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Report from Canadauser posted image

11 December 2005

Prepared by Beaver-Country-Canada and Judith Gap

Forum (165,101 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 272

Delegate: Checkers McDog (87 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

We have opened an embassy in the United Federation of Planets.  In related news, the ministry budget has been expanded to include intergalactic means of travel.

Special welcomes to Moldavistan of Gatesville and punk daddy of The South Pacific.

Errata: In last weeks report, I incorrectly identified Great Bights Mum as being a member of TWP.  I was apparently consuming insane root.  GBM is our ambassador from The North Pacific.  Sorry about that.

Regional Affairs:

In sporting news, Canada6 continues to lead Canada's hockey league.

In regional politics, Phil Jackson has been active in creating the Socialist Alliance and in posting many position statements.  His activities seem as if they may awaken many of the other major parties.

Governmental Affairs

Canada seems like it will be voting AGAINST the UN proposal - Right to Divorce.

Canada voted FOR the UN proposal - Rights of Neutral States.

Concerns about espionage and The South Pacific had many people in Canada concerned that TSP was not behaving democratically and some wanted assurance that no Canadian minister was involved in similar espionage.  Even though events in TSP were settled, the ferver continued in Canada.

As a direct result of our region's arguing about the events in TSP, bweezy decided to quit the boards in Canada (although we hope he returns soon.  It's cold out there, and he didn't even take his coat.); Hudson Bay also resigned his position as Minister of Justice. Another direct result is that the forum has called for cabinet to review a loophole in the Conflict of Interest guidelines.

  Parrrrtay has been elevated to Interim Minister of Justice.  Once she receives a vote of confidence, she will become the new minister.  Tiny Villages has accepted the position of Deputy Minister.

OOC Happenings:

Defectiveness, a recent member of our boards who disappeared for a while, has reappeared to the delight of many of Canadians.  We missed you Defec!

Special credit goes to our Prime Ministress, Checkers McDog, for bringing Defec back to us smile.gif

canada_6 has updated his signature, which has a picture of three of our past Prime Ministers, to having 3 past Prime Ministers -- with Santa hats on!  Nothing says Christmas like Prime Ministers in Santa Hats.

Beaver-Country-Canada received her new, shiny black iPod in the mail!  She was very excited.

king_girl's three kids have 3 different illnesses; but she still thinks they are cute, even when they're sick!  KG, could it have been the cookies? wink.gif

kana da went to her first dance!  Have fun KD!

Oilers Fans has recently come back to join us at the boards again.  One of the first things he did, of course, was tell us about his exciting trip to Calgary.

bweezy's daughter has an illness called "croup", and he has been taking care of her.  Best wishes go out to bweezy and his daughter.

Parrrrtay has spent the last couple days running and hiding from an auditor of her business.  So far, she's having success!

TinyVillages brought his son's cookies to work to share with his boss.  Unfortunately, said cookies were made of some fairly unbalanced ingredients, so they didn't taste all that great -- and while he is still employed, his boss spent half a day trying to wash the taste out of his mouth!

We've been having a discussion on handguns, the legality of them, and how lots of them are being smuggled into Canada lately...

Redundancies saw a shootout between the Blue Jackets and another team, of which was not named.  The Blue Jackets also won said game.

Daemon just finished writing a paper on ""An Analysis of RedAgent’s Market-based Appoach to Supply Chain Management" which he had to email to his teacher, with ten minutes to spare.

Random Quotes from Discussion Boards

kana da - What've you got for us who don't drink booze?

Dameon - Advice: start as soon as you are legally able.

Quotes I'm Toying with making the Ministry of Foreign Affairs motto.

Bweezy - In any event, my agenda here was to give everyone a reality check.

Daemon - This looks like a lot of drama over what appears to be a miscommunication

Parrrrtay - OK, and try to make sure you get paid for doing as little as possible while making it look like you did a lot!

Special Feature - Random Quote from a board other than Canada

Mikitivity (International Democratic Union) - The IDU stands for secular government. We support as a basic human right the right to worship without interence from the state, and also the right to govern without interference from the church.

The above was part of the original discussion that was not included in the posts. It was proposed by Sober Thought as a starting point.

Basically the back story is that we were discussing the relationship between religion and democracy, and in doing so reached a consensus that this sort of discussion should be had in a public forum, because it involves all of us!

