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Foreign Update

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King: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles Cerebella
Crown Princess: Her Imperial Highness, Lady MagentaFairy
Prince: His Royal Highness, Lord Cassius

Chief Knight: The Fox
Arch-Mage: His Highly Learned Magnificence, Sir Moly Calidan
Knight of War and Lady High Constable: The Warbringer, Lady Fleur de Mal
Knight Foreign: Her Scheming Excellency, Dame Olivia Calidan
Knight Interior: Sir Bert
Knight Cultural: Sir Enahsian Calidan
Chief Bard: Dame Wednesday Cerebella

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Tricycle Riders Dabble in Communism


Recently on the political front, Albion bustled alive with the Chief Knight elections. This time around five candidates smoothed over their bald spots and furiously attempt to rub away the creases in their doublets; Sir Seth Calidan, Sir Enahsian Calidan, Sir Tyrion Saxton and one of our newest residents, Tulliveo.

As the votes rolled in and the 48hrs flew past, the Round Table congratulatory welcomes The Fox once again to the Chief Knight’s Chair. Joining him this term is Sir Bert as Knight Interior, Sir Enahsian Calidan as Knight Cultural and Dame Wednesday Cerebella as Chief Bard. Congratulations to all!

This time, the Round Table says farewell to the wonderful, yet short lived position of Chief Recruiter. After lengthy discussion and debate, the position was removed and deemed a role that is not for a single person to manage, but a role that should be undertaken by the entire Round Table. As many of you, I'm sure are aware, recruitment is a vital aspect of our flourishing successes and this success is better achieved as a team.

I'll Be Your Player 1...

..if you be my player 2. *wink*


Amongst it's old faithfuls, Albion now has two new Role Plays for citizens to wet their feet in. The first is called Riptide whereby players take on the role of a crew member upon the SCS Riptide, a 70 year old, heavily-converted merchant ship. When you create your character you can choose from three primary cultures; Armiss, Selene and Eldasahr. Armiss and Selene are both a post-human race, and Eldasahr are a race of aliens. Or, alternatively, you may choose to create a human character from one of the colonial worlds along the western frontier of known space. Once decided, you embark on a journey across the vast Three World Federation participating in various missions and adventures such as delivering sensitive cargo, offering your muscle here and there, pursuing bounties and whatever else may come your way. Riptide can be considered a colourful mixture of Firefly and Cowboy Bebop with a sprinkle of Sherlock Holmes, Evangelion and H.P Lovecraft. Be sure to drop by to check it out.

Secondly, Albion sees the (re)introduction of Tribes. A game where you become the patron deity (a god) of a small tribe. Inspired by the game Black and White, as well as many other forms of fantasy role plays, the deities gradually gain power, and flaunt their influence on their people, affecting their very lives. Conquest, growth, death and worship make this RP truly magical. The RP stands out from others as it relies more heavily on the Game Master, rather than lengthy RP posts from the players. It unlocks imagination above all else. Be sure to stop by and check this one out too.

On the more graphical front, Albion was recently overtaken by the urge to take to the skies and 'pwn some n00bs' when Guns of Icarus went on sale on Steam. Born out of a fierce rivalry with the air forces of the Kingdom of Alexandria, numerous citizens of Albion took to the air in their steampunk airships to duel with other budding captains and crews, leading to some epic battles and a few humiliating defeats for the Alexandrians! Do you and/or your region dabble in Guns of Icarus? If so, Albion would love to take to the skies with you too!

But wait, there’s more..

Albion is alive once again with its very own Minecraft server. Yep, that's right, it’s all ours. Albion's forums have long been filled with in depth descriptions and literature that bring to life the world of Albion, and now, citizens have embarked on creating a Minecraft'eque vision of that. The completion of Bowerstone and Fairfax Castle is well under-way, with locations for each City State also being pursued. We have various player envisioned towns, ships, airships, docks, keeps, towers, temples and gardens. Not to mention all done in survival mode too.

How does a soldier catch a wolf?
...He uses his bayin' net


No that's not the banner of a new raider group that's the new official flag of the Royal Albion Legion! Designed by our very own Corinne; this flag had a lot of great competition from Albion's designers, but it was this design that won out. Look for it on the battlefield!

The RAL has been deployed to assist in the Raider Unity operation in The Black Riders, this is where angry players occupied the raider stronghold. To coincide with this operation, there has been The Black Hawks' Raidercon with the aim of celebrating raiding and to foster community amongst the R/D crowd. One of the guest panellist speakers was our very own Lady High Constable, Fleur de Mal, speaking about "non-raider regions."

We Put the "Fun" in "Dysfunctional"
...truths, half truths, or blatant lies.... you pick.


The City States of Silverpine and Brightwall have been at war again. This time it's over a "bird."

Council reforms are currently in discussion. Albion may very well end up with one instead of two.

Chief Magistrate, Tyrion Saxton was caught running naked through Bowerstone. Seems he has a bit of an exhibionist streak.

Olivia Calidan is set to embark on a mysterious journey to Shang-Graham-Crackah, the land of ancient Loot Secrets.

The village of Montrose-Upon-Berwyck has recently been destroyed by a great wave of molasses.

Sir John Harquin of Roxbury was charged with murder of the last Spice Lord of Frank.

Public opinions in desperate need of retuning, says Crown Authorities



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