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Checkers McDog

Ambassador's Report, June 19th, 2005

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Here's this week's report. Feel free to post any comments or questions in this thread smile.gif

Report from Canadauser posted image

June 19, 2005

Prepared by Judith Gap

Forum - Wikipedia - Webpage

Population: 306

Delegate: Checkers McDog (90 endorsements)

Regional Happenings:

  • Redundancies, The Minister of Doughnuts and Beer, posted information about The “Spirit Bearâ€.
  • In sporting news, the Liarg Lions are still in first place; South of the border and Durass are trying to catch up to the lions.
United Nations: Canada voted:
  • FOR “Ban Chemical Weaponsâ€
Concern was expressed about this resolution hurting businesses if too zealously applied.

OOC Happenings:

  • Tiny Villages and Parrrrtay opened T & P’s Shoreline Spot this week. It was well-received, although the owners disappeared abruptly to ride across the forums on horseback, fool around in the river, and to disappear into the jungle, which is dangerous with the lion that’s out there.
  • Game of the Week: 42 Games. See if you can score better than our region’s best. Ask your ambassador to post your high scores in Canada’s thread!
  • The region’s best thoughts go out to JT’s future daughter-in-law.
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My word, you people scare me sometimes! laugh.gif

I actually thought he meant Googleheim! tongue.gif

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