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You have been a wonderfull ambassador. One of the most active (after flanders tongue.gif) ambassadors we have. It was a pleasure and will continue to be so.

Much luck with RL.

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Honestly, it feels much more like you are a member of the region than an ambassador.

Canada's lucky to have you.

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Indeed, you are a perfect example of how an ambassador should conduct himself - Relaxed, active and friendly (in other words, as at home). Thanks for that.

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I'm afraid it's a bit beyond insurance. Right now, you need to find a good scrap-dealer.

If you need me, I'll be in the comforting diplomatic immunity of the Equilism Embassy on the Canada boards.

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Report from Canadauser posted image

19 December 2005

Prepared by Judith Gap

Forum (166,905 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 283

Delegate: Carbanousa (72 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

None.  I'm a lazy bum who was consumed with grading writing portfolios (8 essays x 50 students = insanity)

We have been contacted by The Meritocracy and Gatesville who have requested embassies in Canada. But, like I said, I'm a lazy bum and haven't done anything about either request yet.

Regional Affairs:

In sporting news, Canada6 is holding off The Number 17 in Canada's hockey league.  The Nooterland Nets now leads in Equilism's basketball league, although Canadian teams are ranked third, fourth, and fifth.

Special welcome to new members: Noonanasia, The Bruce, Isra Palani, The Nomadic Peoples of WildMoon, and phill.

Governmental Affairs

This week, Checkers McDog stepped down as delegate. Carbanousa was elected as the new delegate through the endorsement system in NS.  Canada will be going to the polls this week to grant our new delegate admin powers on the forum.

Because of the vacancy left by Carbanousa in the Ministry of Defense, Liarg has been promoted to Interim Minister of Defence and, upon passing a vote of confidence, will take the portfolio of Minster of Defence.

Canada voted AGAINST the UN proposal - Right to Divorce.

Canada gave Interim Minister of Justice, Parrrrtay, a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE to grant her the title and portfolio of Minister of Justice.

Random Quotes from Discussion Boards

J delight - Too bad I can't use emotis in my research paper.

Idunnowhat - I'm thinking my week is gonna kill me... and its not going to be quick... I am about to endure a painful and extreeemely slow death...

Thinking there are so many things I will not be able to do before I die:

live among penguins

eat vanilla ice cream in the middle of winter

kill my math teacher and escape to Kazakhstan guarding sheeps for the rest of my life to avoid being discovered

*sheds tears*

4:20 Celebrants - Thank you for making me spray chocolate milk all over my keyboard. I can now blame any typing mistakes on this unfortunate event.

Judith Gap - It's like kissing anarchy in here!

Beaver-Country-Canada - I'm thinking I don't remember posting in this thread this morning, but I obviously did...
Edited by Canada6

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I wanted the honor of reporting the last ambassadorial report of the year.

Report from Canadauser posted image

26 December 2005

Prepared by Judith Gap

Forum (169,090 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 283

Delegate: Carbanousa (74 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

  • Cabinet voted against creating a formal diplomatic relationship with Gatesville at this time.
  • Next week's report will be delayed so that election results can be posted.
Regional Affairs:
  • In sporting news, Canada6 continues to lead Canada's hockey league. The Nooterland Nets continue to lead Equilism's basketball league.
  • Special welcome to new members: Romaniaa, Dawson City, Carlton Rebels, Lawrence of the Arabs, Majesto, and Omnipotent_One.
  • Unexpected flurries began falling a day before Christmas and have yet to stop. No significant accumulation is expected, except for the area surrounding Equilism's embassy, which has been temporarily lost in a snow drift. We are working on a tunnel.
Governmental Affairs
  • Canada gave the newly elected Delegate/Prime Minister, Carbanousa, a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE to grant him administrative rights on the forum.
  • Campaign threads have been leading to some interesting activities, including a variety of cheerleading activities and a beer and doughnut fight.
  • Canada voted FOR a repeal of the UN proposal - Right to Divorce.
  • Canada gave Interim Minister of Defence, Liarg, a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE to grant him the title and portfolio of Minister of Defence.
OOC Happenings:
  • Parrrrtay and Judith Gap opened a Kissing Booth a few weeks ago. Much kissing had occurred. I reckon if you want a kiss from either, we could probably drive the kiss-mobile to our embassy in your region!
  • Kana da has this thing for FB (French-class Boy). Kana Da and FB sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G....
  • Crazygirl came back to visit Canada after having joined 1.5 years ago!
  • Some people apparently ate ham and some didn't. There is no particular context for this news bulletin.
Random Quotes from Discussion Boards

Bamada - ...they stick together in one huge lump of amazing.

