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Internal Affairs report

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Equilism Internal Affairs Report, Dec. 31, 2015

by Naivetry, Interim Internal Affairs Officer 


Fun and Games on the Equilism/WZEU Forums:


Over the month of December, several spam game favorites have been revived and an archaeology thread begun, Zeo and Nai have contributed projects to a Real Life Project Accountability thread, a discussion of Star Wars has managed to remain (mostly) spoiler-free, and the E-Bar’s new management has so far evaded any structurally hazardous fires. The budding poets of Equilism are composing haikus about their daily lives, while Felasia narrates a Game of Thrones story whose details are determined by vote. Meanwhile, Lamoni of Greater Dienstad has stopped by to check out the old Anime Fan Club HQ – but will he survive the clouds of dust kicked up by his visit long enough to locate the HQ’s dormant residents?


Our Most Dedicated and Intrepid Admin Westwind has also been busy with a (somewhat harrowing) upgrade to the forum software that has resulted in multiple database rebuilds and the unavoidable loss of a week’s worth of posts. General consensus is that the upgrade has been well worth that cost, however, and residents and visitors alike have been thrilled by the newly-installed winter decorations. (Come play with the lightbulbs. You won’t regret it.)


At the NS World Fair:


Equilism and Warzone Europe co-hosted a successful booth at the 4th NS World Fair, while meeting many new acquaintances from other regions. In between sipping choice beverages at a mini version of the E-Bar, visitors to the booth were invited to ask Khronion and Small Huts anything, to participate in a hearty game of Last Person To Post, and to co-write a story three words at a time, to be published in its entirety at the conclusion of the fair. The resulting ‘story’ follows, for your entertainment.


Once upon a time there was a brave little toad with a dream of becoming an astronaut. She rode through the military’s “Vomit Comet,” and ascended the recruitment rankings. But to her surprise and disgust, no-one who really mattered thought that she was serious. Toadette wandered outside into the dank fog and did push-ups; [she] said to herself, “Wow! I feel like a new approach is needed. How can we ever get women to reign over their own minds? ...I know! I can do this by building my stamina to a higher degree than it was previously. I will need to start work by collecting badges.”


And speaking of badges, the Equilismers in attendance diligently collected as many of them as possible, in what has become a World Fair tradition. For those who were unable to attend this year, we hope you enjoy the spectacle below. (Each badge is also a link to the relevant regional booth or thread in which the badge could be earned.)



Finally, as 2015 winds to a close, Equilism’s Internal Affairs Office is planning our Winter Ball celebration in honor of Equilism’s 12th birthday, to be held Jan. 3–24, 2016 – and you are cordially invited to attend. Guests will enjoy a Winter Mystery amidst the rest of the fun and celebration. Hope to see you there!

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