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Defender Awards 2015

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Nominations are now closed - LET THE VOTING BEGIN!

The lists of nominees can be found HERE

To vote, please send *all your votes in one Private Message or Telegram* (include your main nation name in the message) to ONE of the following duplicates will be deleted:

On the FRA Forums: The Ballot Collector account, monitored by Wopruthien, our VC/Admin in charge of such things. ;)
On the Texas forums: Wopruthien
On the 10KI forums: Gruffydd - Wopruthien's account
On the UDL Forums: - yep, still Wop. :P
On Nationstates Defender Awards 2015

Voting will Close ********************** 22:00 GMT Friday 17th April 2015.

Wibblefeet, Arch-Chancellor of the Founderless Regions Alliance
A list of confirmed Nominations for the awards.

The Ananke Award

Benevolent Thomas
Land Filled with People

The Anarchotopia Award

Fort Triumph Marshal Service
Lazarene Liberation Army
Rejected Realms Army
Taijitu Militia
Renegade Islands Army Special Forces
Founderless Regions Alliance

The Sir Lans Award

Land Filled with People
13 Court Guard Squads
Dyr Nasad
Benevolent Thomas
Tangaroan Islands

The Operation of the Year

Anne Frank
Australia (refound)
St Abbaddon

The Best Newcomer(s) Award

Deadeye Jack

Fort Triumph Marshal Service

The Best Defender Mentor Award

Improving Wordiness
Benevolent Thomas

The Worst Invasion Award

Soviet Union
Atheist Empire
The Mountains to the East
American Continent
Eastern Europe

The Blackbird Award

United Imperial Armed Forces
The Black Riders
The Black Hawks
Poll Raiders
The Skeleton Army
North Pacific Army

The Worst Invader Group Award

The Eternal Knights
Association of Imperialism
The Black Riders
Doom Squad

The Best Defender Quote

"Convicting Raiders"

Despite not being a violation of sight rules radeing IS arguably illegal. I first herd of NS on jury duty. We had a case of (what I now know as) classic TBR radeing. Knowing it was not forbidden by sight rules, we convicted on Assault 2 and Menacing 2: 54 months in prison and 10 years probation (sentences to be served congruently). After having seen it in person, it is even more clear this was the right outcome.


UIAF and friends have begun to pull out of Eastern Europe. That's 53 raiders who just became free.

Maybe they have to change a lightbulb.

"Fratt says How High?"

[18:01] <Alyekra> I'll try and make it
[18:06] <Tangaroa> I'll jump
[18:06] <Mahaj> i should be able to
[18:07] == frattastan [*************] has joined #udl
[18:07] == mode/#udl [+v frattastan] by ChanServ
[18:08] <Tangaroa> fratt'll jump
[18:08] <Ravania> fratt always jumps
[18:09] <frattastan> Link region and nation to endorse.

The Meltdown of the Year Award

The Eternal Knights
The Osiris-Lazarus War
Osiris, generally

The Can't We All Just Get Along Award

Dyr Nasad
Defender Unity
Defender Solidarity

The Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication to Defending

Improving Wordiness
Drop Your Pants
Dyr Nasad

The Defender of the Year Award

Dyr Nasad
Benevolent Thomas
Land Filled With People

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General wtf over Osiris, generally. Like seriously? The region has been fine this year. Would love it if some of the asshats running the so called awards could lay off Osiris for once.

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