Tiny Villages - You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose. But you should never pick your friends nose, let alone as part of your elementary school talent show.

4:20 Celebrants - However, personal feelings aside, I *do* like lasagna.

4:20 Celebrants - My communication skills are wanting to say that awesomnimity isn't a real word.

However, the rest of me is wanting to say that I am so totally stealing that word and using it.

Tiny Villages - "We will take a few more questions, after which our candidates will take a twenty-minute break with a swedish masseu... er, newswoman. A swedish newswoman. It's very prestigious."

Jack Tarr - I'm not voting for anyone that would waste a perfectly good donut!!

NoFunNinjas - Bamada you are one strange kid. thays why your awesome though.

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I thought I'd give your normal ambassador the week off of posting a report, so that I could visit all the regions during my third term.

Report from Canadauser posted image

2 January 2006

Prepared by Judith Gap

Forum (171,131 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 273

Delegate: Carbanousa (74 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

  • Special Welcome to Fenure of The United Federation of Planets
Regional Affairs:
  • Special welcome to new member: Genevive.
Governmental Affairs
  • Recent Elections Results

    Prime Minister/Delegate: Carbanousa (passed vote of confidence)

    Minister of Regional Affairs: 4:20 Celebrants (acclaimed)

    Minister of Defence: Daemon (acclaimed)

    Minister of Justice: Parrrrtay (acclaimed)

    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Judith Gap (acclaimed)

    Minister of Beer and Doughnuts: NoFunNinjas

  • Repeal of UN Resolution #48: Save the forests of the World. It is hoped that this resolution will be replaced with a stronger proposal.
Random Quotes from Discussion Boards

Jack Tarr - I also think I may need to assassinate a parrot momentarily.

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*shakes snow off boots* *looks around*


There's a one-off change this week...

Seriously though, when our Minister of Foreign Affairs Judith Gap suggested this idea, it was thought a great idea, and so for this week, I'll be making a tour of each Canadian Embassy. I don't really know what to say, so I'll try and put down some thoughts and feelings.

Firstly I would like to say “Hello†to Equlism and that I look forward to working with you all, for which I am very enthusiastic. I'm hoping to be able to drop by three or four times a week for some fun and games and to generally irk people with random insanity and nonsensical gibberish... Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how a seemingly benign sentence can tangent to how Penguins are constantly plotting to achieve world domination through the use of jam sandwiches. Impossible, I hear you cry? Improbable, more likely . This is is best bit though – the Weasels are aware of the Penguins plot and plan to stop them.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday period, and that the New Year is both fruitful and productive in both NationStates and real life. The Weasels, you see, are secretly working for the flying-monkeys who have infiltrated the Penguins echelons of command.

I trust that all is well in Equlism and I appreciate I've got some big shoes to fill. Speaking of which, these really are fantastic shoes – so sparkley and bright. I must find out where they came from.

Enough! Enough I say! I've bored you for long enough now, so here's to the future and enjoy the following report.

Report from Canadauser posted image

8 January 2006

Prepared by Ess and Judith Gap

Forum (172,951 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 278

Delegate: Carbanousa (75 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

  • Canada has a few entrants who will be participating in 10,000 Islands's Soccer League.
Regional Affairs:
  • Snowflakes finally stopped falling this week on the forum, while a major snowstorm has sent many members of the region to T & P's Shoreline Spot for warm food, drinks, LaughterandSunshine, who just happens to be living up to her name.
  • Our sporting correspondents all seem to have come down with a nasty virus. We will report sporting news as it becomes available to us.
  • Parrrrtay hit 10,000 posts in our forum this week. Only 6,000+ to catchup with leader, kana da.
  • Special welcome to new members: Hathoria, Redveras, Rock_CKY_Today, Pacific_Curator, MiniMoose, Micronanta
Governmental Affairs
  • In it's first rollout of potential legislation for a new term (sounds like a poetry chapbook), the cabinet addressed problems with members receiving admin powers without having first been approved by the government. This resolution generated quite a bit of debate and prompted cabinet to go back to the drawing board.
  • Canada voted AGAINST the UN Resolution: Artistic Freedom. Ultimately members had difficulty accepting that the UN could tell member nations what is or isn't art, let alone what is done for an aesthetic (and not economic) purpose.
OOC Happenings:
  • Checkers McDog is back from her trip to India and has promised to post her pics.
  • Hudson Bay informs us that not only has he read the book 1984, but lives it as well - he lives in the U. S. of A.
  • king girl has great genes! Her hair is blonde in the summer and red in the winter!
  • 420 Celebrants had a bad week as he lost both a grandmother and his job. Many hugs and condolences.
  • Daemon got his grades back from last term:

