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Affluenty de Propitiousness!

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Not too long ago, the LannaN city of Florenia was flooded by a huge and raging thunderstorm. Florenians took asylum in another city of LannaN, Kindlen.

Since we of LannaN is a Dictatorship, I, the leader of LannaN, Lanna, would like to propose that we will not be rebuilding Florenia. The people of Florenia will be able to stay in Kindlen as long as they want, and go when they feel they are ready to leave. Our 'government' will be providing them with direct support.

... and so, the leaders of LannaN have decided to instead of rebuilding Florenia and making it a city like it used to be, we will be reconstructing it, and turn it into a very big International commerce. This International commerce will be known as, Affluenty de Propitiousness.

We would like to ask all Provinceans and allies to help us in making this a success.


If this pass, I'll create a section called, "Affluenty de Propitiousness," and will be several categories of different types of markets. Anyone is welcome to start their own store wink.gif The reason why I decided to do this because it sounded more fun tongue.gif

We would like to invite our allies to join us in our forum and help make this a success.


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