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Checkers McDog

Ambassador's Report, June 12th, 2005

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Report from Canadauser posted image

June 12, 2005

Prepared by Judith Gap

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Population: 296

Delegate: Checkers McDog (88 endorsements)

Regional Happenings:

  • Two constitutional amendments have been passed:

    The first amendment to the constitution changes the dates by which deputy ministers are to be appointed. This amendment passed on 29 May unanimously.

    A second amendment regularizes the period of elections to March, June, September, and December and specifies who is responsible for scheduling elections and when campaign threads must be opened, and when they will close. A discussion of changes is here

  • The cabinet voted to approve of the Standards for Diplomatic Relations, which specifies principles essential for our region to consider in establishing diplomatic ties to other regions. These standards particularly apply to new relationships.
  • Almonaster asked the cabinet to comment on events transpiring in The North Pacific. Cabinet responded by saying that they hope TNP will encourage and support the growth of democratic values.
  • Redundancies, The Minister of Doughnuts and Beer, posted two new threads in Canadiana about Canadian game show hosts and about Mounties.
  • In sporting news, the Liarg Lions continue to lead the region, although South of the border is continuing to close on the Lions. Coach Parrrrtay admonished her team’s lack of performance: "Now listen up, just because you are all dressed in shocking pink doesn't give you the right to play like pansies! I'll have you know pink is a very prestigious color! Now get out there and kick some butt! 4th place is not acceptable.

    Now get back on the training field and show me what you got!†These statements are made more shocking because, in a separate forum, she had mentioned that she would like baseball more if the players were less clothed.

United Nations: Canada voted:
  • FOR “Protection of the Dolphins Actâ€
OOC Happenings:Random Quotes from Discussion Boards

*looks aghast at yet another magnificent smilie - or is that smily..?*

OH MY GOD. The soulless eyes peering from that twisted frame seem to be devouring my very will to live…
Speaking about a picture of a kitten with a birthday cupcake.

I made my chicken burger too hot sad.gif

It's trying to eat through the side of my stomach...

  I'm in Dallas where things are strange, which is causing me not to be as amused by quotes. Although, I did see promise in the urinal art discussion.
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