    CPSC 340 Machine Learning 93%

    CPSC 421 Intro to Computer Theory 90%

    CPCS 532a Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence 91%

    MATH 443 Graph Theory 85%

    We're taking away all network priveleges until he gets he gets that 85% into the 90's!

  • kana da has made a New Year's resolution:
    Quit making the same [diddly] mistakes in my life!
    Good luck with that, kd! *big grin*

Random Quotes from Discussion Boards

Canada6 - :$ mv CRDF_sub_forum_issue \dev\null


Daemon - Heh. Shell humour NEVER gets old.
J Delight - I did almost deck a DOM for grabbing my breasts. He was drunk and my neighbor jumped in JUST in the nick of time to save his skinny lil a## from a public display of my superior Amerikan A##wh00pin' Powirz â„¢
4:20 Celebrants - Well then ... that is a totally different "Choose Your Own Adventure" now isn't it?
Judith Gap - Wow, this is such a place of hostility.

*sits down and contemplates*

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Report from Canadauser posted image

13 January 2006

Prepared by Ess, 4:20 Celebrants, and Judith Gap

Forum (174,613 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 275

Delegate: Carbanousa (80 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

Canada has finally decided to get with the times and name things for what they are. Thus, we have a new forum designation for our ambassadors from around the NS world. Instead of being members or visitors, all ambassadors are now ... wait for it ... "ambassadors!" Aren't we brilliant 'eh?

Carbanousa (you guys remember him ... he's our new PM) recently visited all of Canada's Embassies. He ate some food, drank some drink and slept some sleep. He got lost twice, but friendly natives pointed him back to the snowy confines of Canada. The region is still waiting for pictures.

We've received a flurry of requests for embassies from: Trav Khar, The Meritocracy, Great Britain and Ireland, Ireland, and Liberalia.

Special welcome to Kericia of 10,000 Islands, r3naissanc3r of Great Britain and Ireland, Nooterland our new ambassador from Equilism, and Venchov of Xanthorn from Liberalia.

Canada's kissing booth will be opening in England and a few surprise embassies on  Thursday of this week.

Regional Affairs:

In sporting news, Canada6 continues to kick everyone's butt in our hockey league.  In Equilism's basketball league, Nooterland continues to lead the league; although, Ess and Canada6 are still within the top five.

Special welcome to new members: Anarchico, North east Somerset, Quebecues, and X-Files Groupies.

Governmental Affairs

Canada voted FOR a repeal of the UN Resolution: Mandatory Recycling.

OOC Happenings:

Redundancies finished fifth overall in poker.  It was his first final-table finish in quite some time. 

Maikainzilion made yet another  speed visit to the boards.

Who was that masked man?

Bamada and a girlfriend were attacked and chased out of a park by a couple of 9 year olds!  Bamada declared it was  "Possibly one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me."  The visual cracked Jack Tarr up! 

Butterkeys has returned from her vacation.  Her boyfriend's Mum flew her and her boyfriend to Perth for New Years.  She reports that a great time was had by all! 

Minister of Beer and Doughnuts, NoFunNinjas, gets a special mention as the WTF post of the week by promoting YTMND.com this week, specifically for the linke to Picard hits Batman.

