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Judith Gap

Ambassador's Report, July 11th, 2005

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Canada6 has been delayed in arriving, so I thought I'd send along this report. If you have questions or comments, I'd be happy to respond.

Judith Gap


Report from Canadauser posted image

July 11, 2005

Reported by Beaver-Country-Canada

Forum - Wikipedia - Webpage

Population: 311

Delegate: Checkers McDog (109 endorsements)

Note from Canada

During the past week, London suffered both a horrible human tragedy as well as a test of human endurance.  Our best hopes go out to the citizens of London and Great Britain.  May this tragedy be remembered and inspire us to strive for a more united global community.

Regional Happenings:

  • Election Results were posted. Although there were only two posts being fought over, these are the results:

    Minister of Regional Affairs - Daemon (acclaimed)

    Minister of Defence - Carbanousa (acclaimed)

    Minister of Justice - Parrrrtay

    Minister of Foreign Affairs - Judith Gap

    Minister of Doughnuts and Beer - Redundancies (acclaimed)

    and the Deputy Ministers include:

    Deputy Prime Minister - Almonaster

    Deputy Minister of Regional Affairs - Kana Da

    Deputy Minister of Defence - Liarg

    Deputy Minister of Justice - Hudson Bay

    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Beaver Country Canada

    Deputy Minister of Doughnuts and Beer - Where Are The CBs

    Congratulations to all candidates who ran, the new Cabinet and their new deputies!

  • Sparta Territories was given a warning about a series of comments he made about our Prime Ministress Checkers McDog.
United Nations:OOC Happenings:
  • Our newest game, Stupid answer, stupid question was created! Give a stupid answer, get a stupid question!
  • The Village was created! Come and take a look around our new Village, complete with Shay's Bella Riva, our girls and guys clubhouses, our new Canada Mall and our Shoreline Spot!
  • We discussed gas prices in our relative areas.
Quotes from the Brady Bunch

Our cunning plan for total global domination shall never be known to mere infedels!

Ha! out wit me? thats unpossible!

Damn - see what you made me do... I lost my easter egg before I had a chance to copy it!

Why would voting for a prairie dog not be in your best interest?

^ knows the truth is out there but doesn't feel like looking for it

^ captures the very essence of postmodern ennui!

Edited by Judith Gap

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