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A Grave Problem?

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A Grave Problem?
Irony is a clear consciousness of an eternal agility, of the infinitely abundant chaos.
Nobody gave fendas the message that today was the last day of school.

In a display of prowess, the Lone Wolves United have now ended their occupation of Eternal Scholars. After holding the region for five days, with no fendas looking for a proper education, the Lone Wolves encountered the hitherto-unanticipated opportunity to devise a devious exit plan.

Having noticed fendas suddenly displaying interest in the intellectual arena, Scribe Amenemope changed the Welcome Telegram with an especial message for Raiderdoms apathetic and lethargic antagonists. In the minutes before the update, while the fendas crammed for their final exams, Scribe Amenemope resigned from the World Assembly, rendering the considerable effort of the foe to overcome their numbers moot.

The Wolves congratulate the fendas on having raised so many endorsements for this operation. They also find it a shame that Atlantic and Land of the Dead were regions not worth the time and effort the fendas have devoted to the two recent raids conducted by LWU, one of which was successfully liberated by all standards.

The Eternal Scholars proved to be amenable hosts for the Wolves and their allies. The stay was informative in all the right ways.

With the occupation having reached a conclusion considerably less tedious than the intended simple exit at the start of update or an aspirant capture by the fendas, the Wolves may return to their den at last and plan for their next hunt.

After 10 active updates of intense yet unrewarded digilent anticipation whilst hovering over the eject+ban feature, the Raider Wolf point relaxes.

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