In the thread, Currently Listening To..., Redveras had been listening to The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute, in all its 14 minute glory. Daemon agreed with a thumbup.gif

The Arcade

No one has yet beaten the top score of 59400 in Badaboom

Random Quotes from Discussion Boards

Tiny Villages - I'm okay as long as we don't run in to the FBFCSYBWLBT--French Boy's Friend's Cousin's Sister's Younger Brother Who Loves Britney Spears, Too.
Daemon - Furthermore, I support graphic and explicit descriptions of cake and pastries in novels.
Tiny Villages - The story with insane root is nearly lost in the mist of time and confusion. As to what we are, we are many things that, at times, seems to almost makes sense.  Whenever that happens, it is quickly snuffed out--once by a condiment war for which JG is still paying reparations.

Checkers McDog - I'm thinking it's hard to argue with mathematical proof:

user posted image

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Report from Canadauser posted image

20 January 2006

Prepared by Ess, Daemon, and Judith Gap

Forum (176,644 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 282

Delegate: Carbanousa (83 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

This week we are preparing for an opening gala for the new Great Britain and Ireland embassy on Monday.

Likewise, the gala event for the new Europa embassy is planned for Thursday.

Canada declined to re-establish diplomatic relations with Trav Khar until the region's population increases.

During this week we closed our embassies in both United Federation of Planets and in The West Pacific.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Judith Gap,  released this comment,

"Canada voted to close its embassy in The West Pacific this week after careful consideration of the ongoing constitutional convention. Ironically, not long after our notice of closing, the conference was declared a failure and the regional government no longer represents the will of the people of The West Pacific. While Canada respects the right of all regions to make choices of government based on the needs of the region and the will of its people, we hope that The West Pacific will eventually return to a democratically elected government. Until that time, we hope that dissatisfied nations in The West Pacific will find homes in democratic regions throughout NationStates."

Special welcome to Scipii of Europa.

Regional Affairs:

In sporting news, the hockey league is being led by Canada6. In Equilism's basketball league, Canada6 has jumped up to second place right behind Nooterland.

Praetas Project

- The Defectiveness ship lands at at the former Chinese colony of New Tianjin. First step to reestablishing a colony: setting up their fusion generator

- The Gemetrian colony of Astarotia (Called "New Dallas" before the Martian Wars) works to stabilize it's ecosystem. Efforts are being made to restore the ruins of Bune (formerly Jianzhouhan), Ipos (formerly Boading) and Phenex (formerly Hunxiamen).

They're still out there, Some rats who left the sinking ship

-Boreal Tundrian Rangers encounter explosions during an OPFOR exercise. A camp is discovered with the bodies of what appears to be C-Ton cultists. The investigation continues…

Virus, Break Out

- Gemetria withdraws troops and forces from the plagued nation of Incadon

- The Defectiveness Emperor debates invading the region now that there is a power vacuum.

The Shroud

- Legate James Grimson heads back to the capital of Gemetria, Caenia for a sitting of the Winter Senate. Elements of his 5th legion is rotated to the Sullon-Dis Hive and the region sent to Caenia itself. Civil war seems inevitable.

laughterandsunshine, Parrrrtay and Ess were all busy in T & P's Shoreline Spot whipping up a large batch of vegetarian chile and cornbread.

Jack Tarr has opened a Mermaid Training School 

Requirements for admission:  Female; Open Minded; Alive

Special welcome to new members: Niushe, Chainik Hocker, and woonweiseng.

Governmental Affairs

Canada voted AGAINST the UN Resolution: Civilian Casualty Records.

OOC Happenings:

Jack Tarr visited Philadelphia over the weekend even though airline schedulers did their best to frustrate his efforts.  While there, JT spent his time with his son and his son's fiancee.

Redundancies is still in shock after having won a radio contest that sends him to the WWE Royal Rumble in Florida!

The Arcade

Judith Gap holds top score in Egg Toss

Random Quotes from Discussion Boards

Tiny Villages - *hears the words "Euler-Cauchy equation" and stumbles away mumbling linear differentials... must carve out heart with meat thermometer*
Canada6 - I would just like to point out that when I kick butt I always make sure I do so with my bunny slippers on. And yes I have been known to wear bunny slippers.
Jack Tarr - Would you like me to document this fright fest?.
Magnate of the Albertan Empire - No I definitely didn't get crabs in the mail.....

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Report from Canadauser posted image

27 January 2006

Prepared by Ess, Daemon, Redundancies, and Judith Gap

Forum (178,557 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 281

Delegate: Carbanousa (81 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

It's been a week of parties in Canada with the opening gala for Great Britain and Ireland having just finished and the gala for Europa just beginning.

