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Seven Deaths

Albion Update XV

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Christopher Bishop
Crown Prince: His Imperial Highness, Lord Seven Deaths
Princess: Her Royal Highness, Dame MagentaFairy
Prince: His Royal Highness, Sir Joshua IX
Chief Knight: Lord Seven Deaths
Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Cassius Cerebella
Knight of War and Lady High Constable: The Warbringer, Dame MagentaFairy
Knight Foreign: Her Scheming Excellency, Dame Olivia
Knight Interior: Moly Calidan
Knight Cultural: Sir Tyrion Cerebella-Saxton
Chief Bard: Tyras Calidan
Chief Recruiter: Sir Enahsian Calidan
245,258 forum posts | | 408 Nations

Politicians and diapers have one thing in common...

They should both be changed regularly.
Guess what? That’s right! Albion once again saw the (re)cycle of Lower Council elections. This term however, the table seats members who are distinguishably established within our fair realm. Including the regional return of Lords Fenris and Isidor. Sitting with them is Lady Fleur de Mal, Sir Freddie and Miss Junona. Eager to get things underway they began the process (which is still in healthy discussion) of changes to both the World Assembly Delegate Act and the Introduction of a Cultural Visa Act.
The Round Table too, has seen new members as well as former members taking their seats. Lead by the Crown Prince; Seven Deaths himself as Chief Knight. Sitting beside him we see Tyras Calidan as Chief Bard, Moly Calidan as Knight Interior, Sir Tyrion Cerebella-Saxton as Knight Cultural and Sir Enahsian Calidan as Chief Recruiter. (Just in case you missed it on the first page.) With little time to call “dibs” on their chairs, our Round Table was sent off with a list of tasks respective to their Chambers. Including but not limited to; A new Guild for Console and PC Gamers, reorganization of the market place, overhaul of the University, spiffy new telegrams, a new take on the Trusty Messenger and a general census.
Ever the busy bees these political folks. Diligently dedicated to improving and growing Albion for the comfort of her citizens, officials and foreign diplomats. -- Speaking of “diligence,” previous rumours ring true. The Round Table has opened its doors to Squires. Whereby citizens who are apart of The Companions may choose one of several Knightly Virtues to participate under; Liberality (Knight Cultural), Prudence (Knight Interior), Resolution (Knight Foreign), Diligence (Chief Recruiter) and Valour (Chief Bard) so they may be introduced to the workings of The Round Table and thus build a stronger community. Valour seems to be the most popular choice so far. We really do like our Role Play.
Pottery in Motion
The City of Silverpine saw a boom in activity as an improved Royal College of Magic materialized into place creating the first Silverpine role play open to those outside of the city. It is here, where citizens of Albion can participate in adventurous missions to collect mysterious artefacts that have been brought to the College’s attention. Not all artefacts are as simple as going to a destination and picking them up, however. Adventurers may find artefacts of more hostile nature or various creatures and beings who may attempt to sabotage the mission. Those wishing to run their own campaign are welcome to use the Job Request Journal to notify others of their adventure, or otherwise choose to participate in one listed.
Arr! Pirates ye be! Albion’s latest role-play is currently under development. Prepare for sea shanties and battles upon the sea!
As always, both Chaos Knights and Gods Among Men see new characters arrive regularly to keep the stories alive. Furthermore, the team (and players) over at A Galactic Republic continue to dominate space, conquering all the battles they encounter.
He stared at his belly button that much...
he was promoted to navel officer.
The UIAF juggled new ranks with a statement released by General Christopher Bishop in late January. With this all member regions aim to collaborate more to further our prosperous success.

Josh Sebastian was the LKE Division Commander for a long time. He shall be taking over the role of Deputy Commander and Josh shall be assisting with planning and executions of long term operations and planning. Josh will be designated as Lt. General as long as he holds this rank. He shall be taking over for MagentaFairy who shall be made Adjutant Commander and given the rank of Brigadier.

I like to also announce that Edward Leben shall be returning to the capacity of Adjutant Commander and as well given the rank of Brigadier.

Recently the UIAF participated in and led victorious military manoeuvres. Most significant is the kick in the butt that we gave to the FRA and UDL for not being able to stop the invasion of Eastern Europe. Again. In less than fourteen hours, forty units had been moved in to endorse the UIAF delegate with the aid of Europeia, The Black Riders and The Black Hawks, with troops from The Communist Bloc also joining the party. The UIAF thanks these regions for their aid in battle, although next time we might want to consider getting bigger ships.

And finally, after some time to sharpen axes and drink too much mead, the troops helped form a shieldwall for The North Pacific (a.k.a. helping the delegate transfer, for anyone who doesn't speak Viking).

But let’s just take some time to admire all those UIAF flags at any operation we like to participate in. I'm just as impressed as you are.

The the longest two-word sentence in English is…
"I do."
Albion recently celebrated His recently appointed Majesty’s coronation. Plenty of drink and food to be had as is Albion’s style. Her Royal Highness, MagentaFairy once again outdoing herself, with breathtaking decor, and plenty of food and drink to satisfy every palette.
As coronation festivities came to a close, others continued the celebrations throughout the evening leading to His Royal Highness, Seven Deaths popping the big question to fellow Dame Olivia. Thankfully she said yes. A date for the wedding is yet to be set, but congratulations to the newly engaged couple.
Love continues to filter the region, this time with a shot gun wedding! I kid you not. One of our newer, but not so new any more citizens, Myst won the Chief Magistrate Detritus' heart and they were wed. It was that heart-felt and quick, citizens still question if they’re actually married. Congratulations to the happy couple.
The Arch Mage is rumoured to be starting his own fan club. Unfortunately he’s hit a snare. Albion’s mailmen are in short supply due to mysterious disappearances. The Fox being the prime suspect.
Ominous objects popping up around the place seem to be an Albion trend. Disgruntled citizens are often seen leaving Moly’s market stall, as they try to figure out what it was they actually just saw.
To continue the trend, discussions of mythology currently circulates the University.


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