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New Eunomia

- Ambassador's Report -

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I'm sorry it's been so long since you have received an update.  I won't bore you with the RL issues...

1,064 registered members
358,488 posts
Population: 150 nations.

Our Staff
Delegate: The Pubs of Parkplace (31 endorsements)
Minister or Internal Affairs: disposablepuppetland
Minister of External Affairs: Matilda Love
Speaker of the House of Commons: Stormaen

Delegate's Office

General Assembly

  • Condemn Wrapper - AGAINST
  • Promoting Sustainable Timber - FOR
  • Repeal: “Promoting Sustainable Timber” - AGAINST
  • Repeal: “Protection Of Biomedical Research” - FOR
  • Protection Of Biomedical Research AGAINST

Security Council

Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Welcome New Members!

  • Benolia
  • Rachael Arche-VerinGuard
  • Francoe
  • Seoul-Pyongyang
  • Abbey
  • Kasch
  • Zazumo
  • Nitspike
  • Pivnich
  • gzowski
  • Jamadlenter
  • Cain
  • makris
  • Canadian Football League
  • Colunberra
  • Auptoverland

This month's Watercooler feature thread is:

Make a sentence out of five random letters
Make a sentence using five letters

Postcards from Canada
Photographed by ParrrrTay

Directly from Canada, the non-crappy Region!
*As always...Report prepared by:  The Canadian Citizens

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