Special welcomes to Loyal British Columbia of Great Britain and Ireland (GBI), and Northern Sushi of Liberalia.

Regional Affairs:

Special welcome to new members: Langwell, coup_de_steve, Apocryphia.

The Shroud (RP)

- Legate Grimson's return has interrupted the opening of the Gemetrian senate. The Praetorian Guard has been summoned.

- The Defectiveness Emperor contemplated possible reactions as Gemetria spirals into outright civil war, and wondered about the role of the inhuman Gemetrian Tree. The Defective military was placed on high alert, and plans have been drawn up for an invasion of Gemetria.

In the Maple-Taco Cup I (10,000 Islands Soccer League), Algal States and Omnivorous are atop the standings in their group. Omni holds first place based on tiebreakers.  Canada6 and NoFunNinjas are second and third, respectively, in their group. They are currently in line to qualify for the championship tournament.

The Nooterland Nets of Equilism continue to lead Equilism's Fantasy Basketball League. Canada6 holds the top spot of Canadian nations at #2 and the Esselldee Energy ranks #3.

In hockey, Canada6 leads the Birthplace of Hockey fantasy league by more than 2000 points. Their closest competitor is the Durass Dreadnaughts.

Governmental Affairs

Canada reviewed its wiki page and decided that someone should definitely be responsible for making sure information continues to be updated.

Canada voted:

FOR - Repeal of the UN Resolution: "The Law of the Sea".

OOC Happenings:

Long time resident and Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Beaver-Country-Canada stopped by to visit  and update us on what's happening in R/L.  We had a lot of fun when she dropped by the Chat room for a while!

420 Celebrants  went with his girlfriend and her parents to see the Pink Floyd Animals Tour Friday night.  *See quotes. 

We are very happy that Parrrrtay's eye surgery turned out well!

Movie ratings from the Seen any good movies lately? thread: 

Daemon gives Transamerica 8.5/10 and A History of Violence 7.5/10 - 

Good, but for some reason I was expecting more. There were things about it that just were flat to me.

Defectiveness rates Underworld: Evolution -

Depends what you're looking for in a movie. If it's blood, violence, and gratuitous nudity, it's got it all. And a not-half-bad plot, full of mystical B.S. So when taken in the context of an action movie, probably 8.5-9/10.

However, unless you like action movies, this one would just rate low and needlessly violent. Viewer discretion advised, and all that jazz.

Carbanousa, our esteemed Prime Minister says about Dog Town and Z Boys:

Not really a film, but more of a docu-drama than rockumentry, documenting the growth of the skateboard culture during the late 1950's and 1960's America. It mainly focuses on a team called the Zephyr's. An interesting watch and these kids really were CrAzy...

Random Quotes

Tiny Villages - Yeah, but it was REAL faux victory. Not like those fake faux victories you can pick up in any pawn shop.
4:20 Celebrants - It's nice to know everyone paid $30 to sing along with a cover band.

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Report from Canadauser posted image

3 February 2006

Prepared by Ess, Daemon, Redundancies, and Judith Gap

Forum (180,392 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 289

Delegate: Carbanousa (78 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

The parties continue for the opening galas from last week.  Yikes, we may be lushes!

Although flattered, Canada voted against exchanging embassies with Ireland.

Special welcomes to Catlandatopia of Spinward, North Pacific Ambassador of North Pacific, General BenjaminA of Allied States of EuroIslanders, and Westmorlandia of Great Britain and Ireland.

Regional Affairs:

The Village

- Jack Tarr is hosting a toga party in The Spot to celebrate one year on our forums!  He's having fun pushing all the skimpily clad women into the pool.  (Can you see a pattern forming here?! *grins* )

- Fighting has calmed down between  The He Man Woman Haters Club and  GARPA, but I'm thinking reading this will get things going again!  *evil laugh*

War and Politics

They're still out there, Some rats who left the sinking ship

- Boreal Tundrian soldiers find disturbing evidence that the old C-Ton Foundation transformed into an even more radical organization, the "Blade of the Prophet", after the conquest of C-Ton. Boreal Tundra is working hard to decrypt the documents that they found.

