to thank my predecessor, Charles Cerebella, for his hard work in found the region and bringing the region where it is today. I can only hope that I can live up to the example that he has set forth.
I now come before you as the new King of Albion. I can say for sure that Albion will have a bright future. It is with this great community that Albion can rise to any occasion to face the challenges that put before it. We have overcome the smallest of squabbles and the few threats that would disrupt the peaceful region. The region has always come out stronger because of it. I will work closely with my trusted advisors and the government to put forth grand plans that will lead able forward.
I like to welcome Seven Deaths to the royal line as I present him the position of Crown Prince. He may stylize himself as His Royal Highness. Seven Deaths been a contributing member ever since the founding of Albion. He has been Charles right hand man and has probably a lot for the region, much more than anyone else that comes to mind. Let him continue to serve the region as the new Crown Prince as I know he will continue to do great things.
Taking Seven Deaths place as Arch-Mage is Cassius, who has contributed much over the year from Chief Knight and until only recently as Knight Foreign. There is a lot that I am probably forgetting, but I am sure he will remind me and whoever asks what he has done. Cassius may stylize himself as His Highly Learned Magnificence.
First on the list of honors, I like to present Fleur de Mal the title of Baroness of Westcliff. She has served the region in multiple cabinet positions and in various roles in the region. Fleur has also proven to be a capable commander on the battlefield. In addition to her title, I shall make her a Knight Ordinary of the Order of the Helm.
For his contributions to the active Roleplays in the Crucible I like to present Knight Commander of the Order of the Quill to Harald Von Thuringen. I like to present Knight Ordinary of the Order of the Quill to Seth Redfield.
I like to make Tyrion Saxton the Knight Commander of the Order of the Flagon due to continued contribution to the design of Albion. For Enahsian Calidan has done much in contribution to Albion and her activity. He has proven that he is devoted to the region and I like to present him Knight Ordinary of the Order of the Flagon.
Serving the region on the Lower Council for several consecutive terms and as Speaker of the Lower Council, I like to present Zack Saxton with Knight Ordinary of the Order of the Mace.
Freddie has been the region's most active World Assembly Delegate with continued updates on all resolutions that are currently at vote. Freddie has also been helpful in keeping the RMB active. I like to present Freddie with the Knight Ordinary of the Order of the Mace.
For final honors, I like to present Olivia with Knight Ordinary of the Order of Laurel. She has done a great job as taking over Cassius as the Knight Foreign. I am sure that Olivia will continue to do great work as she helps shape Albion's foreign policy.

Long Live Albion! Long Live the King!

Congratulations to all those honoured with new titles, to our new Crown Prince and an even bigger congratulations to our new King!

Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects
- Lester B. Pearson
Once again Albion was thrown into electoral frenzy with the Fox stepping down as Chief Knight and the bribes began to line the pockets of those standing to take the position. Sir Seth Redfield Calidan won the honour by a hair of the fox, taking to the seat for the first time. Proving more than capable of throwing peacock feathered wings into the role, Sir Seth, with a plethora Christmas cheer began the planning of this season's festival and promoting the restructure of Albion's finest civil service. Joining him for his crusade is another new face to the Round Table; Sir Zack Saxton taking on the position of Knight Cultural. Dame Fleur de Mal re-appointed as Knight Interior with Sir Hound snapping yet again at heels as Chief Bard and finally, Olivia Calidan (albeit temporarily) resuming her position as Chief Recruiter.
As things settled and citizens happily toddled about their daily tasks, the Regency and Round Table were left floundering.Lord Cassius Cerebella had recently returned from a short trip to the isles of AFK, he announced with a heavy heart his resignation as Knight Foreign. How long had Lord Cassius had served as Knight Foreign for? “...a very long time,” he replied when asked. Would seem the Reptillians has nothing on our newest Arch Mage. In his stead, the Crown has appointed Olivia to fill his shoes, with Enahsian taking her place as Chief Recruiter.
One ring to rule them all – at least from a civilian standpoint – the Lower Council elections went under-way with the return of a few familiar faces. Sir Zack Saxton, and Maxim Cerebella dedicated to serving another term. Monotony failing to exist in Albion yet again with "fair-go" policies through the roof as Enahsian, the delegable Freddie and Cadmus sit with the Lower Council for the first time.

I made a rogue-sorcerer once..
It wasn't too bard
Despite the quietness the silly season brings across nation states, the ever defiant Gods Among Men simply refuses to follow the flock and remains afloat with new character arrivals, and not from the same people, either! The latest demi-god to grace the halls is Chatur. A son of Vishnu adding his own fuel to the fire as a team of misfits are being round-up as we speak, to shake the very foundations of their lives. Chaos Knights has also returned to the forefront of popularity and is now going strong alongside Gods Among Men.
Since the time of the last update, two new role-plays have surfaced. First conjuration is Summoners Abyss, where you create a character who has command over an element of your choice and a creature to summon along with it. You, as a part of the carefully selected team of Summoners have embarked on a journey to close a rift of impending doom before it's too late.
There's no shaymin pokepuns! -- er -- ehem --- no matter where you go, you can't escape it. Not even in Albion. Create your trainer and select your starter Pokemon. The battles have begun!

Those who wear sleeveless shirts..
like to defend the right to bare arms
It has been a busy the last two months for the Royal Albion Legion alongside the United Imperial Armed Forces (UIAF). From amongst its ranks, Fleur de Mal found herself appointed to Brigadier and further becoming an Adjutant Commander of the UIAF. During November, the UIAF led a movement into the region of Portugal with Fleur de Mal taking the leading reins on the operation. She demonstrated her skills in maintaining control of the region with no interference from defender forces or their allies.
Early in December, the UIAF assisted The Black Hawks (TBH) with the invasion of the region of Equestria. Like any pony would do, instead of retaliation they chose to just accept their temporary overlords with love. Just as their motto says, "Friendship is Magic." A belief held close even when under the boot of invading forces. Continuing its practice and militaristic style, the UIAF was clearly the largest flagged force present.

A gossip is someone with...
a great sense of rumour
Revitalization of the University has gone underway to promote more activity beginning with Sir Zack appointing Cadmus as it's Provost.
Albion's favourite group, the Companions has undergone an overhaul with the introduction of Pages. Each Companion is to choose a Knightly Virtue they wish to represent, and learn what goes on in the offices of Albion's elite. Albion Officials introduce achievement into the region with Pages proving their virtue for there is with only one opening for the title of Squire per office.
Albion lately has seen the return of many who just simply can't stay away! (Cue Hotel California here) Romance had been all but forgotten in Albion, until two citizens decided to tie the knot upon re-arrival. Congratulations to Salt and Sir Fenris, may their marriage last longer than her last!
The one known as The Fox is rumoured to finally be wearing a collar. No one's really sure how to feel about this, but we -- no -- I’ve got nothing. Sorry.
The latest elixir to hit the streets is rumoured to cause vivid hallucinations and erratic movements. Just ask one of our more recent citizens, he was all but arrested not too long ago for Riding Under the Influence of Sorcery.
Always yours,


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