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Klaus Mikaelson

KGB May Update

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Foreign Update: May 2015

Monarch: HIBM George VI | Queen Consort: Skye I | Prince of Wales: Prince Victor

His Majesty's Executive Government

Prime Minister: Nikolai Capulet

Deputy Prime Minister: Klaus Mikaelson

Home Secretary: Akillian Talleyrand

Foreign Secretary: Claire Capulet

Culture Secretary: Sacul Windsor

BBC Director General: Claire Capulet

Electoral Commissioner: Juris Lancaster

WA Delegate: Lewisham

12th Imperial Parliament

The House of Lords

Victor Lancaster, Prince of Wales

Charles IX Lancaster, Marquess of Leinster

Theoden Sebastian, Marquess of Albany

Cephal Talleyrand, Earl of Warwick

Katherine, Countess of St. Asaph

John Hanover, Baron Hanover

The House of Commons

Akillian Talleyrand of Scotland (BRP)

Claire Capulet of France (BRP)

Nikolai II of England (BRP)

Iansmith of Ireland (BRP)

Victoria of Wales (BRP)

Supreme Court of The Kingdom of Great Britain

Lord Chief Justice: Juris Lancaster

Sr. Associate Justice: Cephal Talleyrand

Jr. Associate Justice: Charles IX Lancaster

For those of you whose patience is comparable to Ed Milliband with a bacon butty, here are our headlines for the day. Just in case you didn't want to read through the boring bits, you can skip straight to the slightly less boring bits without a care in the world.



Rise of Civis Britannia

In KGB for some time now, a one party state has existed within the political atmosphere. The British Royalist Party is a traditional and very influential political party that has held the seat of Prime Minister time and time again, due to the overwhelming numbers that they are able to bring to each election cycle. Their manifesto, as their name suggests, focuses on a strong, active Monarch and Royal Family, and with a number of Royal Family members within the upper echelon of the party, you can see what makes them so strong, but for now at least, they are no longer alone in the political sphere.

In recent weeks, there has been a slow but noticeable growth within a second party, Civis Britannia. While it was originally feared that this party would move directly against the power of the Monarch, party leaders claim that they want the Monarch to be a strong position, “just not at the expense of every other citizen within the realm.”

Civis Britannia has been recruiting from newer forum members, and from a few of the old guard as well, and though they hold no seats within Parliament, it does appear as though their small amount of influence is steadily building. While one party operates behind closed doors, and the other out in the open; any future battles between these two could be seen as a battle between the old guard and the new. It’s only a matter of time until we all see just what will happen

Klaus Mikaelson Charged in Court


On the 19th of April with approval from the House of Commons, Prime Minister Nikolai Capulet charged Mr. Klaus Mikaelson, an MP at the time, with Violation of the Terms of Service. He was warned for using an excessive amount of profanity. Being quickly picked up by the Lord Chief Justice a pre-trial began where Mr.Mikaelson pleaded not guilty to the charges and chose to represent himself in the case. The court then began preparations for the Trial which began only a few days later on the 29th of April. After 2 weeks of both sides presenting evidence and providing statements the court found Klaus Mikaelson guilty of violating the ToS and sentenced him to banishment for 2 months. But was soon granted clemency by HIBM King George VI

Issues with the Constitution

This last term proved quite a challenge for the House of Commons when it tried to pass the Speaker of the commons amendment thinking it wouldn’t coincide with the clause that states that any revision to the constitution will result in a dissolvement of parliament. The Chief Justice agreed with HMG when saying that it wouldn’t coincide with the clause but the two Associate Justice wrote dissenting opinion saying it did. The King later issued an Imperial Decree where he agreed with the Associate Justices. Parliament was later dissolved and the new Parliament ratified the amendment.

Klaus Mikaelson Appointed DPM

The Prime Minister caused a lot of controversy when he appointed Klaus Mikaelson, the leader of CB and a major opponent of the BRP, as Deputy Prime Minister. This caused outrage from many but the Prime Minister stood strong by his decision and defended it with saying that he doesn’t want to make it seem like the BRP was trying to silence any opposition. Though people still questioned the Government was allowed to resume normal duties and work at an efficient rate.

Elections and the Cabinet


The dissolvement of Parliament saw another hectic election season take place. With many candidate filing and campaigning it was a busy election season. The BRP had 5 candidates with the rival party the CB only had one or two. After more than a week of campaigning the election finally took place. Lasting for 48 hours the Election Commissioner later declared that the BRP had won all 5 seats: an absolute majority. The House of Commons was quick to approve Nikolai Capulet for his second term as Prime Minister. The Lords then expressed confidence in the new Prime Minister and he was appointed not long after. During his second term he reappointed the same cabinet from last term.

Prime Minister: Nikolai Capulet
Deputy Prime Minister: Klaus Mikaelson
Home Secretary: Akillian Talleyrand
Foreign Secretary: Claire Capulet
Culture Secretary: Sacul Windsor

With a few minor changes: Klaus Mikaelson was appointed DPM while Charles Lancaster was moved in as Minister without Portfolio.

State Visits

His Majesty's Civil Executive Government has been working diligently to finally host the Whitehall Educational Summit behind closed doors in the State Diplomatic Room of 10 Downing Street, Official residence of the Kingdom of Great Britain's Prime Minister Nikolai Capulet. Regions such as the United Kingdom, the Land of Kings and Emperors, Europeia, and The North Pacific have sent high government and royal officials to discuss an interregional agreement to evolve education in the world of NationStates. The summit, said to "usher into a new age of NationStates academics" and "a historic event", is still underway.

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Thanks for the update. Equilism has had an interregional University treaty in place that any region can sign onto if that seems of interest to you.

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