- 28 civilians die when a bomb detonates on a crowded Gemetrian bus in the suburbs of Tiar. Tiar is the Gemetrian name for a former C-Ton port city, and the capital of the Gemetrian province of Ur-Hyron. Gemetrian police are still investigating.

-  Multiple blasts rock the nation of Durass. Notably, a SkyTram erupts in fire. C-Ton terrorists are suspected.

The Shroud

- War! Legate Grimson dissolves the 2nd Republic and arrests both Consuls. Gemetria is witness to the crowning of Grimson as Tyrant.

- The Grimsonite and Consular legions battle across the country. The colonies of Gemetrian Iran, Gemetrian Micronesia, the Gemetrian Congo, and the Martian Colonies declare themselves for Grimson. Civil war is still bitterly fought in Northern Mainland Gemetria, however Grimson has Dis and Caenia. Western C-Ton has turned into a Consular bastion as Legate Fox digs in for a long war.

Religious Fanatics Strike Labious

- Labious, a CB provincial capital, witnesses the terrible bombing. Four thousand are dead, and many more are injured. A Christian fundamentalist group claims responsibility.

- The CB government, incensed by this attack, cracks down on public worship and civil rights.


Maple-Taco Soccer Cup I

- NoFunNinjas made the playoffs as the #8 seed and lost in the quarterfinals.

- The Algal States Epiphytes garnered the #5 seed and also lost in the quarterfinals.

- The Canada6 Maple Jays qualified in the #7 slot and lost in the semifinals.

- Omnivorous picked up the #4 seed and won all three of its playoff games. They are your Maple-Taco Cup Champions!

Fantasy Basketball

- The Nooterland Nets, Canada6 and the Esselldee Energy all picked up records of 7-2 this past week, causing them to hold their positions at first, second and third respectively.

Fantasy Hockey

- Canada6 continues to lead the Birthplace of Hockey fantasy league by a wide margin. Their lead over the #2-ranked Durass Dreadnaughts has increased to over 2500 points.

Special welcome to new members: Juxsta, vancouver2010, Saskba, Habville, and David Kuhn.

Governmental Affairs

Because of RL conflicts, NoFunNinjas resigned as Minister of Doughnuts and Beer.  His deputy, Omnivorous will be likely to be named Minister of Doughnuts and Beer pending a vote of confidence by the region.

Canada voted:

FOR - a Repeal of the UN Resolution: "Stop dumping - Start Cleaning".

FOR -  a Repeal of the UN Resolution: "The Rights of Labor Unions".

OOC Happenings:

Watercooler Happenings

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Report from Canadauser posted image

24 February 2006

Prepared by Judith Gap

Forum (184,167 posts) - Wiki - Webpage

Population: 288

Delegate: Carbanousa (82 endorsements)

Diplomatic Events

Canada has decided to open an embassy with Liberalia.  Although no opening gala was planned, an impromptu party broke out.

Canada decided against opening an embassy with Spinward at this time.

Judith Gap announced his retirement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, effective March 1st.  He will be visiting all of the embassies to say goodbye.

Special welcomes to Farlane of Liberalia, Carops of Liberalia, and Avenging Angels of The Exodus.

Regional Affairs:

There has been considerable debate about the role of political parties in the region.

Special welcome to new members: evil ab, macropus, holy madness, Mackinau, Shawn Lavigne, Halo Revolution, cobalt, Shawn Chrétien, Saorse, Skojoe, Skojo, steak Fries

Governmental Affairs

Canada recently passed a "Proofreading Amendment," by which grammatical errors can be corrected without requiring a regional vote. I believe the ambassador's report may be exempt however.

Cabinet has been kicking around the idea of holding discussions of a few issues in a publicly viewable forum.

Canada voted:

FOR the UN Resolution: "Workplace Safety Act"

FOR - a Repeal of the UN Resolution: "Abortion Rights"

AGAINST the UN Resolution: "Anti-Terrorism Act"

FOR - a Repeal of the UN Resolution: "Legalise Euthanasia"

FOR - a Repeal of the UN Resolution: "Gay Rights".

FOR -  a Repeal of the UN Resolution: "The Rights of Labor Unions".

Out of Character
  • The best wishes of the region go out to Omnivorous for a speedy recovery.  We'll miss you until you return.  Then we'll do something else to you, I suspect.

Another late report. This was the last of the "Judith Gap" reports prior to his resignation.

Edited by Canada6

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